How To Fix Amazon Prime error code 9912 On Fire TV?

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Amazon Fire TV Error Code 9912

If you are browsing Amazon content on a Fire TV stick, there can be different problems that you can face.

These problems could result from a glitch on the Amazon app or the Fire TV stick. The good news, however, is that there is a whole troubleshooting guide that can help you get rid of the different issues on Amazon.

In this article, we are particularly discussing the Amazon error code 9912 on Fire TV.

The error code 9912 on Amazon is a standard functioning issue. There is not one reason that we can point the finger at for the error code.

We will discuss the different reasons and their solutions in the next section. All the discussed solutions are taken from reliable sources and can be trusted.

So, let’s dive right into it and get your stream back up and running.

How To Fix Amazon Prime error code 9912 On Fire TV?

As we cannot have a reason that we can definitely blame for this error code on Amazon Prime while browsing on Fire TV, we will need to discuss the solutions with the different issues that could be causing the error code.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The first and the most obvious solution that you need to try is to check the internet connection.

The internet connection is an important thread in the functioning of the apps on Fire TV.

Check the stability of the internet connection and immediately switch to a reliable Wifi connection if you still rely on a mobile connection.

Fix 2: A Prime Video app glitch

The Prime Video app is likely to glitch not a lot but on some occasions, it can. It is certainly not foolproof.

If you feel that the problem is a minor glitch on the Amazon Prime app, then you can just exit the app and then restart it.

If the problem is a little more severe than that, you can uninstall and reinstall the app. This will get a fresh version of the app downloaded on the TV.

Fix 3: Clear the cache on the Amazon Prime app

There is a lot of data that the app saves in the form of temporary cache files. These files are useful when they are cleared regularly and then new files are added.

If the cache is never cleared, it creates heaps of temporary files that will cause your memory to get backed up.

When you see this error code, clear the app cache and cookies and try again.

Fix 4: Make sure that the app is updated

The app needs fodder of new data in the form of updates. This is very important with any application and people usually do not take out time to do this.

However, when you see error codes like this, then you have a panic attack of updating all the apps at once.

If you are one of those, turn on automatic updates to avoid this issue in the future.

Fix 5: Check if the Fire TV stick is updated

As we mentioned in the introduction before, the problem could also be on the Fire TV stick. The stick also needs regular updates to function.

Check for the updates on the stick regularly and then you will not be facing these issues.

Fix 6: Power Cycle the Fire TV stick

There is an easy way to fix the minor issues on the Fire TV stick as well. It is power cycling the device.

You can easily power cycle the Fire TV stick by removing the power cord and reconnecting it after a few seconds.

This might also be a great help in eliminating the error code.

Fix 7: Contact the support team

When none of the solutions have taken you anywhere with the problem on Amazon Prime, you need to contact the support team.

They have the resources to identify deep-rooted issues that you might not find on your own.

You can also find important advice on the user forums if you do not want to contact the support team as yet.

To conclude

The different issues that could be causing the error code 9912 on Amazon Prime while on the Fire TV stick, are all mentioned in the article with solutions that can help straighten out the issues.

We hope that this was helpful and you did not need to contact the support team at the end anyway.

Keep following for more technical content.

Happy Streaming!!

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