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Prime and Instant videos are two different services by the Amazon. In this post we are going to compare these two very famous services of Amazon, and going to tell you everything about them.

Amazon Prime VS. Amazon Instant Video

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership service that users can subscribe to on Amazon. There are a lot of benefits associated with Amazon Prime Membership.

Free and fast delivery, Amazon Music, Ebooks, exclusive deals are some of the features of Amazon Prime. The service can be subscribed to from Amazon’s Official website.

You will also see the option to join Amazon Prime at the checkout section. It’s like a premium membership for Amazon users.

Most of the regular users of Amazon services have subscribed to Amazon Prime. In the long run, it saves you a lot of money.

What is Amazon Instant Video?

Amazon instant video is not an OTT streaming service. You can visualize Amazon Instant video as more like the video section of iTunes.

You can buy or rent titles as per your preference from the titles listed on their server. The service is available to both Prime Members as well as non-Prime members.

There are a lot of benefits associated with Amazon Instant video. Because you pay for the individual titles rather than a flat fee, therefore, the content listed on Amazon Instant Video is relatively newer, better, and even more than Amazon Prime Video.

Comparison of Amazon Prime VS. Amazon Instant Video

We will compare the two services in many of the areas. The comparison is given below:

User Friendliness

Who’s the winner: Tie

Both the services are optimally designed for the users. The services offer a user-friendly user interface.

Amazon Prime can be accessed by clicking on the Prime services option in your account setting and also can be subscribed at the checkout section.

Similarly, you can access Amazon Instant Video by finding it under the “Shop by Department” section.


Who’s the winner: Tie

Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video are compatible across all the devices out there. Almost every major device out there supports both of the two services.

Since these entertainment services have become so important in user’s lives, you will find them compatible with all of the devices that are released today.

You can access these services on Android and iOS devices, Windows and Mac desktop and laptop, Amazon Fire devices, Xbox, Playstation, Roku TV, and many more.

Membership Perks

Who’s the winner: Amazon Prime

There are a lot of membership perks associated with an Amazon Prime account. Along with free and fast delivery, you also get many other features like Amazon Music, ebooks, Prime Video, and more.

Whereas, in Amazon Instant Video, you only get access to buy or rent movies and shows. 


Who’s the winner: Amazon Instant Video

There are said to be 10,000+ more titles on Amazon Instant Video available for renting and buying than from the Amazon Prime service.

Though you will have to pay to watch additional titles on Amazon Instant Video. Whereas, you can watch the titles across Amazon Prime at no additional cost.


Who’s the winner: Tie

There is high quality from leading production houses on both Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video. Therefore, it is a tie in this section.


Who’s the winner: Tie

Both Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Instant Video lets you watch content in HD quality. The quality of content on both services is similar, hence the tie.


Who’s the winner: Amazon Prime

Though you do not have to pay a membership fee on Amazon Instant Video, we have declared the winner as Amazon Prime just because of the perks associated with it.

Some titles start from $2-$3 for rent on Amazon Instant Video, and Prime Subscriptions are around $79 for a year. Amazon Prime offers a lot of features and unlimited content to watch at that price.


Who’s the winner: Tie

Both Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video have limitations. Some of the Amazon Prime features can only be accessed in the United States and not even in Hawaii or Alaska.

With Amazon Instant Video you can watch content on 2 screens at max, you only have 24 hours to finish watching a title and 30 days to watch a rented title.

Overall Winner – [Amazon Prime]

Though both the services have their perks and are equally matched in almost every aspect, we have declared the winner as Amazon Prime just because they have so much more to offer than just buying and renting Video titles.


The comparison done above is subjective and can change as per user needs and preferences. We have tried to be as neutral as possible in the comparison of Amazon Prime vs Amazon Instant Video.

We have provided explanations on why we have chosen the particular winner in the article, you are free to read and form your own opinion. Thank you for choosing our website. We hope the article has helped you.

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