How to fix Arlo Error Code 4208?

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Arlo Error Code 4208

If there was a time when security was of most concern, it had to be now. Being able to monitor and keep an eye on your most precious belongings has become really necessary and essential for the most part.

Something which has been made largely possible by the use of modern security cameras today. And since, you are already here reading the following article on, “How to fix Arlo Error Code 4208?”.

I am guessing that you already are an Arlo security cam user and need a solution to the 4208 error, which you may have recently encountered while using the device for your day to day monitoring. 

Here, in the following article we will discuss everything there is to know about the Arlo Error Code 4208. From, what causes the Arlo Error Code 4208, to how to fix the Arlo Error Code 4208, we shall look at it all. 

What causes the Arlo Error Code 4208?

One of the most common causes for the following 4208 Error Code to occur on Arlo security cam devices would be when they are not in sync anymore with each other. 

Here, the devices being not in sync can happen due to a number of reasons. From an outdated firmware to network issues or battery issues, one or all can play a role for the devices not to be in sync.

Ways to fix the Arlo Error Code 4208

Below, I have listed out all the possible and most popular ways with the help of which you should be able to fix the Arlo Error Code 4208, pretty much on your own. 

Fix 1: Try restarting the cameras

One of the basic and foremost steps you should follow is to try and reboot your Arlo camera devices by restarting them. 

To do so, all you need to do is follow the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, switch off all the devices and turn off the power supply to the Arlo camera devices. 
  • Then, plug off the devices from the power supply and wait for a few minutes.
  • Next, plug in the devices back to the power supply and switch on the cameras. 
  • Once the cameras are successfully switched on and working, see if the issue still persists.

Fix 2: Try removing and re-adding the cameras

Removing the camera, and then re-adding them back has also proved to have solved the error message for many users facing the same issue out there. 

Hence, in order to do remove and add the camera devices back, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Open the Arlo app and go to the Device Settings option.
  • Next, go to My devices and remove the camera(s).
  • Once removed, add them back again and see if doing so helped fix the issue. 

Fix 3: Try moving your Wifi-router or cameras

If it is an issue arising from the location of your Wi-fi router device or cameras. Then, moving them to a more convenient place with good signal strength might just do the trick. 

Here, a few trial and error changes to find the best place or position to receive the most optimum of signal would be enough to solve the issue, if it has been caused due the wrong placement of the router or camera device.

Fix 4: Update Arlo camera firmware

Most often, an outdated firmware is solely and primarily the reason responsible for such an error to occur quite frequently than one would expect. 

If that is the case. Then, updating your Arlo camera firmware might be all that is required to solve the particular issue. 

To update your Arlo camera devices, you can first remove the devices as shown in the first step above. And then, reinstall the device to your respective account as mentioned in the Arlo Secure app

As your app is reinstalled, so will the update take place automatically on its own.

Fix 5: Try resetting the Arlo camera device

Many users have reported that resetting their cameras have helped them to resolve the issue as well. 

Hence, you can also try resetting your Arlo cameras as a last resort if simply restarting them, removing them and re-adding them are not solving the issue.

To reset your Arlo devices, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, press and hold on the Sync button for around 15 seconds, till the LED indicator starts blinking amber.
  • After letting go, wait for the amber light to blink three times. 
  • Next, re-add the Arlo devices back to the app by going to the Device Settings page and clicking on the Add New Device option to add the resetted devices. 
  • Once you add all the cameras, by following the prompted steps, see if that helped solve the issue.


Hence, in this way to fix the Arlo Error Code 4208, you can follow the steps such as Restarting the camera devices, Removing and re-adding the Arlo devices, Adjusting the router devices with respect to the cameras, updating the camera firmware and resetting the devices

However, if the above fixes do not work for you. Then, it is always a good idea to go and seek the help of professionals, either by contacting their customer support online or visiting the nearest center to get it fixed. 

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