How to fix Barclays Error Code 00002?

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Barclays Error Code 00002

Being one of the top 50 banks, there is just no doubt that Barclays always aims to provide the very best of services and products for its users. But even then, there may be occasions when certain things just don’t go according to plan and there may be pitfalls.

And the fact that you are already here, reading the following article on, “How to fix Barclays Error Code 00002?”. My guess is that you have already come across such a pitfall and need a solution ASAP!

Now here, it may be noted that out of all the reported complaints related to the Barclays Error Code 00002. Almost all came from users using Barclays’ Mobile Banking app

Hence, it should be safe for us to assume that the following Error Code 00002 in Barclays’ case is mostly app centric. And needs to be dealt with accordingly. 

Why is my Barclays app showing Error Code 00002?

Although, the actual cause or origin of the following 00002 Error Code in Barclays’ app is not known. There are speculations that this may be caused due to some kind of error or issue on the server end and not at the client’s. 

But then again, there also have been reports where troubleshooting at the client’s end seemed to solve the particular issue as well. 

Hence, when it comes to what is actually causing the particular error to occur. There are still quite a few doubts. But, when it comes to solutions. They are pretty much the same and generic in nature, irrespective of where the origin of the problem might be from. 

And so, it is advised that you try out all the methods shown below, one by one or in combination with one another, to achieve the best of results. 

How to fix Barclays Error Code 00002?

In the following section, I have curated the best of troubleshooting methods out there with the help of which you should be able to fix the Barclays Error Code 00002, pretty much on your own and in no time. 

Fix 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

If you are using the Barclays app on your Android or iOS device. Then, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it back may help you solve the issue. This method works in those cases, where the error might have been caused due to an app glitch or bug while using the app. 

However, if the error is caused due to a critical problem at the server side or at the source code of the app itself. Then, using the following method might not give you any positive results.

Fix 2: Removing Cache Data from Browser 

For those of you logging into your Barclays account with the help of a browser. You can try cleaning the cache data from your browser every now and then, to solve or prevent such an error from occurring. 

Now, since the steps to delete cache data may be different for different browsers out there. I have hence tried to sum the steps in a more general approach, so that you can try it out for almost all cases. 

  • Depending on what type of browser you may be using. You can either go to the browser’s Settings option and then head to History or use the shortcut key Ctrl + H, to go to the History section.
  • Inside History, click on the Clear Browsing Data or Clear Recent History option. 
  • Then, select or check mark the Cache Data and Cookies option and proceed by clicking on the OK button or Clear button. 
  • Lastly, once the browser cache has been removed. Then, launch the browser once again and try logging into your Barclays account once again.

Fix 3: Removing App Cache Data from Android

Just like how you had removed cache data from your browser History. Similarly, if you are using the Barclays app on your Android device. Then, trying to remove the Barclays app cache data from your respective device, might help you solve the particular issue. 

Hence, to remove cache data from your Android device. You can follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • Firstly, go to your Android’s Settings option.
  • Then, browse down and click on the Storage option and open it.
  • Next, go and select the Other apps option and open it.
  • Now, from the list of apps listed. Go on and click on Barclays App.
  • Lastly, click on the Clear storage and Clear Cache option to remove any kind of cache data related to the app from your device.
  • Restart your device and then launch the Barclays app and login to your account freshly.

Fix 4: Try Updating your Browser app

You can also try checking for any browser update for the particular browser you are using and update it, if there are any updates available. 

You can refer to the following listed links to know about the steps to go on updating your browsers belonging to any.

Fix 5: Try Updating the Barclays app

There have been occasions, when updating the Barclays app on your Android device have also seemed to have worked for many users to solve the issue. 

In order to update the Barclays app on your respective Android devices. All you need to do is go to Google’s Play Store. Search for the Barclays app and hit on the Update button if there are any updates available.


Hence in this way, to solve the Barclays Error Code 00002. You will need to follow the following methods such as Uninstalling & Reinstalling the app, Removing Browser Cache, Removing App cache, Updating browser and Updating the app

However, if due to some reason you are unable to solve the issue on your own. Then, contacting Barclays’ Customer Support and asking them for assistance, may be the best alternative option. 

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