How To Fix Error “0066: No Account Returned from UPDA”?

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0066: No Account Returned from UPDA

“No Account Returned From UPDA” is a common error that you can get while watching any specific channel on your device. If you are getting this error then in this post we are going to cover the reasons and fixes for this issue.

Why Are You Getting “No Account Returned From UPDA” Error?

  • This error can appear if you have any pending updates on your device
  • There is some issue with a certain channel.
  • There is some temporary glitch with the device.

How To Fix “No Account Returned From UPDA” Error?

Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Device

Any temporary glitches with your device can cause this issue, and power cycling the device is the best way to fix normal issues with any device. So follow the steps given below to power cycle your device. 

  • Ejects the device power cable from the wall outlet
  • Let it rest for around 60 seconds.
  • After 60 seconds plug in back the power cable to the electric outlet.
  • Then turn on the device.
  • Now check if your device has been fixed or not.

Fix 2: Toggle wifi off And Reconnect

For many people reconnecting to the wifi fixes the issue. So you must try it before going into serious troubleshoots.

  • Go to your system “settings”.
  • Now click on the Toggle switch to turn off the Wi-FI.
  • Now, wait for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Now reconnect your device to the Wifi.
  • Once the device is fully reconnected to the Wifi, check if the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 3: logging out And logging back in

If you are getting the issue with a specific channel then you should try logging out and then log in back in.

  • Open the app which has the issue
  • Then simply log out of your account on the app.
  • Next, perform the power cycle on the device.
  • To power cycle the device, unplug the power cable for 1 minute from the electric outlet.
  • After 1 minute plug back the power cable to the wall outlet.
  • Now start the device.
  • Then open the app.
  • Re-login to your account.
  • Check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 4: Uninstall And Install the App

If reconnecting to the wifi, and re-login to the app is not fixing the issue then simply reinstall the app after uninstalling it.

  • Simply uninstall the app from your device.
  • Turn off the TV and wait for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then power on the TV.
  • Visit the app store and install the app.
  • Login to your account.
  • Check if the app is working fine.

Fix 5: Change The Device Passwords

Sometimes outdated passwords can create such issues on your device so it is recommended to change your password at regular intervals to keep it running smoothly.

So to fix this issue you must change your password. A new and strong password will save your device and give you a smooth run on your device.

  • Go to your device settings.
  • Change the Device Password.
  • Turn off the TV and wait for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then power on the TV. 
  • Check if you are still getting the same issue.

Fix 6: Factory Reset the Device

Factory reset or hard reset is the best way to fix some serious glitches with your device. Performing a factory reset will almost make your device as new as it was at the time of purchase by changing all the settings to the default, and it will also uninstall any third-party installed apps.

Different devices have different methods for Factory Reset. So find the factory reset method for your device, and perform a factory reset.

Once the factory reset is done, your TV will automatically restart. Then check if it fixes the issue.

Fix 7: Contact The TV Channel Provider

If you have tried all the troubleshoots given above and are still getting the issue then now you should contact the channel/app provider.

On devices, each platform handles its own TV provider authentication and account access directly. So if you are getting the error messages for any specific channel or app then you should contact them directly.

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