How To Fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 201?

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Users are recently reporting error code 201 on Apex Legends Mobile and in this article we are going to discuss this error.

As per our research this is a connectivity issue, which means that the game is not able to establish contact with the game servers. Hence not allowing the players to log into their accounts and play.

The connectivity issue on the game can be attributed to Internet problems, device problems, and server problems.

How to get rid of error 201 on Apex Legends mobile?

Fix 1: Check your network connection

The most important thing and the first thing that you should check when you are facing this error code is the network connection.

While playing a game that is really server-heavy, you need impeccable Internet speed as well as stability. If your network is slow then you will not be able to play the game. You will face a lot of different error codes in the game depending on what you were doing in the game when the network connection was lost. 

To check the speed of your network connection, you need to Google Internet speed meter. You will see a list of tools. Click on any one tool.

Now run a network speed test. If you find out that your network speed is slow and unstable, you need to contact your Internet service provider to help you with the issue.

Fix 2: Check the game server

The issues with the games that were being down can also be the cause of the error code 201 on your Apex Legends mobile game.

As this is a connectivity issue, this can stem from the server being down. To make sure that the server is down, you need to Google a Down Detector tool. On the search bar of the down detector tool, enter Apex Legends.

You will see a server outage map for the Apex Legends server.

If the server is down, then you can do nothing but wait.

Fix 3: Restart your device

Temporary technical snags with the device that you’re using can cause your connectivity issues.

To solve these temporary errors with the device, you can restart your device. This refreshes all the memory processes on the device and gets rid of all the technical glitches. This is a typical workaround that the users try whenever they face any issue on their device. It is simple but it might help you.

Fix 4: Clear the cache and data on your device

The device typically stores information that you enter repeatedly on different websites and apps in the form of cache data.

This is done to ensure that you do not have to enter the same information again and again. However, at regular intervals, you need to clear the cache data on your device. Otherwise, this information keeps on piling up and the memory resources on your device are hogged up before you know it.

To clear the cache and data related to Apex Legends, you can follow the following steps.

  • Launch the device settings.
  • Click on App and Notifications.
  • Find Apex Legends Mobile on the list of apps that you see.
  • Click on Apex Legends Mobile. This will open Settings.
  • Click on the options Storage and Cache.
  • Click on Clear Storage.
  • Click on Clear cache.

Fix 5: Update the game

You need to run the latest version of the game to make sure that you are getting access to all the features and that all the bugs in the game that are identified by the developers are removed.

The developers of the game regularly provide you with updates that you get notifications for. However, most of the users are so busy in their life that they ignore these notifications when they get them. After a while, they forget that they did not update the app to the latest version.

This can cause many problems in the game, including the error code 201. When you face this error put the first thing that you should do is update the game.

Fix 6: Delete the game and reinstall a fresh copy

Issues in the game that are presenting themselves due to the lack of integrity of the game files.

This might be due to missing information from the important files or corruption of files. To make sure that this is not the issue, you can delete the game and reinstall a fresh copy.

Not only will it replace all the corrupted files on the system, but it will also give you an updated version of the game if you have not updated to the latest version. It is a win-win situation.

Fix 7: Change your DNS settings

The Domain Name System settings are very important for the game to identify your IP address and authenticate your account.

If your DNS settings are messed up then you would not be able to connect to the game server. Launch the DNS settings and set it to manual.

Now change the settings to Google’s public DNS. You can find this through a simple Google search. This has also helped many other players.

Fix 8: Clear the cache on Google Play services

Clearing the cache editor just related to the game is not enough. You need to clear the cache on the Google Play services also if you’re playing on Android.

You can do this by launching the settings on the device and then selecting App and Notifications. On the list of apps, click on Google Play Services and then clear the cache for it.

Fix 9: Contact the game support team

These are all the most reliable solutions that we have suggested to you. If none of these have helped you, then the only solution that you can look forward to is to contact the game support team.

You can also contact the user forums. Ask a question about it and the other users who have faced the same issue on their device might help you with the tried and tested solutions that they used.

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