Ai-Writer Review | Is It Any Good? & Should You Buy It Or Not?

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It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional content writer or simply an entrepreneur looking for catchy phrases to add up in your ad campaigns. If you can work well with smart AI writing tools out there, then half of your job is done already.

Ai-Writer Review

Today, with the advancement in technology, we have come to a point where we can automatically generate quality content without having to break our heads coming up with ideas on our own.

With smart AI writing tools coming up every other day, all we need to do is simply feed in a few details of our requirements like the topic name, small description or what niche your particular desired content belongs to and you will have an AI generated content right in front of you.

Ofcourse, there are still a few downs and ups in this recently introduced technology. And there are quite a few occasions too which AI generated content just cannot match one written and prepared by a professional.

Still, if you are looking for something to just brainstorm ideas or even rough drafts so that you don’t need to work on your content from scratch. Then most certainly, an AI copywriting tool is the best option for you.

What is Ai-Writer?

As you must have already guessed by now, AiWriter too is a very smart and efficient AI writing tool designed and developed to allow its users to easily be able to generate quality content and drafts with ease and proficiency. 

However, like any other tools and services out there, AiWriter too has a lot to offer as well as claim. And our job here in the following article is to look into and verify their claims to see whether they actually are true or not. 

After having tried out the tool myself during the trial period of 7days offered by AiWriter, I have come across quite a few things which I am pretty sure you will find useful and handy when deciding whether this particular app is right for you or not.

Who can use Ai-Writer?

The AiWriter tool is suitable for almost anyone who wants to create their own quality content to attract potential traffic. From SEO specialists to simple bloggers to business owners can all use the AiWriter tool to create content that sells and is preferred by all.

Moreover, given that the tool comes with SEO centric content generator algorithms. This in turn helps bloggers generate the desired articles which with better authority and potential to rank higher in SERPs automatically.

What can Ai-Writer be used for?

AiWriter as they claim it is a smart AI copywriting tool which is meant for anyone who wants to generate content straight away from just the title or headline.

From SEO content strategist to business owners to bloggers to even professional writers, the AiWriter tool is said to be ideal for anyone and everyone. As long as you have a particular topic in mind, you can quite easily use the tool to generate articles and content.

Overall Rating – AiWriter

Overall Assessment – 3.36

  • User Experience – 3.0
  • UX Interface Design – 3.8
  • Ease of Using – 3.4
  • Performance – 3.2
  • Responsiveness – 3.8
  • Features – 3.0

AiWriter Pros & Cons


  • Easy and simple User Interface
  • Easy to navigate around
  • API feature available
  • No need for Software Download
  • Source text also available


  • Rewording Feature not powerful
  • Slow generating time 
  • Content generated is quite similar to source text
  • Weak AI algorithm

Our overall Assessment and Review on Ai-Writer

Finally we are here where after having tried out the tool myself for a week now, I can explain to you in depth and details all the pros and cons there are related to the particular tool.

I hope this review gives you a good idea on what to expect from the tool and figure out whether using the AiWriter tool will help you with your work and meet your specific needs.

AiWriter Key Features

In order to understand the overview better, I believe it is a good idea to first look into the key features which the tool has to offer. Hence, let us first have a small peek into some of the exclusive key features which the tool has to offer for its users. 

1. Research & Write

Quite a typical feature that you get to see in almost any or all AI writing tools out there. This is actually the one fundamental feature which actually is a must for all AI writing tools out there.

With AiWriter tools the Research & Write feature enables its users to generate complete drafts from a single headline itself.

This is something which you do not get to see in most AI writing tools out there as in most cases along with a headline you need to feed in other information and data as well.  

2. Text Rewording

If you already have published content in front of you and want to generate a completely new draft from that piece of content or article. Then the text rewording feature enables you to do just that.

With the text rewording feature you can re-publish an already published article or draft quite easily and efficiently without having to worry about any sort of plagiarism or so.

3. Verifiable Citations

This is quite a useful and interesting feature which you don’t get to see much elsewhere. With this feature users are able to manually verify the source of information as well as the accuracy of data and information based on which a content was generated. 

This greatly helps a writer to be confident about his or her work and also find out other necessary information about a topic which they might feel like adding up to the generated content as well to improve its quality and authority.

4. SEO Focused Text-Editor

This might seem like a great feature for those who work on SEO themselves as well as want to rank their content and websites with much productivity.

According to AiWriter’s official website, the tool comes equipped with a number of SEO focused algorithms which lets it create content with words that are preferred by all the major search engines out there.

As a result of which, creating high authority content for easy ranking becomes quite plausible.

