How To fix ATM Machine error code 068?

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ATM Error Code 068

ATM error code 068 is a common System Error which means that your transaction is declined and it can happen because of so many reasons. To find exactly what causes the error in your case you have to contact your bank.

In this article, we are going to share all the possible reasons and workaround for ATM machine error code 068.

How To Fix ATM Machine Error Code 068?

Fix: 1 System Error

Most of the time the reason behind this error code is the system itself. This means that there is nothing wrong from your side, instead it’s the ATM machine that is unable to process the transaction and showing you the error code.

So to confirm if it’s your Bank or the ATM machine which is throwing you the error, you need to retry the transaction in the other ATM machine.

Fix 2: Your ATM Limit Is Reached

Nowadays there are so many restrictions on ATM cards so if you are using any other bank ATM card then it’s possible that your ATM card limit to withdraw from other banks is reached.

There can be one more scenario that your ATM card limit to withdraw from the same or a particular bank ATM is reached.

Fix 3: There Is An Issue With the Card

If both of the above situations are not correct in your case but you still receiving the error then double check your card, if it gets expired or your ATM card balance is low.

If you reached this stage where nothing is helping you out then you should contact your Bank to find out what exactly is causing the error.

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