How To Fix 301 Keyboard Error?

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301 Keyboard Error

The number 301 stands for the standard of order in which the PCs conduct their self-test. These codes start from 100 and can go up to thousands. 

In the earlier versions of PCs, they ended in the 2000s. It provided the technicians with a good idea of how to work when they face a situation with the PC being dead.

The codes that are there in the 100 series refer to the motherboard. The codes of 200 the series cover the system memory and any other related subsystems. The 300 series refers to the controller or keyboard.

301 indicates the incorrect response of the keyboard. Your computer will get issues regularly like a structure crash, Blue screen, program, and freeze. This is why it is crucial to discover the mix-up of Windows Keyboard Error 301.

However, this error is pretty generic. It screws up the message and is seen as for your PC.

The most familiar reason why this occurs is when a key is stuck or when there is a thing sitting on the keyboard, or when the keyboard is not plugged in correctly.

Ways To Troubleshooting 301 Keyboard Error

For troubleshooting 301 keyboard errors, you have to make sure that nothing is sitting on the keyboard and that not even a single key is stuck. After that, you must ensure that the keyboard is correctly plugged in. 

Make sure to keep in mind that some keyboards have a connection between the keyboard and the computer. 

Hence you should check if both of these plugs are. If any of them are loose, you must plug them back correctly.

To confirm your keyboard is connected properly, you can use It will tell your keyboard is working properly or not.

If these things do not solve your problem, then maybe the problem is with your keyboard itself. 

You can try using a different keyboard on your computer and use your keyboard on some other computer.

If your keyboard is not functioning correctly on the other computer, then there is a problem with your keyboard.

The only way by which you can solve this problem now is by replacing your keyboard.

If the second keyboard you use on your computer is not working correctly but works on other computers, the problem lies with your keyboard controller or connector. 

Fix 1. Keyboard Connector

Before going for another keyboard, check your keyboard connector first. Sometimes your keyboard connector may get deity with chemicals, which can be easily made from the outside. 

You will know that the container has sustained chemical damage if you see anything apart from the metal contacts inside them or the usual black plastic.

You can clean it with isopropyl alcohol after using vinegar. In case it is still not working, then you are supposed to remove the solder from the keyboard connector and then buy a new one. 

It would help if you practiced this on a junk board before actually doing it on a motherboard. 

Fix 2. Fix the Keyboard Controller

To fix the controller, you have first to open the computer, and you will find a chip will pop out of its socket. 

This is the keyboard controller. After pushing it back down, your computer will start functioning normally. 

In case your motherboard has a socketed chip, you have to press them down and ensure that they are seated.

Fix 3. Damage to the Battery

It is usually not easy when you have to use an old computer, as in this case, the computer batteries are near the keyboard connector. The keyboard connector has a trace running to a chip that is a variant or derivative of the Intel 8042

Both are incredibly close to the battery on various vintage PC designs. Strong chemicals can get spewed onboard in case the battery leaks, and this can lead to the traces being eaten away if it is given enough time.

Many vintage computers have been unused for over 20 years and have already gone through the damage phase. In this case, you have to clean it with vinegar and patch the trace. 

In case you have old computers in your house, then you should indeed check them for leaky batteries. 

You have to skip out any old battery that you find. If you do this, your machine will be ready for use even when you don’t work on it for some time.

Fix 4. Check The Socket or Keyboard Controller Chip

You will see that, in some cases, the controller chip is badly damaged

If it is in the socket, then you can pop the chip out and then place a new one in its place. If your socket is the one that is damaged, then that one will be difficult to repair.

This will involve desoldering the socket, mending any vias or traces, and replacing the socket and the chip. You can take guidance from someone who has experience in this.


The 301 Keyboard error can act as a tragedy for your computer. This article has provided the steps to fix the 301 Keyboard error problem in your laptop and Pc. 

If your Windows 301 Keyboard errors are not solved in the ways mentioned above, you are prone to get threatening issues in your PC. 

Hence, to ensure the safety of your data and PC, you are expected to dispose of Windows 301.

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