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AnyExif Overview

Exif data is a metadata format that is used on some digital cameras to store information about the camera settings. It contains information about the photo, such as the date and time the photo was taken, flash compensation, exposure time, location, and other important data.

With some powerful Exif editor, you can view and edit Exif data conveniently. In this article, we will give you a full overview of AnyExif, an advanced Exif editor for Mac.

What is AnyExif?

AnyExif is an all-in-one professional EXIF editor for Mac that lets you edit and manage picture EXIF information. It is an easy-to-following and user-friendly Exif editing software that you can use on Mac.

It comprises essential features that let you remove, edit, and add important EXIF data before storing, sharing, or uploading them online.

Using AnyExif, you can modify the cameras, locations, exposure time, Exposure iSO Speed, sensitivity Type, and other metadata information that you may not want others to know. As a newly-launched Exif editor, AnyExif has many advanced features for you to explore.

Features of AnyExif

  • Remove and edit EXIF information with ease.
  • Lets you view XMP, IPTC, TIFF, EXIF GPS, and EXIF metadata.
  • Allows users to change multiple Exif data, including Lens Serial Number, Sensing Method, and Max Aperture. 
  • Utilizes a clean, simple, and user-friendly interface. No complicated editing tips are required when you use this tool. 
  • Includes a single workspace for managing and editing your photos.
  • Enables you to manage many photos or folders in the same window.
  • Allows you to add a flag for marking some special photos.
  • Offers all editing features for free. No free trial or a premium subscription is required.
  • Supports batch image editing. Faster speed and smoother workflow are guaranteed. 
  • Run offline and never store or steal personal info from users.

AnyExif Menu and Tool Bar Introduction

  • ToolBar: include all functions that you will use when editing or viewing photo EXIF data
  • Folder List: all imported folders will be listed here
  • File List: all files will be listed here. You can choose and select any photos
  • Photo Preview: preview the selected image or photo
  • Brief MetaData: show some general EXIF metadata information here
  • Map: show map GPS location
  • Add Folders: select the folders and import the photos
  • Remove Folders: remove the selected folder from the list
  • Clear Folders: clear all folders from the list
  • EXIF Editor: edit the selected photo EXIF information in batch mode
  • EXIF Viewer: view the photo EXIF information in batch mode
  • GPS Location: view the photo GPS location
  • Photo Remover: delete and remove the photo to trash
  • Open the photo in Finder
  • Open the photo in Preview
  • EXIF Cleaner: clean all photo EXIF information from the selected photos
  • Redirect to the document page
  • Click to show the information about AnyEXIF

How to Edit Exif Data with AnyExif?

AnyEXIF was created to help in editing EXIF data in simple steps: 

  • Edit General Metadata of an Image: The image contains metadata about the date, time, location, and the device that was used to take the image.
  • Modify and Change Camera Setting: Photo camera information is containing many settings that concern the camera, lens, and flash. You can edit the setting description, local length, aperture and shutter speed, and many other modifications on the camera.
  • Edit Photo EXIF Information: Through AnyEXIF, you can read and acquire all the EXIF data on your image. You can edit by entering the string available on a textbox. The data will be edited such as the date and time, exposure time, speed, recommended exposure index, and color filter array.
  • Edit TIFF Format Information: TIFF keeps the data concerning raster graphics and other information about the image. You can edit all tags such as transfer function, X resolution, Y resolution, and primary Chromaticities.
  • Change Your GPS location: Photos at times may have your location if the camera used was GPS enabled. Once you share the image on social media, your private information might be exposed. To change GPS locations, go to the GPS setting section > click the GPS button > choose a new location and click OK.

How to Get Access to AnyExif?

There are two ways to get access to AnyExif. 

  • Go to AnyExif’s official website. Click “Download from Mac Store” and you will be directed to the app’s Mas Store page. 
  • Head to Mac Store directly and search “AnyExif – Photos EXIF Editor”. Download it and enjoy the service for free. Or you can click here to visit its downloading page fast.

The Uniqueness of AnyExif

  • Ability to prevent unwanted errors: AnyExif has been trained and tested thousand of times before its final launch. It has the ability to prevent unwanted errors and inaccuracies within important files. Having a system so capable of preventing and fixing errors keeps work moving along smoothly. 
  • Supports Nearly All Exif Data Formats: It supports nearly all Exif data formats, including General, Camera, Lens, Flash, GPS, IPTC, and TIFF. It makes it possible to change or modify all Exif data on one program. With AnyExif at hand, you never need another Exif editing tool.
  • Batch Edit Exif Data, Time Saved: Some Exif Editors or Exif viewers don’t support batch tasks. While, AnyExif allows you to view, add, edit, mark, and remove metadata information in bulk. You can apply changes or settings to multiple photos at one time. This tool makes you get rid of adding or browsing photos one by one. It helps you save a lot of time.

AnyExif Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnyExif a Reliable Exif Editor?

Yes, it is safe. AnyExif is an offline software that you can use without the internet connection. It also allows you to entirely delete all EXIF data from the picture, thus offering complete protection from any security threats. Meanwhile, it never asks you to offer much personal information.

Can I Use AnyExif for Free?

The AnyExif is one of the most popular photo Exif editors right now. It is free to use for anyone without a doubt. For some photo editors, you have to purchase their service once you have used up your free credits. But AnyExif never sets limitations for users. It offers a high-quality Exif editing service to save your money and time. 

Will AnyExif Be Updated Regularly?

Of course, the developer team will update this software regularly to offer a better user experience. AnyExif is currently in its junior version, so you can expect a lot of new features for its future update. Stay tuned!

AnyExif  Handy Tutorial

Read AnyExif Help Document here:

Watch an Official Video Tutorial Here: 

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