12 Tips & Tricks For Using Android That You Should Know

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Android is a very popular operating system in today’s generation. Everyone knows about Android and enjoys using it. It is very trustworthy and easy for users. It is very trustworthy and easy to use. 

Tips & Tricks For Using Android That You Should Know

Since the world is evolving at a very high speed, it is very important to keep up with it in order to survive in it. As the use of Android smartphones grows, there are various new hacks and tricks that different users find.

The best Android hacks and tricks you should know

These hacks and tricks can be helpful for you in various situations. If you still don’t know about these hacks, here are the ten best hacks and tricks you should know, take a look!

1. An app is similar to IOS’s “Find My iPhone”

Yes!!! You didn’t misunderstand. You can use Apple’s “Find My iPhone” counterpart in Android as well. This is the #1 and one of the best hacks out there.

Your Android smartphones have a built-in app called Find my device. It works just like the Apple app. You can easily find your smartphone/device with this feature. If your phone gets lost, you can easily find it.

Also, this app will help you lock your data if your phone is lost or stolen. It is a very easy-to-use and handles app.

2. Keep your files and documents safe

Losing files and documents has probably happened to everyone at least once. To solve this problem, you can download various security apps that are readily available in the Play Store.

But the best part is that you can do it without downloading these apps. You can use your smartphone’s built-in backup system.

 By backing up important files and documents, you can keep your files, textbooks, homework, essays, and safer.

And to never worry about keeping your homework, essays, and research papers safe – pay for essay at WritingAPaper. To enable the backup feature, go to settings, click on the system and turn on the backup option.

3. Android has app shortcuts

On Android smartphones, you can use the navigation buttons as app shortcuts. Yes, you can close and open apps using the navigation buttons. To do this, you need to download the appropriate app from the Google Play Store.

4. You can keep your apps private

This can be very interesting for many of you. Keeping your apps private on Android smartphones is very easy. To do this, you need to go to the security section in your phone settings.

After that, you need to enable the “Lock Screen” feature and then you can lock your favorite apps and keep them private. If you’ve blocked an app by mistake, you can delete it at any time.

5. Adjust the orientation to your liking

Sometimes the orientation of your smartphone can be annoying. If this is a problem for you, you don’t have to worry. You can download the Turn Lock app from the Play store and adjust the screen orientation to your liking.

Different orientations include reverse landscape, reverse portrait, forced landscape, flipped screen and others. You just need to download the app, and it’s easy.

6. Guest Mode

This is a very useful feature. With it, you can allow access to various apps and features on the lock screen itself. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Anyone on the phone can access this feature without unlocking the screen. Therefore, it is important to use this feature very carefully.

You don’t need to download an app for this, it’s already available on Android smartphones. You just need to go into your phone’s settings block and turn on guest mode.

You can also do this directly by dropping down the status bar and clicking on guest mode.

7. Keyboard

Satisfied Android users choose between dozens of different paid and completely free keyboards that use different input technologies and prediction algorithms.

This allows you to choose exactly the way to work with text, which is convenient for you, rather than the creators and designers of the device. Which, unfortunately, IOS users cannot boast of

8. Reducing lags and delays

Are you annoyed by lags and delays on your Android smartphone? Can’t use your smartphone normally? We have something for you. The Google Play Store has plenty of apps to help you.

You can download any of these apps, best of all Seeder or L Speed, to improve the speed and performance of your smartphone. But the only thing that is very important is that these apps need Root.

9. You can use the camera and flashlight to measure your heart rate

Don’t have a device that can measure your heart rate and track your activity? Don’t worry, you can now measure your fitness without any device.

All you need is an Android smartphone. There are various apps in the Google Play store that offer this feature.

You need to place your finger on the flashlight and it will track your activity and measure your fitness. It’s simple and easy.

10. Improve the graphics of your game

For all gamers, all those who enjoy games, and all those who eat games, this is for you guys. Graphics are a very important part of your game; good graphics enhance the performance of your game.

To improve your graphics, you can download the special apps from the Google Play Store or any other app store available on your Android smartphone. This app also requires you to have a built-in root system on your smartphone. This will help you ensure better graphics in your game.

11. provide different volumes for different apps

This is also a very useful option for your gadgets. With this feature on Android smartphones, you can set the different volumes for different apps. You can set the different volumes for alarms, ringtones, notifications, and all other apps.

To use this feature, you need to tap the volume button, then open the drop-down list and set the different volumes for different apps.

12. Invisible notifications

Android allows you to turn off all alerts and notifications. Simply turn this feature on and you will be shielded from annoying notifications from any app, be it chat, forum or notifications from any other app.

You can also disable this feature, and any notifications that were recently dismissed will be visible to you. You can click on them to go straight to the corresponding program, just like with the main notification.


The android operating system is used by various people around the world. There are many tricks and hacks that can be used to make Android smartphones work better and be more productive. Above is a list of the top ten hacks of this type. They are easy to use and easy to apply. Try them right now! and for more Smart Device Guide visit here.

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