How To Fix ADP error code 100?

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ADP Error Code 100

ADP is a great tool to help fix the problems that you are facing with the human resource management in your organization. 

It is great to live in a world where we have answers to all the problems on the tips of our fingers and technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives.

Recently, users are facing errors on ADP, especially during login. Many different error codes pop up but without an explanation as to what these error codes mean, it is very difficult to get rid of these issues. 

One such common error is the error code 100.

In this article, we will shed a light on how to fix ADP error code 100. We will take a look at when this error code appears what is exactly the issue, what could be the reasons, and finally what can be done on your part to make sure it does not happen again.

What does ADP error code 100 mean?

The ADP tool does not exactly provide you with a user manual. You have to figure out with the help of online community discussions and the online user support forum what the error code means.

Thankfully, if you are on this article, that kind of research is not needed. We have analyzed it for you.

When you see error 100 on ADP, you will see it during the login. this error indicates temporary or permanent problems with the login authentication.

Reasons Behind ADP error code 100

There are always some culprits that lead to a particular error and need to be identified to get rid of the error.

In this case, we will take a look at the factors that cause login errors on ADP or in other words, error code 100.

The list of reasons that could be behind the error 100 on ADP is as follows

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • The ADP server is down.
  • You are using an incompatible web browser
  • There is a cache buildup on the system
  • You have entered the wrong credentials
  • Your account has been locked.

These are the reasons that could explain what is wrong with the tool and why you are not able to log in.

How To Fix ADP error code 100?

Now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room and what you are here for. The list of solutions that have worked for the other users.

We will discuss all the fixes based on the list that we have shared in the previous section. Make sure that you go through the list before jumping into the solution list.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

Whenever you are using a tool that is heavily dependent on the internet, you should always make sure that your connection is working fine before you decide to look at other aspects.

Sometimes, you can be fooled into thinking that the internet is working fine when you just check the functioning of other apps and do not take a look at the actual speed of the connection.

Some apps and tools need the internet speed to be reliant and the speed that is okay for other apps might not be a great option for the app that you are facing errors with.

It is very easy to conduct a simple internet test for the connection speed testing that can save you so much trouble and hassle.

If the internet is working fine, you should now move to the other fixes.

Fix 2: You are using an incompatible web browser

Since you need to use a web browser to log into ADP, there is a high chance that the browser you are using might not be compatible with the tool.

There is not much to worry about if this happens to you. You can simply download another web browser that is compatible with the tool and then use the tool on that browser.

Also, make sure that you are not using extensions that can interfere with the processing of ADP. these extensions can range from ad blockers to popup blockers.

Fix 3: You are entering the wrong credentials

Since this problem is common during log-in attempts, you may be entering the wrong credentials.

This is possible when you have a password with special characters, capitalization, and spaces. It becomes very hard to remember the exact pattern sometimes, and you might feel like you are entering the correct password but the password will still not match. 

Make sure that you are entering the correct password during login and click on the reset password link you cannot remember.

Fix 4: Your account is locked

This is pretty much related to the point that we have discussed right above this one. The wrong credentials will stop you from temporarily entering your account and then you have two more chances before your account gets locked due to suspicious activity. 

This is why we suggested that if you are not sure about your password you should reset it rather than entering the wrong password repeatedly.

If you enter a wrong credential more than thrice, your account might get locked.

Fix 5: The ADP servers are down

When too many users are active on a platform, it is very common for the platform to temporarily crash.

Sometimes, during maintenance too, you will not be able to use the platform.

There is nothing you can do in this situation except raise a support ticket and wait for the technical team to solve the problem for you.

Fix 6: Cache buildup on the system

The cache is used to facilitate the internet experience for you but when it starts building up, it needs to be cleaned because it takes up room on the memory that should be used for the processing of other platforms.

Make sure to clean the cookies and cache on your system regularly so that you do not face such problems in the future.

Fix 7: Contact the support team

ADP has a great customer support ecosystem that consists of a technical team that will help you in case of official support tickets.

You can also contact user communities to help you through their experiences if you do not want to contact support just yet.


The log-in error on ADP shows itself in the form of error 100. It is not a very difficult issue to solve. 

Some very easy solutions work for the users and we have included all of them for you to have an easy list without much research. 

We hope that it was helpful and you will be back for more technical solutions. 

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