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Net Nanny is a parental control software that helps you identify your kids’ use on their smartphones. With the app’s help, you can monitor your family’s digital habits and protect them from using harmful or inappropriate content.  

Using this app, you can control your child’s online activities and protect them from being involved in cyberbullying, harassment, and other cybercrimes. 

With the help of NetNanny, you can track your children’s social media activities, view browser history, block inappropriate content, and manage their screen by setting screen time limit. 

You can review your kid’s search history and know what they use the most from your dashboard. The app works on Android, iPhone, Tablet, PC, Mac and allows you to view all your kids’ activities. 

It sends you an alert when your child visits any inappropriate websites and allows you to block access on your children’s device. You can also view the app deleted and installed on your child’s device. 

However, it provides more features essential for you to control your kids, but it might not be suitable for every parent to use. Also, it is quite expensive to use. You can use any other parental control apps as there are many alternatives available for NetNanny with more features. 

Here are alternatives to NetNanny that you can use to monitor your kids and protect them from online dangers.  

Net Nanny Alternatives Comparison Table

Name Of AppType Of LicenseRatingStarting Pricing
Fenced.AiFreemium4.2$5.83 Per Month
MeetcirclePremium2.2$10.75 Per Month
ScreentimelabsPremium3.3$6.99 Per Month
Bark.usPremium3.7$4.08 Per Month
FamilytimePremium4.0$2.91 Per Month
Kidlogger.NetFreemium3.5$2.41 Per Month
QustodioPremium2.9$2.36 Per Month
SecureTeenPremium3.7$3.33 Month

Best Net Nanny Alternatives

1. is a parental control software used by parents to monitor their kids.  It is one of the best parental control solutions to keep your child safe online. 

The app allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls and messages of your kid’s smartphone, along with the date and location from where the calls have been done.   

It helps protect your kids and students from cyberbullying and peer-pressure online by monitoring their conversations with friends. remotely monitors all apps installed on your child’s device and protects them from any harmful or adult applications.  

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet.

Features of

  • Monitors incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Identify the location from where the calls have been made along with the date.
  • Uses GPS location to know where your kids are precisely located at the moment.
  • Tracks SIM card details and provides notification when the SIM card is changed.
  • Monitors photos and videos captured, watched, and saved in the device.

Pricing of  

  • Offers free trial for individuals to monitor calls and messages. 
  • The basic package costs $5.83 per user per month.
  • The premium package costs 8.33 per user per month.
Pros of fenced.aiCons of
Tracks the browsing history and allows you to identify what your kids watch. It is quite expensive to use, but the free version works well. 
Provides excellent customer service. 
Allows you to block the websites having inappropriate content. 

2. Meetcircle

Net Nanny Alternatives

Meetcircle is a parental control app that helps to monitor your kid’s online activities. It allows you to filter the content and block inappropriate content by age. 

Using Meetcircle, you can limit the amount of time on individual sites or platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. 

You can make the internet stop for all the family with a single click once the time limit is over by using a pause button. The app keeps track of your kid’s location with GPS tracking and direction and time. 

It allows you to set a custom bedtime for each family member so that your kids get the sleep they need. It also keeps track of the history that your kids use throughout the day. 

Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of Meetcircle

  • Allows you to choose appropriate content based on the age limit.
  • Limit the amount of time your kid can use on an individual site. 
  • Helps you to know how much time your family spends online.      
  • Allows you to view the browsing history and check the sites your child visits. 
  • Keeps track of your kid’s location using a GPS tracker.

Pricing of Meetcircle 

  • It costs $69 for 3-months, $129 for 1-year, and $299 for a lifetime to use a subscription. 
Pros of MeetcircleCons of Meetcircle
Allows you to set screen time limits.It is costly to use.  
Restrict your kid from using inappropriate content. Late customer support

3. Screentimelabs   

Apps Like Net Nanny

Screentimelabs is a parental control software that allows parents to look after their kids’ activities and ensure that their kids safely use the internet. 

It allows you to set a daily time limit for your children for excessive usage of smartphones. The app encourages your child to develop a positive habit by setting your children tasks to complete and reward additional screen time. 

You can schedule a time for sleep, tasks, etc., to avoid distractions when your child needs to focus on something important. Using this app, you can instantly pause your child’s device and block the harmful sites for them.

It tracks your kid’s location and provides you with alerts when your child arrives or leaves a specific area. 

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of Screentimelabs 

  • Allows you to set a daily time limit for your children for excessive usage of smartphones. 
  • Protect your kid from using inappropriate content by blocking them completely. 
  • Helps you to keep an eye on a kid’s web history. 
  • Tracks location using GPS tracker and provides you alert when your child arrives or leaves a specific area. 
  • Tracks email sent and received with Gmail login feature.

Pricing of Screentimelabs  

  • It offers a free trial. 
  • It costs $6.99 per month.
Pros of ScreentimelabsCons of Screentimelabs 
It does not need more time to install and use.Some essential features need to be added. 
It is affordable to use. 

4. Bark.Us

The bark is a child monitoring software that protects your child from being involved in cybercrime. It helps parents to protect their children from online harm. 

The app has screentime management and a web filtering tool that helps you limit and decide how and when your child can use their devices. 

It has all essential features for parents to know their children’s problems and protect them from peer pressure. Bark tracks all the content and conversation on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media.

Using bark, you can decide which app your kids can use on their smartphones and PC and allow you to block the app from having inappropriate content that is not useful for them.

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of 

  • Monitors call SMS, email, etc., and prevent other social activities that might cause cybercrime.
  • Allows you to manage when your kids can access the internet and also decide what sites they can visit.  
  • Provides an automatic alert when bark gets any potential issues and applications an expert recommendation for the child. 
  • Appropriate for monitoring students as well as children.

