How To Run amazon prime video on nexus player? How To Fix If There Is An Error?

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Having a favorite device but not being able to use it as a platform for certain applications is quite a disappointment.

If you are a Google Nexus Player user, then you’d know the sorrow of not being able to enjoy Amazon Prime Video on your device, better than anyone else.

Although Amazon avails its apps on every platform but when it comes to Prime Video, then its picky nature is widely known, especially with android devices. 

Amazon Prime Video On Nexus Player

The long ongoing feud between Google and Amazon on who is going to conquer the streaming media market for Android and Fire OS platforms has done us, consumers, no good.

Moreover, you might be finding the Amazon Prime Video app on the Google Play store and think that if you simply install it onto your Nexus Player, you will get to enjoy all its benefits.

Believe me, it is all betrayal you’d be inviting! You may download it, but it will not work (well, at least for now, where we can only hope that someday in the future, Prime Video stops deceiving us regarding this matter).

So, for us Nexus Player users, there are a few roundabout ways to stream your content on your device.

It is Primetime now that we come with a solution on how to enjoy our Prime content on our device. So read on to know how to run Amazon Prime Video on Nexus Player.

How To Run amazon prime video on nexus player?

Method 1: by Using Chromecasting

Chromecasting is probably the most simple and easiest way of running your Prime Video on your Nexus Player.

Just go for a PC with good processing power, stream your content in any tab and leave it to play in the background while chromecasting.

Since you will be setting the video to full-screen casting, Chrome will keep the video windowed to your desktop browser while you enjoy your full-screen experience on your Nexus Player.

There might be a bit of a lag, but it won’t be anything worth noticing since you are basically watching your content on your Nexus player and have left the video playing on your PC in some corner.

If you are worried about hearing audio coming from both the videos playing on your PC and from your Nexus Player, then don’t worry, since, during Chromecasting, you will only hear the audio from your Nexus Player.

You may be slightly limiting the playback quality, but it’s not much of an issue when you are enjoying your content on your Nexus Player. 

To Chromecast your Prime Video on your Nexus Player, follow the given steps:

  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer
  • Now, install the Google Cast extension and set it up.
  • Click the Google cast icon in your desktop browser bar.
  • Under the ‘Cast this tab to’ small section, you will see the list of Android TV devices and select one of them where you will Chromecast to, in this case, it is Nexus Player that we are talking about. In case you can’t seem to locate your Nexus Player, then go to Options and select the option to search for new devices. You should be able to locate your Nexus Player after this.
  •  Select the Prime Video you wish to cast on your Nexus Player, 
  • Play the Prime Video and select the full-screen button.

Method 2: by installing Prime Video Launcher

It might be a slightly lengthy process, but if you don’t want to bother with extra devices for casting content on your Nexus Player, then installing Prime Video Launcher is the most valid step you can take to enjoy your movies on your Nexus.

Here’s a simple guide on how you can sideload this app on your Nexus Player:

  • Download the Amazon Prime Video APK file, which will be used for sideloading the app.
  • Then, go to XDA forums and download Prime Video Launcher.
  • On your Nexus Player, go to Settings.
  • Click on Security & Restrictions Section
  • Turn On the Unknown Sources
  • ES File Explorer is a great asset to sideload the APK. So download it on your Nexus Player if you don’t have it already.
  • Launch your ES File Explorer
  • Then, find a cloud or Network service that you are using.
  • Now, whether it is your Dropbox or Google Drive or whatever account you prefer, link it with your ES File explorer.
  • Drop your APK file in your account, which you have synced with your ES File Explorer
  • Now, load the folder in which you have put your APK file within your ES File Explorer.
  • Select it and once your Prime Video Launcher is opened, confirm its installation. 
  • You’ll then be asked if you want to install Amazon Prime VOD. You would actually need it to watch any Prime Video so, confirm the installation of its latest version and wait for its installation process to complete.
  • Once your Amazon Prime VOD is installed, launch it and log in to your Amazon account and enjoy your Prime Video content to the fullest.

How To Fix If There Is An Error With prime Video On Nexus Player?

If you are following these, there shouldn’t be any issues you should be facing. Nonetheless, going for these roundabout ways to run Amazon Prime Video content on your Nexus player, there are times when you can get errors while trying to play your Prime Video content on Nexus Player via installing Prime Video Launcher, since this method may work for some and not work for others.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video might simply crash, or you might get the error: Amazon Video has stopped; thereby, your best bet is to go for the simple, easy Chromecasting method.

You shouldn’t face many issues if you are Chromecasting it.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sideload my APK file without ES File Explorer?

While you don’t necessarily need to always opt for ES File Explorer, you would definitely need a file manager to sideload your APK file. However, with the user-friendly and simple interface of the ES File Explorer, it is a good choice if you go for it.

Should I download the Amazon Prime Video app onto my Nexus Player from Google Play Store?

Currently, installing the Amazon Prime Video app onto your Nexus Player from Google Play Store is a futile step. Although it might look that Amazon has finally allowe Nexus Players to enjoy its services, but we see the app being available, it simply doesn’t work on Android devices. 

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