How To Fix “AT&T Modem Broadband Light Blinking Red And Green”?

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AT&T Modem Broadband Light Blinking Red And Green

There is a wide range of options that you can choose from when it comes to internet service providers. However, due to the amazing service, AT&T is a popular choice among users. 

Due to the many benefits that a modem offers over the mobile internet, many people choose a broadband connection if they want long-term use.

However, a modem is a lot more complex when it comes to the details. There are many aspects that need to be taken care of. If even one thing does not work the way it is supposed to, then the modem will not get you connected to the internet.

There are many ways that the modem signals that there is some problem with the modem. One of these ways is by blinking in different colors. 

In this article, we are going to address the question of How to Fix AT&T Modem Broadband Light Blinking Red and Green.

We will first discuss what it means when the modem blinks in these specific colors, why it might be happening and how it can be solved.

What does it mean when the AT&T modem blinks red & green?

When you see that the AT&T Modem is blinking in red and green color, it shows that the modem has been trying to establish an internet connection for more than 3 minutes.

When the modem is unable to connect even after three minutes have passed, it shows the inability to connect to the internet by blinking in red and green colors.

So, now we know that the exact issue is the modem not being able to connect to the internet.

Why “AT&T Modem Broadband Light Blinking Red & Green”?

Now let us discuss, what are the factors that are causing the modem to fail in connecting to the internet.

Reason 1: The network is weak

It is quite possible that the modem is facing issues in connecting to the internet because the internet service provider is facing server issues.

This will cause serious network trouble and with no fault of the modem, will cause the connection to fail.

Reason 2: The cables to the modem are loose or worn out

The cables that connect to the modem are very important to the functioning of the modem. If the cables are not connected securely, then the modem will not be able to function.

The cables could also be old and worn out and that is why the cables may break.

Reason 3: The modem is not recognizing the networks due to a bug

There are many bugs that may cause a modem to face issues with the internet connection. In these cases, the internal issues with the modem need to be solved before the internet can be connected again.

The modem might also be out of essential updates or the modem model might be old. All these issues need to be addressed before the internet connectivity.

Reason 4: Hardware issues with the modem

As discussed above, if the model of the modem is old then the device might be out of commission. In these cases, there might be several hardware issues that will take over and not let the modem connect to the internet.

Sometimes, due to the issue in the hardware, you will also see the modem blinking without any errors in the internet connection.

You might wonder what is wrong as the internet is working fine, but in such cases, it is merely a hardware issue.

How To Fix “AT&T Modem Broadband Light Blinking Red And Green”?

Let us see what solutions will help you get back on the internet using the modem that is blinking red and green lights.

These solutions are the solutions that are tried and tested by many other AT&T users on the internet. Let us take a look.

Fix 1: Check the internet coverage in your area.

Check if other people in your area are also facing an internet outage on the AT&T networks. If you are not alone in this situation, then the problem might be at the AT&T server. 

In this case, you can try calling the customer support team at AT&T to help you with the issue but mostly you will just need to wait it out.

In the situations where many users are affected simultaneously, the companies already put their resources to fix the issues and they do not need a push from you.

Fix 2: Check all the cables

Do you know what can be the consequences of a broken cable? Well, one of the problems can be that the modem is not able to connect to the internet but the other problems may also include very serious issues like the risk of electrocution or a fire hazard. Both of these are horrible consequences.

If the cables that are connected to the modem are broken or old, replace them immediately and also cover them with a cable cord protector. This will help you to prevent this problem in the future. 

The cables also might not be connected properly and this might be the cause of the connection issue. Even if the cord is not broken, disconnect the cord and connect it once again to make sure that the connection is secure and there are no loose ends.

Fix 3: The modem needs a reset

If there are internalized software issues with the modem, they can cause the device to not connect to the internet and in turn, you will see problems like the modem blinking in red and green color.

To fix the minor bugs in the modem, you can choose to reset the modem. Before taking this step, you need to keep in mind that it will also erase a lot of your preferences that were stored on the modem. If you are ready for it then here is how you can reset your modem.

  • Locate the reset button on the modem. Usually, this button sits at the back of the device but it may vary according to the model.
  • After you locate the reset button, press the button and keep it on hold for about 30 seconds.
  • Release the button
  • The modem will now turn on to initiate a factory reset.

Fix 4: Restart the modem

If you are not sure if you want to take the extreme step of setting the factory reset on the AT&T modem, you can also try to restart the modem first.

Sometimes, a fresh restart also solves many problems on the device. Here is how you can complete the process of restarting an AT&T modem.

  • Unplug the power cord from the gateway to make the device lose all power.
  • Take a pause of about a minute for best results.
  • Now plug all the cables once again
  • The Gateway will now turn on with a device refresh.
  • The modem restarts.

Fix 5: Contact the support

When you are not able to comprehend any of the solutions and nothing has worked for you, it is time to contact the customer service team at AT&T.

The customer service team deals with the different problems on the device on a daily basis. They can help you figure out the exact problem with the device and also send in a professional in case your modem needs to be replaced.

If your modem faces some hardware issue and your warranty is valid, sometimes you might even get a free replacement piece after you contact the support.


When the AT&T modem blinks red and green light, it is just trying to signal that it is not able to connect to the internet.

There are many solutions you can apply to get connected to the internet and the modem will stop blinking. All of these tried and tested solutions are mentioned above. 

In most cases, these solutions will help you get back on the internet through your AT&T modem, and in a few cases, you will need to call in a professional.

We hope that this blog was able to help you with your AT&T modem issue. Keep following for more technology solutions.

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