How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7131?

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Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7131

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7131 is a playback issue that can occur if your internet is having some kind of issue, or if Prime Video services are having some kind of problem.

If you are having this error then in this post we are going to share all the information regarding this error which might help you deal with this error.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7131?

Fix 1: Restart The Internet And Prime Video

If you ever have this error then the first thing you need to check is your internet connection.

First, simply restart your internet and prime video by following the steps given below.

  • Quit Prime video, and power off the device on which you are using the Prime Video.
  • Unplug your router power cable from the wall outlet, and wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then power on the internet, and launch the prime video.
  • Now check if you still have the error or not.

Note: If you still have the error then test your internet connection speed by visiting any internet speed test website. If your internet speed is slow then contact your ISP, otherwise move to the next troubleshooting.

Fix 2: Check Update For Your Device Or Your Browser

If this is not your internet then this is the Prime Video service itself that has the issue.

During our research, we have come upon one thread in the Amazon Official forum where one Amazon Staff updated that the technicians have identified and fixed the error.

So make sure your device, prime video, or browser is updated with the latest firmware.

Fix 3: A Quick Workaround

If it’s not your internet, and even your device, prime video, or browser is updated then you need to contact Prime Video support in order to resolve the error.

But in a meantime, there is a quick temporary workaround, instead of choosing Watch Now, choose the start a watch party option (the far right gray button).

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