Ai-Writer Overview

1. Pricing

Does not matter whether you are a freelance writer or just someone trying to run a blog or business for the first time. One thing which is common in all, is having to deal with a tight budget. 

Personally, for me this is the very first thing I look for and compare, when deciding on whether or not I can go forward with a tool or not in the first place. Hence, even in the case of AiWriter too,  this is the very first thing I decided to look into.

The way AiWriter has distributed its plans for its users is quite conventional so to say. There are mainly three plans, which are Basic, Standard and a Power plan.

The Basic plan comes within a price range of $29 per month, which more or less falls under a range not so high and neither very low when compared to other rival tools out there.

The plan allows its users to generate upto 40 articles with the number of users limited to just one. Other features and services include an SEO editor, a Text Reworder and access to their API along with of course the AI text generator.

The Standard plan too has pretty much the same things to offer as that in the case of Basic Plan earlier. The only addition is the number of articles which can be generated. In the case of Standard plan, for a price range of $59 per month, it lets users generate upto 150 articles in a month. 

And last but not the least we have the Power plan which is priced at $375 per month for its users. This plan in my opinion is only ideal for large companies and corporations dealing with multiple clients and work at the same time.

The features again for Power plan too are pretty much the same as in the case of the earlier two, with just changes to the number of users as well as to the number of articles which can be generated in a month. The following plan allows 10 users to be registered at a time and generate upto 1000 articles in a single month. 

Comparison Table – Plz add the basic plan pricing before WordAi

Conclusion: As you can see from the Comparison table above, AiWriter’s Basic plan pretty much falls in a range that can be considered neither too high nor too low. But, this might not entirely be true. Since, most of the tools you could see from the table above allows their users to generate far more articles or even put no limit to the number of contents that could be generated in a month, instead would make the AiWriter tool rather seem a little pricey.  

2. Trial Version

To help you decide whether a particular tool is right for you or not, demo or trial versions can actually play a huge role in that.

The better and more transparent the demo version, the more credible it would seem the tool or service would be. And hence, let us see next, what kind of a trial version AiWriter has to offer its users.

Before you plan on purchasing the app, it is pretty obvious and actually even advised that you first go for the trial version, which in the case of AiWriter is offered for a time period of 7-Days.

A week to try out an app, I believe is more than enough to get a good understanding about the strength and weakness of an app thoroughly. So, duration wise as compared to most other rival tools out there, the trial duration is quite reasonable. 

Moreover, talking about the features offered by the tool in its trial version. It pretty much covers all the features which you would get when you subscribe for the paid service later on if and when you decide to.

Hence, from the trial version itself a user more or less can understand well whether the tool is suitable for you or not in the long run.

Conclusion: From what I have seen and felt, the trial version offered by AiWriter is pretty decent given the number of days offered by them for users to try the tool absolutely for free.

The only little limitation or say drawback of the trial version is the limited number of credits offered by it, which again puts a limit to how much content you can produce or use the tool for free. 

3. Login & Sign Up Process

When you initially Sign-up for AiWriter, you will need to go through a two step process. This includes first feeding in your Email ID and then confirming it once again by verifying it by going back to your Email Inbox again.

Today, almost all other similar services and platforms allow users to directly sign up or log-in through their Email ID or social media accounts. Hence, such a two step process can rather seem quite unnecessary and time consuming instead.

Conclusion: Having an option to be able to directly log-in through your Email ID or social media account would seem ideal for everyone. And hence, if AiWriter wishes to make its user interface a little more suitable for its users, then this little upgrade should work wonders.

User Interface

Research & Write

Design and interface wise, the AiWriter tool you could say is quite simple and easy to figure out. As you can see from the screenshot below, the dashboard is quite well laid out and categorized.

The four main features are listed on the left pane and can be easily navigated through while you work on your content and projects.

The right pane is where you have all your work displayed serially with options to delete, download and open up in AiWriter’s workspace as shown above. 

To start generating content belonging to a particular topic, all you need to do is simply write the heading or title of your content on the text bar at the top and click on the ‘Write article’ button.

Once that is done the AiWriter tool takes a few seconds to find information about your particular topic, assemble them as well as rewrite them to come up with a unique piece of writing for you to edit and be able to use. 

In my case I tried generating my very first article here with the title, “How to earn from Blogging”. This gave me the following result which you can see from the screenshot below.

Here, from the piece of content generated, you can clearly see that at the end of every para, a ‘Show Source Tools’ option is also available to view from where that particular part has been referred from.

This is quite useful actually for proof reading purposes to see whether the particular content being generated is valid at all or not in the first place. 

