Why Are My AirPods or AirPods Pro So Quiet? And How To Make It Louder?

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The Apple Airpod is one such very expensive accessory and you buy them with the expectation of better quality and brand value but many people complain that they are facing the low sound issue with their Apple AirPods.

In this post, I am going to share the possible troubleshooting methods to fix the Airpod Low Sound issues.

The most common reason which can cause your Airpod to be so quiet is earwax, dirt, and sweat. They can easily build up over your Airpod speaker and can cause this issue.

Why Are My AirPods Pro So Quiet

In order to fix your AirPods, you have to clean the earwax, dirt, or sweat from the speaker. To clean them you can use a dry toothbrush or Q-Tip, but make sure you don’t use much force while cleaning because it can damage your AirPods permanently.

How To Fix If Your Airpods Are So Quiet?

1. Clean earwax, dirt, and sweat From Airpods Speaker

As I mentioned above, earwax, dirt, or sweat can easily cause low sound issues to your Apple Airpod. Especially if you have the AirPods Pro because with the rubber tips it’s very easy to gather dust, sweat, and earwax.

So check your Airpod for the earwax, dirt, or sweat, in the case of Airpod Pro you have to remove the rubber tip from the top to see the junk over your headphone head.

If there is any kind of junk over your Airpod head then you can use a dry toothbrush or Q-Tip to clean. Just make sure you gently use them while cleaning the junk because if you use the hard pressure, your Airpod can be permanently damaged.

Also, make sure you don’t use any water or soap to clean the Airpod because it can permanently damage them.

2. Hardware Issues

Is there any kind of accident with your Airpod? or, does it get in contact with the water or heat? If there is any such or similar case, then these situations can cause permanent damage to your headphone hardware, and that’s why you are facing this issue.

If any of the given methods didn’t work for you then the last option is to contact the Apple Service center to confirm the issue.

3. Check if You Have Enabled The Low Power Mode

Low power mode is a helpful feature in smartphones that help you maximize the battery life of your phone but it can also make your Airpod sound low.

So if you have enabled the low power mode then it’s quite possible that the issue is because of this.

So to fix the issue you have to disable the low power mode in your phone.

Method 1:

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Choose Battery.
  • Toggle off Low Power Mode.

Method 2:

  • Access quick navigation, or quick menu.
  • Look for the Low Power Mode.
  • Tap on the Low Power Mode to turn it off.

4. Volume Limit

Volume Limit is a common feature in all phones which prevents your earphone’s volume from getting too high.

When the volume limit is enabled and you try to volume up your headphones then you will get a notification on your phone, stating that there is a volume limit.

You can disable the Volume limit permanently, or you can disallow the volume limit from the popup notification

Here is how to disable the volume limit on iPhone,

Note: Depending upon your operating system or their version the steps can vary,

  • Go to your phone “Settings”.
  • Choose “Sounds and Haptics”
  • Choose “Headphone Safety”. 
  • Disable “Reduce Loud Sounds”.

5. Check ​​Software Update For Your Phone

Any pending software update of your phone can also cause this issue, so check your phone for any pending software updates. If there is any pending software update then please consider updating it.

  • Go to your phone setting.
  • Choose General or About.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • Check for any pending update.
  • If any update is pending, please consider updating it.

6. Your Airpod Battery Is Down

If your Airpod battery is nearly down then they can cause such an issue, so put your Airpod in the charging case and charge it for nearly half an hour. And once they are charged, check if you are still facing the low volume issue.

7. Reset your equalizer settings

An equalizer (also called an “EQ”) is an audio filter that isolates certain frequencies and either boosts them, lowers them, or leaves them unchanged. Equalizers are found on a wide array of electronic devices. Source

If you mistakenly or unintentionally make some changes to your equalizer settings then they can also cause your Airpod to be very quiet.

In order to fix the issue, go to equalizer settings in your phone, and reset the settings, or set them to the default. 

How To Change equalizer settings on iPhone?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Music.
  • Choose EQ.
  • Disable it.

8. Calibrate AirPods with your iPhone

  • Disconnect your AirPods to your iPhone.
  • Keep the Airpod into your Ears.
  • Play music on your iPhone.
  • Turn the music volume on your iPhone to Zero.
  • Reconnect your Airpod to iPhone.
  • Turn the volume up.

9. Reconnect Both The AirPods Again

Along with the low volume, if you are facing other issues too, such as music is pausing, or sometimes one Airpod plays and others not, then it’s possible that there is some connection issue between both pairs of your Airpod.

To fix this, place both pairs of Airpod in their case, wait for a few seconds so they repair. After that take them out and reconnect with your phone.

10. Make Sure Both Of Your Airpod Have Same Level of Volume

Yes, you can set the different volume levels for each pair of the AirPods, and maybe you unintentionally set different levels for each pair of your AirPods.

Please follow the below-given steps to check if you set the same level for both pairs of the Airpod, or not.

  • Go to the iPhone Settings.
  • Choose Accessibility.
  • Choose Audio/Visual.
  • Check if the slider is balanced, with the button in the middle between the L and the R.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

How To adjust the AirPods’ volume handsfree?

To adjust your AirPods volume handsfree you can use Siri. Just command Siri, “Hey Siri, make the volume louder”  

What To Do If You Are Getting Low Volume With The Music App?

If you are getting the low volume for your AirPods with the music app then go to Settings -> Music -> make sure EQ and Sound Check are disabled.

What To Do If Any Of Troubleshooting Is Not Fixing My AirPods Low Sound Issue?

If Any Of these troubleshooting method is not fixing your AirPods Low Sound Issue then contact the Apple Support Team or visit the Apple Service Center.

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