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Qustodio is a parental control tool that helps you to manage your kid’s screen time and control content they view on the internet. The app ensures your child’s digital safety and monitors your kids’ devices.

These days children spend most of the time making calls and sending text messages to their peers. When children spend more time on their phones, they give less time to themselves and their studies. 

To solve this problem, you can use Qustodio to track calls and messages and even let you block their contact list. However, you can get this feature only on android. 

Apart from calls and text message tracking, the app also provides features like monitoring their social media activities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It allows you to view your kids’ search and view YouTube activities. 

With Qustodio, you can view your child’s total time on specific websites or by playing games. Likewise, it even lets you block inappropriate websites like pornography. 

The best thing about it is, it sends you a report on your inbox, which shows your kids’ internet activities. You can view their internet activities for 30 days. 

One of the flaws of this app is most of the features are available on android only. The app can be better if it adds a geofencing feature that allows you to see where your kids’ are at the moment. 

Likewise, the app lacks keyword stroke, tracks SIM location, monitors their photos and videos, and more. 

Many apps provide similar features like Qustodio; here, I have listed the top ten apps that you can use as an alternative to Qustodio:

Qustodio Alternatives Comparison Table

Name Of AppType Of LicenseBasic PlanRating
Fenced.aiFreemium$5.83 Per Month4.2
KidloggerFreemium$2.41 Per Month3.5
MeetcirclePremium$10.75 Per Month2.2
Bark.usPremium$4.08 Per Month3.7
FamilyOrbitPremium$7.49 Per Month3.1
Wondershare FamisafePremium$4.99 Per Month4.5
SecureTeenPremium$3.33 Month3.7
NetNannyPremium$4.58 Per Month2.3
ScreenTimePremium$6.99 Per Month3.3

Qustodio Alternatives Overview


Qustodio Alternatives

Fenced.ai is an easy to use parental control app which controls your kids’ online activities.  Using fenced.ai, you can keep an eye on your children’s online activities from anywhere and at any time. 

Fenced.ai helps your children from cyberbullying or bullying their peers.  You can monitor your kids’ message and keyword stroke and identify your kids’ emotions and problems. 

The best feature about fenced.ai is that it provides geofence to set prohibited areas. This feature also sends you to alert when your children are in restricted areas. 

You can also monitor your children’s social media activities like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. 

As you know that, kids these days are smart and can install and uninstall the app without your context. However, with fenced.ai, the app will send you when your kid installs and uninstalls the app or any other app. 

Features of fenced.ai

  • Monitors your kids’ browser history, URL they visited, and the number of the time they visited the site. 
  • Keeps track of all incoming, outgoing email and reveal send and recipient information. 
  • Provides you with data of total time spent on social media. 
  • Keeps track of photos and video that your kids take on their phone or download on their phone. 
  • The Wi-Fi logger feature monitors and makes all the network connected. By monitoring the wifi connection list, you can identify the number of times your kid visited the place. 

Pricing of fenced.ai

Fenced.ai has the following price plan:

  • Free: It is free of cost.
  • Basic: It costs $9.99 per month for licenses. 
  • Premium: It costs $19.99 per month for licenses.

Available on: Android and IOS.

It has stealth mode.Frequent updates can be better. 
Provides a free version.
Provides excellent customer support.


apps like Qustodio

KidLogger is a parental control app that helps you to monitor your kids’ PC, tablets, and mobile phones. 

With this app, you can view your children’s online activities, total time they spent on their PC and mobile phone. 

Using KidLogger, you can track children’s internet browsing history patterns. You can also view websites they visited, total time spent on the websites, and so on. 

It also keeps monitoring children’s messenger and monitors their chat, ensuring you that they are not talking to any strangers and are not in any bad company. 

Besides online activities, you can also keep track of files and folders stored on your kids’ PC. The app provides you a report of the most-used files and folders and the total time the files and folder being opened. 

Likewise, using its android version, you can keep track of your children’s calls and messages. It also allows you to see photos that are on the device and allow you to block unproductive apps.

Features of KidLogger

  • Monitors CD/DVD, a USB connection on the PC.
  • It takes a random screenshot of your kids’ PC and allows you to see the screenshots online.  
  • Keeps track of most used apps and shows you total time spent on each app.
  • Takes random screenshots of at each 15 seconds during Skype video conference.
  • Provides keystroke feature that keeps a record of text typed in the computer.
  • Using its’ android version, you can control your kid’s gaming habit. 

Pricing of KidLogger

KidLogger offers the following price plans:

  • Basic: It is free of costs.
  • Standard: It costs $9 for three months. 
  • Professional: It costs $29 for three months.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, and Blackberry. 

It is a cross-platform app. Frequent updates will be better. 
Ensure children’s safety on the internet.  More features should be added to the free version. 


alternatives to Qustodio

Circle is a small device that you need to connect to your router, and it will monitor the screentime of the device connected to the router. Circle is a cross-platform parental control app that helps manage your children’s screentime.

Instead of monitoring some apps and websites, it monitors all the connected devices’ visits.  When the device is not connected to your wifi and is connected to some other network, the device can monitor its screentime.

