What Is “Audible Send This Book”? Is “Audible Send This Book Still Exist?

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Are you looking for information related to the Audible Send This Book? If yes, then in this post, I am going to tell you all about the “Audible Send This Book” program.

Note: As of April 2021, audible is no longer offering the Send this Book program.

What Is Audible Send This Book

What Is Audible Send This Book?

“Send this book” was a feature in the Audible for the United states users where they can send any of their purchased titles to their friends & family for free.

Each recipient to whom you shared your Audiobook will get their first title for free. They can download the title for free and keep it forever, whether they’re an Audible member or not.

You were just needed to go to your library, pick the Audiobook, tap on the action button just next to the Audiobook, tap “Send This Book,” choose the social platform by which you want to share the book, and follow the on-screen process to successfully send the book.

Is Still Audible Supports “Send This Book” Feature?

No, as per the information provided on the Audible website, as of April 2021, Audible is no longer offering the Send this Book program. If you send a recommendation prior to April 2021, then they can still redeem the book for free.

Alternatives To “Send This Book”

The best part of the “Send This Book” program was that you could recommend and give anyone one free Audiobook which you already owned without worrying whether they are an Audible member or not, but as I stated above, as of April 2021, audible is no longer offering the Send this Book program.

But there is another way which is useful for those who are not the Audible members. You can share any Audiobook with others, and if the person to whom you share the Audiobook is not an existing member of Audible, then he/she can get 1 month of free Audible trial with some free credit. They can use their free credit to buy the book you just shared.

Please refer to this guide to know how to share Audible Book to friends & family for free.

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