5 Best Accessories & Add On For Macbook You Must Buy

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Macbook is one of the premium laptops with a slick and classy look, not just look, Macbook is one the best laptop device for the work.

With a very easy to use Mac operating system you can save much of your time while working. And best part Macbook all models are lightweight and you can carry it anywhere easily. You do not need to think for the battery twice, because with the MacBook battery you can use your laptop to up to 5 days.

Here we are going to review 5 best Macbook accessories you can try to upgrade your MacBook. There are plenty of accessories in the market but here we reviewing some of our best picked cool Macbook Accessories.

Headphone Hook

This is an amazing product which let you hold your headphone on your Macbook pro with the help of a hook. This amazing MacBook Pro Headphone Hook let your place clean & unmessy.

The product is pretty amazing which let your MacBook mounting a headphone without damaging the screen.

The product is really awesome and looks very cool and will cost you just 4$.

Headphone Hook

Some Extra Features

  • Handmade product
  • Methacrylate material is used
  • You can also send it as a gift

About Shipment

The product will be ship to the address within 1 to 3 working days. Shipping charges will be additionally applied on product and shipping price depends on your country.

Refund & Return

The product can be return but the buyer will be responsible for the shipping charges and in case if you damage the product the loss will also belong to the buyer.

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You have to contact the buyer in between the 14 days to return the product and have to return the shipment within 30 days.

Marble MacBook Sticker Decal

There is no doubt that MacBook is having one of the classy looks but adding a back sticker to your Mackbook will provide a class to your Macbook device with a flax marble look.

This Marble MacBook Sticker gives a luxury marble look used by most of the builder for the home building.

Marble MacBook Sticker Decal

Installation is very easy and not very complicated, it is just a sheet with a classy marble look in front. You just need to put off the normal paper behind the sticker and apply to the back of your laptop.

This sticker will not damage your laptop back skin and you can easily remove it anytime.

Something important

The Marble MacBook Sticker Decal does not come with the cutout of the apple logo because there is no need of this when you will open the laptop after applying the skin your apple logo will bright without the cutout.

About Shipping

  • If you are in united states then the ship will be for free
  • For Canada 8.50$
  • And for all other international shipping, it will cost 11.50$

LapDesk With Mousepad & Mobile Holder

Sitting back to your bed and working on the laptop looks comfortable and relaxing for some minutes but after then you uncomfortable, also feel pain in your back.

Using a LapDesk is the best solution to get over this problem, ilot LapDesk iSkelter is the best Handmade LapDesk product on the internet which is made out of the Premium natural bamboo.

LapDesk With Mousepad & Mobile Holder

ilot LapDesk iSkelter can easily fit on your chair, lap and bed. You can sit on your bad and work comfortably for hours by placing the ilot LapDesk iSkelter on your lap.


  • Much spacious
  • Can easily adjust multi devices
  • Also having a separate mobile workspace
  • Compatible with “11” “17” laptops, Ipad pro 10.5, Ipad air and iPhone 8, 8s and 8s plus

Brown Leather MacBook PRO Case

First of all, do not confuse with the name, that this product is only made for the MacBook PRO, the product is available for all of the MacBook design and sizes.

Macbook is a premium laptop which is much costly so it is very important for us to protect our Macbook from scratch, bumps, dirt, and grim.

This 3mm thick premium leather case cover is the perfect solution to save your device from any damage. As well as it gives your MacBook very dissent classy look.

Brown Leather MacBook PRO Case

Available Size

  • MacBook 13″ PRO 2016-2018 (with touch bar)
  • MacBook 15″ PRO 2016-2018 (with touch bar)
  • MacBook 11″ Air
  • MacBook 12″
  • MacBook 13″ AIR
  • New Mac 13″ Air 2018
  • MacBook 13″ PRO Retina 2012-2015
  • MacBook 15″ PRO Retina 2012-2015

You can also order your own custom size, you just need to contact them and need to explain your retirement.


  • The Shipment will take 1 to 5 days
  • Custom order will take 4 to 10 days to ship
  • Can also go for the express shipping, just send them message after placing the order.

MacBook Laptop Stand Holder

Laptop storage is one of the annoying things which takes much of your space on your laptop table. But this MacBook stand holder is pretty cool which keep your device safe by holding your MacBook in a cool way.

This cool MacBook Laptop stand holder is compatible with any laptop which is up to 2cm thick and uses a premium material, and contains steel & wood.

MacBook Laptop Stand Holder


  • Compatible with all laptops device up to 2cm thick
  • Uses premium solid steel and wood
  • Save much space on your laptop table
  • Lightweight and stylish

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