Instagram Reels Help Desk | All You Need To Know About Instagram Reels

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Instagram Reels, a new Instagram feature, just launched Globally, where users can create and share short, interactive videos. I know you will have lots of doubts & questions about the Instagram Reels, so here we are going to answers all of your questions about Reels For Instagram.

Instagram Reels Help Desk

What Is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature added to Instagram in 2020, where a user can create and discover short, entertaining videos. This feature is similar to TikTok.

How To Use Instagram Reels?

  • Click on the Instagram Camera
  • From the bottom, just choose Reels
  • Now you can record a new video by tapping on the camera icon just above the Reels option, or can import a file from your local storage to edit

Where Is Reels On Instagram?

If you want to make any Instagram Reels then,

  • Go to Instagram Camera
  • Choose Reels
  • Record a new video or import any file from local storage to make an Instagram Reels

If you want to explore the reels made by others, then, 

  • You can find the Reels option on the bottom of the app, just after the home icon
  • Or Tap on the Explore (Click on Search button from the top right corner) to access Reels
  • Just scroll down to see the next Reels
  • You can also visit the user profile to see all of the Reels published by that account. Instagram added a new separate tab for reels in the user profile section.

How Do You Make Reels On Instagram?

  • Open the Instagram camera
  • Choose reels from the option, (Live, Story, Reels)
  • Now tap on the camera icon to record a new video, or import a file from local storage to edit

How To Stop Instagram Reels?

There is no option to disable Instagram Reels from the Instagram App. But if you log in to your Instagram account from any web browser, then you will not see any reels in the explore tab or in the user profile.

Why Are Reels Not Showing On My Instagram?

If reels are not showing to your phone, then you must check for the update for Instagram. Definitely, you will not be using the latest version; Reels is introduced in the recent update. So please check the updates for Instagram. 

How Instagram Reels Work?

Users can create Reels or explorer the reels made by others.

To create a Reels,

  • Open Instagram Camera
  • From options, choose Reels
  • Now record a new video or import file from your local storage to edit

To explore other’s Reels,

  • Can see the Reels option in the bottom of the app, just after the home icon
  • Or can also see Reels in the explore tab
  • Or Can see reels in the user profile

Can Instagram Reels Be Promoted?

No user can not promote Reels for now. Maybe that will be possible in the future. But for now, you can not promote your reels.

Can Instagram Reels Be Longer?

No, Reels can be only 15-second longer; it can not be longer than 15 seconds. It is designed for short, attracting videos.

Can Instagram Reels Be Turned Off?

No user can no turn of the Reels in the Instagram App. But if you log in and use your Instagram account from any web browser, then you will not see any Reels. So to get rid out of the Reels, you have to log in from a web browser.

How Long Can Instagram Reels be?

Reels can be 15-second long and can contain multi-clip videos, audio, and effects.

Can You Save Or Download Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can download the Reels Video from any third party Downloader. You can find many Reels downloaders from Google. But there is no Reels download option in the Instagram app.

When Instagram Reels Launched?

It launched on August 5, 2020

Where Are Instagram Reels Saved?

Users can record reels and save to the camera roll if not want to share it with the public. A draft Reels will be saved till you delete or share it.

And if you are downloading the reels, it will not save the music which you added from the Instagram library.

How To save Draft?

  • Tap on “>” once the video is recorded
  • Then again, tap “>”, here can see the option to save to draft

How to edit a draft of your reel

  • Open your profile
  • Go to Reels Tab
  • Choose draft
  • Now choose the reel you want to edit

Who Can See My Instagram Reels?

The reels can be shared with the followers, feeds. And if your account is a public page, then your content can be shown to the wider community through Explore. Instagram added a new space to the Explore Tab for the reels.

Why Is Instagram Reels Not Coming In My Phone?

To see Reels to your phone, you have to update your Instagram App to the latest version. So go to the app store and check for the update.

Here is how you can check for the update for Instagram

  • Go to your phone app store
  • Search for Instagram
  • It will show you the option to update if you will be using an older version

In Which Countries Instagram Reels Is Available?

Reels in launched globally, this option is available worldwide across 50 countries; some of them are India, Brazil, France, Germany, the U.K., Japan, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and several others.

Is Instagram Reels Available In the USA?

Yes, Reels for Instagram is also launched in the USA. The feature is launched Globally across 50 countries.

Is Instagram Reels Like TikTok?

Yes, Reels is much like TikTok, where users can create, share, and explore 15 seconds long, short, eye-catching videos.

Are Instagram Reels Private?

Yes, Reels follow the privacy setting of your account, so if your account is private, then only who follows you can see the Reels like any other content of your profile. 

Are Instagram Reels Only In India?

No, Instagram Reels is launched globally to across 50 countries.

Instagram Reels, Can You See Who views?

No, you can not see that who exactly watches your Reels like your stories, but you can see stats like total view, and who comments or like.

How To Convert Instagram Reels To Mp4?

You can use online third party Reels to Mp4 convertor To convert Instagram Reels to mp4.

How To Convert Instagram Reels To mp3?

You can use online third party Reels to mp3 convertor To convert Instagram Reels to Mp3.