And on clicking over the Show Source Texts option, the source text is displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

Here however, while looking and comparing both the source text as well as the generated text, I personally could see a very huge difference.

The tool more or less simply replaced a few words here and there with synonyms to make it look different and nothing more.

If you are to use the generated content as it is without adding your own writings, then in the long run it would not seem like a very good idea as your content then might be more prone to plagiarism. Something, which I guess no one would be willing to go for in the first place. 

Secondly, the Main Keywords option tab you see to the right of the AI-written Article Draft tab over the text area allows users to get an idea of what kind of keywords have been added as well as where they have been added in the content generated.

If you don’t have a specific keyword in mind which you have to rank or use in a content, then this option can be quite useful to get an idea of what Keywords can a particular topic hold or see important.  

SEO Editor

With the SEO Editor feature, a user can figure out where the generated content might stand when compared to other rival articles out there in the internet with respect to its SEO.

For those of you familiar with the concept of SEO, very well know that from where a keyword is placed to how the frequency of keywords being used, all plays a crucial role in improving the quality of a content when it comes to how it will rank in SERP. 

Coming back to AiWriter’s SEO editor, I personally didn’t find it to be that practical. Even though it gives a fair idea of where the generated content stands among its rival peers with the points graph feature as shown in the screenshot below.

It does not really bring in any big difference overall, since it does not recommend or suggest any changes to be made to improve the content further.  

If there were any kind of suggestions or recommendations from the SEO editor itself to improve the content further for SEO. Then that would have been a fine addition. 

Text Rewording

Well, this feature actually disappointed me. I will be completely honest here, when it comes to rewording texts or rewriting big contents, almost all AI copywriting tools out there do a pretty good job.

It does not matter whether the AI tool is a premium one or just some free beta tool. When it comes to rewording of texts almost all AI tools are able to give satisfactory results. 

The above screenshot is a reworded version of the original generated content you saw earlier. If you compare both, there is absolutely no major difference. The only changes it did was shift a few lines from one para to the other, without making change to a single line or word.

Keyword Research

This is said to be still in its Beta version and guess it is still being tested out by the developers as well as the users who have subscribed for the paid versions.

In the trial version however, to run a Keyword Research I was asked to pay an extra $39 to be able to view the results as shown below.

User Experience

To be very honest, my experience with the AiWriter tool was absolutely not as I had expected. Given its premium price tag range, I expected it to be a bit more powerful and well laid out.

Unfortunately however, it didn’t turn out that way. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the AiWriter tool for it to justify the price range set for it by its developers.

Ai-Writer FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

Are AI Writers any good?

Up until now, AI writing tools have truly come a long way. Today, most powerful AI copywriting tools are able to generate unique and quality content on their own without much human intervention. And with more powerful algorithms getting developed and designed everyday, the capability of such AI tools will just get better. 

Is the AiWriter tool free?

Unfortunately, it is not a free tool. You can use the trial version though which is free and available for use upto 7 days once you opt for the free trial version.

AiWriter Alternatives

Below, I shall be listing out a few alternatives which you can look into just in case:

Alternatives #1. SEOContentMachine

If you like to work on an app interface instead of an online browser interface, then SEOContentMachine is the thing for you.

This tool is an application program which can be downloaded onto your device itself and can be used to take care of bulk work at the same time without much hassle. 

Alternatives #2. Rytr

One of the most affordable alternatives here in the list today, the Rytr tool is ideal for just anyone from complete beginners to professionals as well.

Given the fact that it is one of the cheapest tools out there standing close to all the other more premium tools, it has quite a number of features to offer.

With this tool, brainstorming ideas is quite easy and simple, enabling writers to never lose any of their precious time and energy to writer’s block.

Read detailed review of Rytr.

Alternatives #3: Wordai

A bit premium in this segment, given its pricing options, the Wordai tool too has quite a number of exclusive features.

The tool comes with quite an easy to use interface that makes it absolutely convenient for users from any background to use the particular tool without much hassle.

There is no steep learning graph at all, and can be figured out and mastered by anyone from the very beginning itself.

Read detailed review of Wordai.


First things first. Although the tool interface is quite responsive and easily navigable, when generating a content or using a feature to work on a particular topic, the time taken by it to generate the expected results is quite long.

Given that I have a decent Internet connection with good speed, I actually don’t know whether the long wait time was because I was using the trial version or is it generally this late, even for the paid versions. 

AiWriter should definitely work on its Rewording feature as it didn’t seem quite productive, given that it generated the same piece of data which was fed into it.

If the AiWriter team really wants to see their tool stand out from the rest and be an actual player in the field of AI copywriting tools, then improving such features should be their top one priority.

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