What To Do If You Drop AirPods In Water?

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AirPods Drop In Water

Airpods have literally changed the experience of headphones. Compact in size, easy to fit in ears, classy to carry, and best in experience.

No big headphone overhead which bothers you during sleep, no burden, no wires to irritate you while working, simply put in your ears and experience the best music.

But its disadvantage is in its design, it can be dropped off from the ear due to a simple push or something touches your ear with a little force.

Worst case scenario comes when it drops off in the water. If for any reason your AirPods may drop into water then in this post we are going to share the possible troubleshoot methods.

What Not To Do If AirPods Dropped in Water?

  • If you have dropped your Airpods in water, then don’t connect them instantly to electricity otherwise it may lead to short-circuiting, and you will lose your Airpod permanently.
  • Do not place the Airpods in a Rice Bag! No Never follow this Tip, it will damage your Airpods permanently. Rice bags have dust and small particles which can enter into tiny holes of Airpods. Dust can accumulate to the vents and damage your Airpods permanently. 

What To Do If AirPods Dropped in Water?

  • Use recommended methods by Apple itself or listen to our advice and follow our methods step by step and your issue will be resolved.
  • You can use a microfiber towel to wipe it, while you can also try a blowdryer to dry out the water from the Airpods.

How To Fix If AirPods Dropped in Water?

Fix 1: Use a Microfiber Cloth:

  • Apple itself recommends the use of a Microfiber Towel to wipe out the Water from an Airpod which has dropped in Water.
  • If you have dropped Airpods in Water and they are sunk entirely, bring them out fast.
  • Now open the case and take out the Airpods from the case.
  • Now use Microfiber Cloth to dry it out, make sure you position it upside down so that air and water get proper ventilation to move.
  • Once Airpods are dried completely, place the case Upside down too, and wipe it with a Microfiber cloth until it dries out.

Fix 2: Use a Blow Dryer:

  • If Microfiber cloth could not rescue your Airpods then try a blow dryer. You can use a blow dryer to dry out the water in your Airpods.
  • A blow dryer creates heat airwaves, which helps water evaporate due to heat.
  • So take out the Airpods from the case and use a blow dryer at the outer layer of the Airpods.
  • A blow dryer will only help if water has reached the outer layers only, in case your Airpods were in the water for a long time then this might not help you.
  • Since the majority of the houses own a Blow dryer then it can be an easy-to-use method to rescue your wet Airpods.
  • While blow-drying please make sure to use it at a decent temperature or it can destroy the internal machinery and wires of your Airpods.

Fix 3: Use Desiccant Packets:

  • This trick can really help you out as a desiccant bag can suck up entire moisture around it.
  • If you can arrange a desiccant packet at home, place your wet Airpods among these packets.
  • Now close the container of desiccant consisting of Airpods for 4 hours.
  • The desiccant package will absorb all the water and your Airpods will start working normally.

Fix 4: Contact Apple

If all of the above-given methods are not helping you to fix your Airpods then kindly contact Apple Customer Care, or visit personally to Apple Service Center. If there is any damage, they will charge you for the same and fix the issue with expertise.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Airpod Waterproof?

Airpods are not waterproof as clarified by Apple itself, but it has the capacity to resist itself from any damage caused by Sweat or moisture. To confirm its water-resistant capacity check the model and generation of your Device. Also, check the product manual book to find out its capacity for water resistance.

How To Prevent Airpods From Water?

The very first advice will be to be careful. And if possible use a waterproof AirPod case as a protective measure.

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