How To Fix Battlefront 2 beta error code 1017?

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Battlefront 2 Beta Error Code 1017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still a very popular game on the market. Especially for the
Star Wars fans.

There are however some minor hiccups in the game that show up in the form of error codes and need solutions before you can get back in the game and play.

In this article, we will discuss the Battlefront 2 beta error code 1017.

The error code is displayed with a prompt that says, “Something went wrong while trying to find you a game. Please try again.” According to the developmental team, this is an issue that arises from the server not recognizing your ping.

Let’s discuss the different reasons and solutions for this error code in our next section.

How To Fix Battlefront 2 beta error code 1017?

As we know that this issue arises due to a server ping issue, let us identify the different reasons for this happening in the section below.

Here is how you can get rid of the error code 1017 in the game.

Fix 1: Your antivirus software is blocking the service

The antivirus software on the system can be the issue that could be causing the blocking of StarWars BattleFront 2.

The antivirus software usually only blocks suspicious services but in rare cases, non-controversial services on the system are also blocked.

If you find the game on the list of blocked services by the anti-virus, you can remove it and the game will work as it is supposed to.

Fix 2: The system is authorized to put the services on forced sleep to optimize the device

If you have enabled the optimized battery performance on your device, it is authorized to put apps and services on forced sleep to optimize the performance of the battery.

Just like the anti-virus, find if the platform is on the list of forced sleep optimization.

Remove it from the list if you find it there. This will solve your issue if this was the major problem.

Fix 3: Make sure that the Windows is updated

The Windows updates are not only essential for the other basic functions of the PC but the effect also extends to the different apps that you have downloaded.

Make sure that your device is running on the latest version of Windows. 

If you forget to update the Windows firmware often, turn on automatic updates because ignoring essential updates on your device will lead to a loss of function on the device and essential apps.

Fix 4: Make sure that the video drivers on the device are updated

The game runs through the video drivers and it is very important that the video drivers are also updated to the latest version.

If the essential updates on the drivers are not downloaded when they are suggested, you are unknowingly downgrading the version of your device and that is what will cause a lot of issues on the device.

Fix 5: There is cache backup on the console

If you are playing on a console like Xbox, the major problem is the cache backup on the console. 

Cache on the device helps you in the short term as you do not need to enter repetitive information. However, when this is not cleared for a long time, you can be the victim of losing important memory resources to the cache data.

Clear the cache memory on your console and then restart the console to solve the issue.

Fix 6: The installation of the game was corrupt

It is possible that the game was not properly downloaded during installation. When this happens,  the game files are downloaded as a corrupt version or broken.

These broken files cannot lead to a healthy function in the game. To solve this issue, you need to delete the game and then reinstall it.

This will lead to a clean installation with the integrity of files being maintained.

Fix 7: The DNS server is not properly configured

When you are playing multiplayer games online, it is important that the server can recognize your IP address to confirm your identity.

If the DNS settings on your device are not properly configured,  you will be facing issues on the server.

Try the option of flushing the DNS or changing the DNS settings to custom to get rid of this error code.

Fix 8: The game server is down

The game server can go down due to one of the two issues. The first one is a huge player volume that the server is not equipped for and the other one is the server being taken down for maintenance.

In either case, this is not something that you can solve on your end. Wait for the server to go back live when the developers solve the issue.

Fix 9: Contact the game support team

When none of the above options help you to get rid of the error code, make sure to contact the game support team.

They will tell you exactly what is wrong and what you need to do on your end to get back in the game.

To conclude

We have tried to include all the solutions that have been tried to get rid of the error code 1017 on the game Battlefront 2.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful and you could get back into the game flow.

Happy Gaming!!

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