Pricing of 

  •  It offers a 7-day trial free
  •  Bark premium costs $14 per month or $99 annually.   
  • Bark Jr costs $5 per month or $49 annually. 
Pros of bark.usCons of
Offer a better and easier way to keep your children safe online.Some features need to be added. 
It saves your time from manually monitoring your kid’s activity.Late customer support.

5. Familytime

FamilyTime App

Familytime is a powerful parental control app that helps manage your kid’s cell phone activities.

It helps monitor activities like location, internet usage, call logs, app blocking, etc. The app blocks any apps installed on your kid’s phone or tablet that you don’t want them to use by adding them into the blacklist app. 

Here, you can limit screen time on their smartphone during sleep, dinner, and homework. 

One of the best features is defining the speed limit while driving and knowing when they over-speed during their ride. 

Available on: Android, iPad, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of Familytime 

  •  Monitors the incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Allows you to limit screen time on Android and iOS. 
  • Allows you to define and set speed limits while driving.
  • Blocks the apps having inappropriate content and sites. 
  • Track your kids’ location and let you know where they are at the moment.

Pricing of Familytime

  • Familytime premium costs $1.15 per month. You can get a 3-day free trial.
Pros of FamilytimeCons of Familytime
It can monitor multiple devices at a time.Needs frequent updates.
It is not so expensive to use.Some essential features are missing.



Kidlogger is a parental control app that helps you know what your kids are using on their phones or computers. 

The app is made for parents regarding their insecurity towards children. You can install this app on your smartphone, tablet, Mac, iPad, and Android and monitor your child’s activities. 

It allows you to know how long your kid is working on PC and the apps they use to browse history. It tracks all the calls and messages and photos and videos stored on your kid’s device. 

The app has a time tracking feature that lets you know how long your kids use their phones and computer. It also tracks the keystroke and enables you to see the text they enter on the computer. 

It also records the name of files and documents that are opened most of the time by the user. The screenshot feature captures the screen, sends you a screenshot in a specific interval, and lets you know what they are doing real-time.

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of

  • Track time to know how much time your kids spent on a computer or mobile phone.
  • Monitors all the visited websites from web history.
  • Keeps the record of keystrokes and text entered into the computer.
  • Tracks the most used PC, Mac, and Android applications with time.
  • Provides screenshots in specific time intervals while your kids are using the computer.

Pricing of

  • The basic package is free that allows monitoring of up to five devices.
  • The standard package costs $9 per 3-months, $a7 per 6-month, and $29 annually.
  • The professional package costs $29 per 3-months, $39 per 6-months, $89 annually.
Pros of Kidlogger.netCons of
Has time tracking and screenshot monitoring feature. Troubleshooting in recording calls on Android.
Displays the most used application with a time of usage. 
Provides excellent customer support. 

7. Qustodio 


Qustodio is a parental control app that helps you keep your child safe from cyber threats. Using this app, you can protect your kids from growing serious online issues and outbreaks of violence such as pornography, cyberbullying, gambling, drugs and alcohol, and other acts of violence. 

The best part of this app is it allows you to block inappropriate content even in private mode and does not give access to your kids to use such sites once it is blocked. 

You can view all the social network activity and monitor the time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and so on. 

It also tracks the messages that your kids send to their friends and monitors the call log made by them with time and date. 

You can find your child and know where they have been throughout the day with location-tracking features. 

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of qustodio 

  • Allow you to set a screen time schedule and daily time limit for each app.
  • Blocks all the inappropriate contents even in private browsing mode.
  • Manage the time spent on each app, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, and so on. 
  • Allow you to monitor your child’s incoming and outgoing calls and messages. 
  • Blocks unrelated calls and messages.

Pricing of qustodio

The pricing plans are built for families of all sizes. The plan includes pricing as below. 

  • The small plan costs $54.95 per year.
  • The medium plan costs $96.95 per year.
  • The large plan costs $137.95 per year. 
Pros of qustodioCons of qustodio
  It is easy to use with multiple features.  It is quite expensive to use. 
It does not take more time to get started. 
It helps you to manage multiple devices.

8. SecureTeen


SecureTeen is a parental control app that helps parents protect their kids from being involved in online crimes. It allows you to monitor your kids and let them use the internet.

Teenage children often misuse the internet and are not concerned about the online dangers, and get involved in crimes like cyberbullying, pornography, harassment, gambling, etc. 

So you can install this app to know what your children communicate with friends and whether they are involved in any dangers or not. 

Using this app, you can monitor your kid’s social activities remotely. It allows you to see the calls and messages and conversations on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, and so on from a dashboard. 

You can use SecureTeen to ensure that your kids are not involved in any illegal activities and using the internet securely by tracking their browsing history and all the activities they make on their smartphones. 

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Tablet, Web.

Features of SecureTeen 

  • Tracks location even if your kid’s GPS is not active on the phone.
  • Allows you to filter the sites and block inappropriate contents.
  • Monitors the incoming and outgoing calls and messages with time and location. 
  • Allows you to set a time limit for apps usage with the screentime feature’s help.

Pricing of SecureTeen

It offers two different pricing plans.

  • The premium plan costs $39.99 per year.
  • The premium plus plan costs $69.99 per year.
Pros of SecureTeenCons of SecureTeen
Easy to install and use. Requires time to time update.
It provides good customer service.


The above apps are parental control apps that help parents control their kids from doing illegal activities online. Once you feel that your kids are on the path of doom, you can install parental control apps and monitor their activities to ensure they are safe. 

You can review all the apps and install any according to your necessity and budget. These apps will allow you to block inappropriate sites on your kids’ devices and make them use the internet securely.

Which apps are you using to monitor your kid? Let us know in the comment section below. If you have any queries related to this article, you can ask in the comment section below. 

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