how To Fix AnyDesk Error Status: win32 10060?

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Last Updated on December 22, 2022
AnyDesk Error Status win32_10060

AnyDesk error code “Status: win32 10060” mainly occurs with Windows devices. And most of the time the reason behind the error is an improperly configured firewall on your windows device.

How To Fix AnyDesk Error Status win32_10060?

Fix 1: Check Firewall Settings

If this error occurs on your device then you need to check the security program on the local or remote endpoints.

In order to resolve this error you need to check if the firewall on both the local and remote devices is not interfering with the AnyDesk.

Additionally, also make sure that your networking hardware such as routers is also not conflicting with the AnyDesk.

In simple words, if you have enabled windows firewall or any other security software on your device then go to their settings and make the Anydesk exceptions. This way they will not interfere with the AnyDesk.

To know more about this you visit this official AnyDesk guide.

Note: Additionally you can also try connecting to any other internet connection. If AnyDesk is not showing the error on the other internet then it’s possible that for some reason your internet connection is conflicting with the AnyDesk so you need to contact your ISP.

Fix 2: Allow Direct Connections

If the error still continues then enable the Allow direct connections option under the AnyDesk settings for both computers.

  • Go to AnyDesk Settings.
  • Go to Connection.
  • Then go to the General.
  • Then enable Allow direct connections.

Alternatively, you can also add the “/np” at the end of the AnyDesk-ID/Alias to which you are connecting.

For example: 010101222/np

Fix 3: Contact Support

Following the above solutions should fix the error but if the error still persists then we will suggest you connect the AnyDesk support.

To know more about the contact details visit here.

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