How To fix Amazon Prime Video error code 7136 On Fire stick?

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Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7136

Are you facing Amazon prime Video error code 7136 with Fire Stick? Where it won’t let me play anything.

If yes then in this post we are going to provide possible workarounds to fix the error code.

There can be multiple reasons behind this error code so you have to try different troubleshoots to find the one fix which works for you.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video error code 7136 On firestick?

Fix 1: Clear Cache And Force Stop

First, try clearing the cache and data for Prime Video. After that, force Stop the Prime Video and then try again to check if you still have the error or not.

Fix 2: Check For The Updates

If you still have the error then check if there are any pending updates for the Fire Stick, Prime Video, or your TV.

If yes then consider updating them to the latest version.

Fix 3: Power Cycle The Router

  • Unplug the power cable of your router or modem from the wall outlet.
  • Now, wait for around 1 to 2 minutes before powering on the router and modem.
  • After that power on the modem and router.
  • Now connect your device to the internet and check if you still receive the error or not.

Fix 4: Try Accessing Prime Video On Other Devices

Simply try accessing the prime video on any other device such as a phone, laptop, etc to check if you are getting the error on a specific device or on all the devices.

If the issue is occurring on any specific device then deregister the device from your Prime Video account and then register back.

Fix 5: A Fix By Community Member

One member of a community shared this fix which helped him resolve this error. So we are sharing this with you so you can also try and check if this also works for you too.

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  • Completely reset the Fire TV box.
  • After that power cycle the Router.
  • Then check for the error.

Fix 6: Contact Prime Video Support

If you have tried all the above solutions then try reinstalling Prime Video on your device.

If you still receive the error then try contacting the prime video support team to report the error.

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