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We have only one primary purpose, that is to help our readers better understand the world of tech and everything new and old in it. We aim to provide you with the very best of tutorials, hacks, tips as well as in-depth reviews on your interested tech or product. 

Here at, we dig deep and high to find the latest trends out there as well as new updates and releases in the world of technology and internet for you to stay updated and informed.

Dark Mode Guide

Dark Mode is a cool feature with various advantages. It helps you to maximise phone battery, and also does not put much pressure on the eyes while using the phone with less light. We provided a step by step guide for our users to enable Dark Mode on different apps and websites.

Minecraft Guides

Without doubt one of the best games of the decade, Minecraft truly holds a special place in the hearts of many who have played this game at least once in their life time. Below you can find all kind of Minecraft Guides.

Prime Video Guides

Prime Video is one of the popular Movies & Tv Shows streaming platform. If you are a Prime Video user, and need any kind of help or assistant related Prime Video, then checkout my how to guide and other helpful posts.

Popcorn Time Guide

Popcorn Time is a streaming app where you can stream and download unlimited no of movies and TV shows for free without any kind of subscription. Checkout our all of the resources and guides about the Popcorn Time App.

Audible Guides

Like Prime Video, Audible is an another service by the Audible let you listen from the thousands of audiobooks and podcasts. If you are an Audible member or planning to be then checkout all of our guides on Audible.

Error Code Troubleshoot

In simple words error codes are some number, which indicates the nature of the error. According to the definition of error codes in computer programming languages, an error code (return code) is numbered, or alphanumeric code which tell you about nature of an error. Below we have provide the detailed “error code troubleshoot guide” to fix the problem on different devices, softwares & websites.

Software (Application) Reviews

We are going to test and give our unbiased review for the software application for the different operating systems, so you can make the right decision on which software application to choose and which not. We have a team of writers who have expertise in different areas of technology. Before writing the review, they first use and test all of the functions of the software application so they can give their honest opinion.

Apps For PC

There are so many amazing Android & IOS apps which you can enjoy over your Windows or MAC PC with the help of an Android Emulator. Checkout our how to guides for different smartphone’s apps or games to run over computer pc.

Smart Device Guides

a smart device is simply an everyday object which is making our life a little better and labor-free. In our blog we frequently share smart device guides and articles. Below you can find all of our smart device related posts.

List Of best

Are you looking for the best Product, Apps, Softwares, Service, Web Tools or anything else? if yes then checkout our list post of best in every category.

Finance Related Guides

Nowadays technology plays the important role in Finance, and every finance activity is nowadays directly or indirectly connected to the technology such as Internet Banking, Demat accounts, Online identity verification (Aadhar), foreign money transfer etc. Checkout our resources and guide for your finance related apps, softwares or services.

Online Tools & Applications

If you guys are looking for online tools, Applications, or Web-Tools then here you can find online tools for your different needs. Here we listed best online Tools, Application, and Web-tools, some of these apps are developed by us.

General Posts

All these articles are not around any specific topic instead these are the general post which cover different topics. We just find all these topics very interesting, and that’s why we cover all of them.

Our Experts

We are the team of tech enthusiast who are always curious to know and write about the latest Tech Trends, How To Guide, Reviews, & helpful tech resources.

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Rahul Choudhary

A Digital Marketer by profession and a passionate traveller. Technology has been always my first interest, so I consistently look for new updates in tech to explore, and also has expertise in WordPress.

Rishikesh Hazarika

Rishikesh Hazarika

A tech enthusiast who is always curious to learn and absorb facts and data in the world of science and technology as well as tries to share his opinion on what he thinks might be fun to know for others. Loves to dive deep into nature when not busy exploring the world of tech.

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Vijay Gopal

I am always curious to learn new things in the world of technology and like to share my knowledge with people through blogs.

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