It shows you the websites that your children visited the most and how frequently they visit. You can view your children’s internet activities based on the timeline like date, time, day, and so on.

The best thing about the circle is that you can set a time limit for usages of social media and games for children. The app will notify your children when the time starts to finish. It even allows you to customize websites and apps and blocks inappropriate websites.  

One of the fun features that the app provides is the reward feature, which allows you to reward your children by clicking on the reward button. As a reward, you can provide children extra screentime or bedtime.

However, the app is currently accessible only in the USA and Canada. 

Features of Circle

  • With the history feature, you can view websites your children visited. 
  • View time spent on each app and website using the usage feature.
  • You can set a reminder for classes or important events for your children using off-time features. 
  • The location feature allows you to view your children’s location when you request to view their location.
  • You can stop the internet by using the pause feature.
  • The bedtime feature sends a reminder for children to get to their bed.

Pricing of Circle

Circle offers the following price plan:

  • For three months: It costs $69.
  • For one year: It costs $129.
  • Lifetime: It costs $299.

Available on: Android and IOS. 

It is easy to use. It is available only in the USA and Canada.
Allow you to reward your kids, which can motivate them to behave well. Does not monitor calls and message. 
Allows you to stop the internet using the app. 



Bark is a parental control app that helps you manage your children’s online activities. The app mostly monitors your children’s social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. 

There are many problems that your children can face, like bullying, getting involved in drugs and alcohol, violence, mental health, and more. Using Bark, you can identify if your children are involved or are facing any such problem or not.   

With this app, you can monitor your children’s text messages, email, or any harmful content they are watching. Using this monitoring feature, you can find if your children are involved in any difficult situation or not. You can identify if they are involved in any harmful events or not. 

One of the exciting features of this app is that it allows you to invited or collaborate with your children’s’ psychologists or advisors to use the app. It can be useful if you are a busy parent and may not have enough time to monitor your children’s online activities.

Features of Bark

  • It monitors your children’s online activities 24/7.
  • Send you an alert when your children view any harmful content on the internet. 
  • The web filtering feature identifies appropriate and inappropriate sites and filters inappropriate sites.
  • Monitors photos and videos that are on your children’s mobile. 
  • Allow you to manage time for internet usages for your children and the website they visit.

Pricing of Bark

Bark has two price plans, which are:

  • Bark Premium: It costs $14 per month.
  • Bark Jr: It costs $5 per month.

Available on: Android, IOS, Mac.

Has a simple user interface.Lacks many features like call and message monitoring. 
Allow you to view children’s online activities on the dashboard. 
It is compatible both in Android and IOS.



Another alternative to Qustodio is FamilyOrbit that monitors your children’s cell phone activities. With this app, you can track people your children speak on the phone, text messages they send to. 

FamilyOrbit ensures that your children are not facing any kind of cyber harassment and ensures their safety on the internet. It keeps an eye on your children remotely and helps you stay connected with them. 

You can control your children’s phone usages habit using the app and ensure they are using only for the right activities. 

The best feature about the app allows you to view your children’s location to ensure that your children are in a safe place. It even notifies you whenever your child’s phone stopped at a specific location. 

Feature of FamilyOrbit

  • Tracks of all incoming and outgoing calls and messages. 
  • Allow you to view all the photos and videos of your kids’ phones remotely.
  • Allow you to read your kids’ Whatsapp conversation remotely. 
  • You can view websites that your children visited from their devices.
  • View all the installed apps on your kids’ device.

Pricing of FamilyOrbit

FamilyOrbit offers the following price plans:

  • Monthly Price: It costs $19.95 per month.
  • Yearly Price: It costs $89.95 per year.

Available on: Android and IOS.

Offers free trial for a week.Frequent updates are necessary.
Allows you to block harmful websites.



FamiSafe helps to create good digital habits for your children. You can keep track of your children’s digital habits and allow you to set time for their device usages. Using this app, you can easily control your kid’s screentime habit. 

This app sends you alerts whenever it detects any inappropriate content on your children’s devices. This feature helps you ensure that your children are not using the internet for any harmful activities. 

First of all, you should register for the app to install this app, and then you can install the app. You need to install the app on your device and your children’s devices. And finally, you can connect all the gadgets and view children’s phone activities on the dashboard.

The exciting part about the app is that it ensures your children’s safety by providing their location in real-time. You can even view their location history, which is places they visited in the day.

Features of FamiSafe

  • Allow you to categorize apps and based on their distraction level and also allow you to block them using the app block feature.
  • The YouTube monitoring feature enables you to view watched history and block inappropriate YoutTube channel or video.
  • Enables you to block inappropriate websites on Chrome and Safari.
  • Allow you to view your kids’ gallery remotely, and the app also detects suspicious pictures. 
  • The geofencing feature enables you to set a prohibited zone and notifies you when your children are around the zone. 

Pricing of FamiSafe

FamiSafe offers the following price plans:

  • Monthly Plan: It costs $9.99 per month.
  • Annual Plan: It costs $59.99 per year.
  • Quarterly Plan: It costs $19.99 per quarterly. 

