Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It?

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When the topic of discussion at hand revolves around whether a certain product is “worth it” or not. Then, it is a good first hand rule that you get your priorities straight and sorted out.

Because, once you know and understand what you want and are looking for in a product or object. Deciding on whether to go with it or not becomes much more simple and easy.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It

Similarly, even in the case of “Polarized Sunglasses”. When the question is somewhat like, “Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth the Extra Money?” or not.

Then, knowing about things like, the few pros and cons, along with how they work and who can use them and all, can really help you understand and know their true value and worth. 

The more reasons you can find, in support or against a particular product. The better, your chances in making the most ideal of decisions. 

Advantages of using Polarized Sunglasses

Now, if you are someone who thinks that they spend most of their work hours outside the house rather than inside. Or simply if your job and occupation is such that you need to be outdoors more than indoors. Then, for any such occasions and professions, I believe a Polarized Sunglass is very much required and necessary. 

Sunglasses or even any type of glasses in general can help keep your eyes safe from a lot of things out there like dust, small insects, fine particles and so on.

However, when dealing with things which are intangible in nature such as UV radiation from Sunlight and direct glare from shiny surfaces, that can hurt and damage your eyes just as much as other more tangible objects out there.

Then for such cases, Specialized glasses like Polarized Sunglasses and UV protected Sunglasses can greatly help keep your eyes safe and sound. 

Let us have a look at a few of the key advantages and benefits that come along with wearing Polarized Sunglasses.

  • Provides you with clearer vision outdoors as well as indoors with high light reflection and sun glare.
  • Blocks unnecessary and harmful glare and reflection from shiny objects around you.
  • Helps reduce eye strain from trying to focus on objects in the presence of high reflection and glare from surroundings.
  • Helps in reducing color distortion and provides more color contrast to the objects in your surroundings.

Disadvantages of using Polarized Sunglasses

Just like the two sides of a coin. There are always the two sides of everything. If there is good, there needs to be a few things which might be bad as well. Even in the case of Polarized Sunglasses, where there are so many pros related to it. There are a few cons to it as well. 

Hence, let us look at a few of the disadvantages as well that come along with Polarized Sunglasses to understand better whether it would be right for you or not. 

  • Not very ideal, when it comes wearing them and having to look into LCD screens. If you have an LCD speedometer in your car, then this might not be an ideal choice for you while you drive.
  • For someone with sensitive eyesight or with problems adapting to change in light contrast and hue quickly. Wearing a pair of Polarized Sunglasses may cause more damage than good.
  • Not at all recommended if you are driving in a low light situation or after sunset. 

Working Principle Of Polarized Sunglasses

Well now that you have seen and understood the few pros and cons related to Polarized Sunglasses. Let us next have a look at how it actually works to help you weigh its benefits in your life more correctly and objectively.

So, the main goal of a Polarized Sunglass is to basically just stop or prevent light reflected from a shiny surface or object from reaching your eyes directly. 

II believe most of you are already aware of how light reflects from an object or surface to reach our eyes, enabling us to actually view the image of the object or surface in real-time.

Now, suppose if the surface is not as smooth or rough, then the amount of reflection that takes place is less due to light being scattered in multiple directions as it tries to reflect back from such a surface. 

However, incase of a much smoother surface, like a mirror, snow or even water. There is hardly any scatter or light taking place at the time of reflection and more and more light directly being reflected back to your eyes, making such glare much more potent than that of light bouncing back from other more rougher objects. 

Now, since a Polarized Sunglass comes equipped with a coating of a chemical substance known to block light coming horizontally at you.

It only lets light coming vertically at you, hence allowing you to view an object clearly without the extra glare which most often is horizontal in nature.

The chemical compound which acts as a filter in this way allows only the light necessary for you to clearly be able to perceive the image of the object rather than the extra reflection and glare bouncing back and coming along with it.   

For whom is Polarized Sunglasses ideal for?

By now, I believe you have somewhat got the gist and idea of who should wear these kinds of glasses and who should not. 

If you are someone driving on a road where there is a high chance of reflection from car windshields and body from the opposite direction. Then wearing polarized sunglasses might help you turn your drive much smoother and easier. 

Also, if you are out hiking on a hill with snow, then such glasses too might provide you with a lot of relief while making important choices on where to put the next step.

For those with plans to catch some fish on a bright sunny day. I cannot help it but stress how uncomfortable it might be to look out for the perfect catch if light and glare keep on getting reflected back from the surface of the lake or pond water you plan to fish in. 

Hence, for all such situations as well as many more similar ones, having invested a couple of extra bucks in a good pair of Polarized Sunglasses should definitely reap the results you as well as your eyes so deserve. 

Because when it comes to keeping your eyes safe and healthy, a pair of Polarized Sunglasses can be of great help if not do wonders.

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