How To Fix Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working?

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Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working

People like ordering stuff from Amazon, not only because of the huge inventory but the ease of access when they want to return or get a refund on their order.

Customer support on Amazon is always available to help you with whatever issues you’re facing with your order, and then they help you get a refund. However, how would you feel if you see the Amazon return continue button not working?

This is the issue that exactly many users on Amazon face every day. They might have an eligible return request, but they are not able to continue the return because of this glitch.

It can be really annoying and alarming to see that you are not able to continue with the return and refund and there can be many reasons for this.

In this article, in the next section, we will discuss how can you solve this problem and get your return.

Let’s get into it without any further delays.

How to Solve If Amazon’s return continue button not working?

When the platforms like Amazon boast that you can get a return and refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, the worst thing that can happen is the return not being processed.

In this section, we will see how you can solve this issue and return the product that you want to return.

Fix 1: Take a look at the product details

We know that Amazon gives you access to a return and refund without asking many questions, but there are certain regulations of the products that are mentioned in the product description that you should read before you order.

These are generally the details related to the product that does not allow for a return or refund in certain conditions.

The things that you need to check for are, Have you ordered a non-returnable or non-refundable product? Have you ordered an international item? What is the return period on the said product?

If you have ordered a non-returnable or nonrefundable product, you will not be able to get your return request processed. If you have ordered an international item, the return policy still does not work. The last thing is the return period. If the return period has already passed, you cannot return the said product.

Love kisses you will not be able to process the return request on Amazon. In certain cases, if you have found the product to be truly not able to match the description that was already mentioned under the product, then you can raise a support request with the team that will help you with further steps.

Fix 2: Refresh the page

If you are on the Amazon website, you may be aware of the fact that the website functions with lots of different pages.

Amazon has millions of products in its inventory and since there is a separate page for each product, there are millions of pages on the Amazon server. At a given time, many pages are out of order and you might not be able to access them. Even if you are able to access certain pages, certain functionalities might not be available.

Whatever product you are trying to process the return request for, if you face this issue, refresh the page.

Sometimes this simple step helps users get out of a fix and the return request is processed as soon as a page is refreshed.

Fix 3: Use a different web browser

If you’re trying to access the Amazon server through our web browser which is not compatible with Amazon and its services, then you will need to switch to a different and reliable web browser. 

This is a rare instance because Amazon is mostly compatible with all the web browsers in the world, but in certain conditions, you might not be able to access the server through your Patent web browser.

If you’re not able to process your return request, then you might be able to process it through a different web browser. Switch the web browser and see if it solves your issue.

Fix 4: Clear the cookies and cache data on the web browser

If you are using the Amazon website through your web browser then you might need to clear the cookies and cache data on the browser.

The cookies and cache data are designed for your convenience as each time you load the same website you do not have to enter repetitive information. This helps load the page faster.

However, users are not aware that in certain cases they need to clear the cookies and cache data on the browser because a load of files on the working memory of the browser is not good for the processing of web pages. The cookies and cache data can also become corrupt in certain cases, which can also hamper the processing of the web pages on the browser.

In either case, the simple solution is to go to the browser settings and clear the cookies and cache data.

Fix 5: Using Incognito mode

This is a user-suggested solution that we have picked up from the Reddit discussions on this error code.

The user has suggested that it has helped them by using Incognito mode when they’re trying to possess a return request and the return continue button is not working.

You can also try to use the Incognito window on the web browser to try to place your return requests and it might help you like it helped this user.

Fix 6: Disable all the browser extensions

The browser extensions on your web browser are infamous for causing problems with the web pages that you are trying to load.

If you are aware that you are currently using some browser extensions that could be interfering with the processes of the web browser, you should disable all the browser extensions before you try to place a return request again.

This might help you as it has helped many other users with the same.

Fix 7: Contact the Amazon Customer Support team

If none of these solutions have helped you and the return continue button is still not working, chances are that you are trying to return a product that is not available for return or refund. In these cases, only the Amazon Customer support team can help you raise a refund request.

These requests are generally processed when the customer support team asks you questions about the product description and the mismatch that you have with the product that you have received. 

They will ask you for details and even pictures to rectify your issue and then a return request will be placed from the support team’s end.

And if you are facing this issue on a product that is returnable, you will still need to contact the Amazon Customer support team in the end if none of the above solutions have helped you.

To conclude

The ease of returns on Amazon becomes a hassle if the Amazon Return continue button stops working.

Many users have faced this issue and This is why there is a lot of material available online telling you what to do in the case this issue shows up on your device. We have taken all the solutions and compiled them together to make this article.

We hope that this was helpful and you are now able to return the product. Keep following for more technical advice.

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