Available on: Mac, Android, and IOS.

Provides lots of features. Setting up the app can take quite a time.
Provides 24-hour customer service. 
Ensures the privacy of your personal information.



SecureTeen is a parental control app that aims to protect your kids from online danger. Using this app, you can protect your kid from many internet-related crimes like cyberbullying, internet harassment, pornography, and more.

Sometimes, children can communicate with strangers, and sometimes strangers might not have good intension. Therefore, to know for what purpose your children are using the internet, you need to monitor their internet activities. 

You need to install the app on your device and your children’s device to monitor their device activities. 

Once you login to the app, you can view your children’s mobile activities in the dashboard. In the dashboard, you can view all their mobile activities. 

Using SecureTeen, you can remotely monitor the message of your children’s social media like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more. It ensures that your kids are not involved in any illegal activities or are facing any problems. 

Features of SecureTeen

  • Enables you to filter and block inappropriate sites.
  • Allow you to set time for device usages and manage your children’s screentime. 
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing messages and calls. 
  • Keeps track of your children’s location.
  • Gmail logging feature keeps track of all incoming and outgoing emails and provides you email history. 

Pricing of SecureTeen

SecureTeen offers two price plans, which are:

  • Premium Plus: It costs $69.99 per year. 
  • Premium: It costs $39.99 per year.

Available on: Windows, Android, and IOS.

Accepts online payment. Frequent updates will be better.
Easy to install the app. More features should be added.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control app that enables you to monitor your kids’ online activities. The app provides many features that help you control your children’s online activities. With this app, you can protect your child from online bullying, harassment, and other cybercrime.

You can track your children’s social media activities, browser history and manage their screentime. The app works on mobile phones, tablets, or even on PC and filters and blocks inappropriate web content. 

You can view and manage your children’s screen activities and review their search history on the dashboard. You can view your children’s online activities in real-time.

The app also allows you to limit YouTube usages and monitor YouTube video that your kids watch. You can also block unwanted services that social media provides which might not be useful and appropriate for children.

Features of Net Nanny

  • Sends you a notification when your child visits any inappropriate websites. 
  • The app blocking feature allows you to block apps and websites on your children’s mobile, and it also allows you to view apps downloaded on their device.
  • Allow you to schedule your children screentime and also limit their screentime.
  • The GPS location tracking feature tracks your children’s location. 
  • The family feed feature allows you to view your children’s activities in real-time.

Pricing of Net Nanny

Net Nanny offers the following price plans:

  • For one device:  It costs $39.99 per year.
  • For five devices: It costs $54.99 per year.
  • For 20 devices: It costs $89.99 per year

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

It is easy to use. It is quite expensive.
It is cross-platform.
Provides multiple features. 



ScreenTime is a parental control app that helps you to limit your kids’ screentime and track their internet usages habit. 

Using ScreenTime, you can view your kid’s search history and the website they visited. 

The app notifies whenever they reach a specific location that you have pre-defined. Screentime provides you geo-trips features that show you the route your kids take to reach a specific destination.

The app allows you to filter websites and block any website you find inappropriate for your kids. However, currently, this feature is only on android. 

One of the fun features of this app is its instant pause, which enables you to pause your kids’ mobile whenever you want. 

The apps also provide homework and task features that reward your kids’ extra screentime whenever they complete their homework on time.

Features of ScreenTime

  • Allow you to set a time limit for internet usages for your children.
  • Allow you to categorize apps based on their productivity level.
  • The app usage feature shows you apps that your kid uses the most and shows a detailed picture of your kid’s device activities. 
  • You can review apps that your kid download on their device and allow you to approve or reject the app.
  • View your child’s’ location using the location tracking feature.

Pricing of ScreenTime

Screen time costs $6.99per month. 

Available on: Android, IOS, and Kindle.

Offers one week one trial period.Lacks call and message tracking features. 
Provides a 24/7 customer service facility.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Free Parental Control Apps?

Yes, many parental control apps provide free versions. Some of them are fenced.ai, Qustodio, KidLogger, and more. However, some free parental control apps might not provide all the features you want.

How Can I Monitor My Children Without Letting Them Know That I Am Monitoring Them?

Some parental control apps provide stealth mode to monitor your kids’ activities without letting them know. 

Can My Children Uninstall Parental Control Apps Without My Context?

Well, it depends on the feature of parental control apps. Some parental control apps like fenced.ai notify you whenever your kid tries to uninstall the app.


In a nutshell, children these days are familiar with the internet and technology, they can use technology better than their parents. 

Nowadays, children need the internet and technology in almost every step of their life. To learn and improve new skills or do some basic chores, they need the internet and technology.

There are many perks of the internet if it is appropriately used, but the internet also has downsides if it is misused. 

As a parent, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the internet and guide your child to use the internet properly.

Therefore, for this reason, you will need a parental control app that can keep track of your child’s online activities. 

Some parental control apps will keep track of your child’s internet activities and their offline activities, which are performed via modern technology like mobile phones, PC, tablets, and so on.  

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