How To Fix “Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure”?

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Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure

The Internet makes everything easy but sometimes, the same internet can cause your life to go upside down when the connection is not established and you are left stranded even after having a reliable operator.

When it comes to a modem, the task of connecting to the internet properly becomes even more monumental. There are so many error codes corresponding to different errors and it is impossible to never face any error with your modem.

Arris devices have a common error that has made the users’ lives difficult at some point. Users share these errors online and also share the solutions that helped them get off the jinx. The problem here is the Sync Timing Synchronization failure of the Arris modem.

In this article, we will shed a light on how to fix Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure. What are the causes and what can you do differently to avoid this problem in the future.

Let us move to the next sections to discuss this further.

What does it mean when Arris Modem is out of sync?

We know that everyone reading this blog is not an expert on Arris devices and their error codes. To see a specific error description like this could be confusing therefore, let us understand what the issue exactly is before we try to identify the culprits that could be the reason for the same.

In layman’s terms, your modem is trying to tell you that it is having trouble connecting to the internet. The modem displays this error when several attempts of connecting to the internet have failed. 

As a reason, you will not be able to enjoy internet services using your Arris modem.

What Are Reason behind “Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure”?

Let us understand what different causes can be behind the sync issue on the Arris modem and then we will discuss the solutions in the next section.

Reason 1: Poor network coverage

Being in an area where internet is not in proper signal strength, can cause your modem to have problem connecting to the internet.

This is generally, not something that can be solved on your end if the problem is on the server end of the internet service provider.

Reason 2: The upstream or downstream power on your Arris modem is below the normal range

There is a specified range that your modem should get in order to function properly. The upstream power is the signal strength for sending information from the modem and the downstream strength corresponds to the information being received on the modem.

Reason 3: You are using a Splitter

In order to use the internet in different areas, people use devices called Splitters to divide the network into two lines.

These two lines provide internet to the two different areas. This in turn reduces the signal strength and hence, you can face issues in the connectivity.

Reason 4: The Cox Cable is damaged

There are many instances in which people fail to recognize a broken or worn out cable and keep using it for the connections. The light falls on this issue only when the connection is broken and you are not able to use the device connected with the cable.

If the Cox cable has been broken, it will hinder your internet connection and that is not a surprise.

Reason 5: There are problems with the router

The router no matter how new it is, can encounter issues. There may be some unresolved software issues or the hardware of the device may also be faulty.

In these cases, you will need to get the modem repaired before you can expect an internet connection.

How To Fix “Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure”?

Now that we have discussed the major culprits behind the Arris Sync Failure, we will now discuss in detail the list of solutions that have worked for other users on the internet.

Fix 1: Check the network strength in your area

If the devices other than the modem that use another company for internet service needs are also not functioning, then it means that you are in an area of low network coverage or maybe you are facing a temporary internet blackout in your area.

If the internet for only Arris devices is not working, it could be a problem for the Arris team and you will have to wait for them to solve the issue before you can use the internet again.

Fix 2: Check the Cox cable

This is one of the earlier solutions that you should try as soon as you face the sync error. Check the COx cable connected to your modem. Check if it is connected securely and is not broken at any point.

If the cable is old, you should consider replacing it as well.

Fix 3: Check the Upstream and Downstream Power Strength

According to the guidelines given by Arris, for an Arris modem to function, the upstream and downstream power should lie in a certain range.

Outside this range, the Arris modem will not work and will not connect to the internet.

The specified range is

Upstream Power: -15dBmV to +15dBmV

Downstream Power: 45dBmV to 61 dBmV

But how will you check if your modem is within this range? Here is how you can do it.

  • Open the web browser that you prefer.
  • In the search box, type the link http://192.168.100. 
  • You will see that a Status Page opens
  • Click on the option below Downstream Bonded Channels that says Power
  • Now check the range for downstream power.
  • Under the Upstream Bonded Channels section, click on Power
  • Now you will see a list of all the upstream channels.
  • Match the range and check if it is in the acceptable range.

Fix 4: Reset the Modem

For the problems with the modem itself, the option you have for a refresh is to reset the modem.

The process to reset the modem is really easy and here is how you can do it.

  • Unplug all the wires from the modem.
  • Take a pause for about a minute.
  • Plug the modem back in with all the cables
  • Now the modem will turn on again and it will be reset when it does.

Fix 5: Problems with the Splitter

If you are using a splitter with your modem, it can impact the network strength in a negative fashion. The range and signal is greatly reduced and the Arris modem will also start facing sync issues.

To solve this problem, try not to install a splitter and even if you have to do it for some reason, then you should also install an amplifier that will help you improve the signal from the modem.

Fix 6: Call the customer support team

If none of the fixes give you what you want, then the next best solution is contact the Arris support. The customer support line will listen to your specific problem and then give you specific solutions based on the detected issue. 

This is your best bet when nothing else works.


The Arris Synch Timing Synchronization failure just means that your modem is having trouble connecting to the internet.

We have made a list of reliable solutions for the same and listed them all above. We hope that this article was able to get you an insight into the issue and you were able to solve it.

Happy Streaming!!

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