How To Fix Battlefront 2 error code 918?

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Battlefront 2 Error Code 918

Are you a Star Wars fan? 

Well, if you are on this page then you most probably are. The game is still really popular when it was launched way back in the year 2005.

That is saying something when so many new games are available to play, players are spoilt for choice.

The popularity of the game banks on the new and improved features in the game. There are so many options to choose from when you are looking for ships, or types of clones to play with.

Since the game enjoys such a wide user base, it is an added advantage as some players are always online no matter when you join. This is great for multiplayer games.

However, the game stops being sunshine and roses when you encounter trouble in the game.

Specifically speaking, various error codes in the game.

There are various issues in the game that are common and many players encounter them on a regular basis.

In this article, we have made an analysis of the Battlefront 2 error code 918.

We will talk in detail about what the error code means, what are the reasons behind the error code, and what can be done to eliminate the error code.

What is the meaning of the error code 918 on Battlefront 2?

When you receive an error code, you should treat it as an insight into the trouble. This is actually really helpful in solving the error as it tells you exactly what is going wrong.

So, what s going wrong when you receive the error code 918 on BattleFront 2?

The error code 918 on Battlefront 2 reads as, 

“This account is restricted from accessing any online features.” This really freaks out some players as this might imply a ban on your account.

However, more often than not, this is a server overload issue. 

We will discuss the possibilities of other issues that might be behind this error code in the next section.

What are the reasons behind the error code 918 on Battlefront 2?

Sometimes, the problem might not be what it reads as. The error code comes with a disclaimer that might confuse the players into thinking that the problem lies elsewhere when the common issue behind the error code is different.

This is where the player experiences come into play. They mention exactly what is the issue and what helps to get rid of it.

Here is a list of reasons that might be able to explain the occurrence of the error code 918 on Battlefront 2.

  • The Battlefront servers are down
  • The internet connection is weak
  • Your account has been banned due to suspicious activity
  • You are using a VPN
  • You are using a game cheat software
  • Temporary game glitch

These are the reasons that have helped many users figure out the error code on their devices.

How to solve Battlefront 2 error code 918?

Now that we know everything that is to know about the error code, we are ready to discuss the various fixes for the game error.

Here are the ways that you can fix the error code 918 on Battlefront 2.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The internet connection can hamper most of your possibilities online. Especially during a heavy game like Battlefront 2 that requires a constant connection to the servers.

You need to make sure that the internet connection is stable and worth trusting when you are playing the game.

Also, test the speed of the connection. A slow connection will make matters worse. If you are sure that the connection is not an issue, move toward the other solutions on the list.

Fix 2: The Battlefront 2 servers are down

This is the most reasonable and logical explanation for the error code 918 on the game. The server is not equipped to handle more than a certain number of players at a given time.

Due to the increasing popularity of the game, the server crashes when new players join in bulk.

Accommodations need to be made before the players can resume playing the game.

In this case, you can only wait for the server to complete maintenance before resuming gameplay.

To make sure that the servers are down, you can ask around in the gaming community or Google a down detector website.

Fix 3: You are using a VPN

The Virtual Private Network might make it difficult for the server to recognize your account and it might remove you from the game.

The VPN is useful in many instances but playing online games with strict protocols in place is not one of them.

Make sure that you disable your VPN and all the related processes before moving forward.

Fix 4: Your account might be banned due to suspicious activity

Although the chances of this happening are slim, the account might actually be facing a ban.

There are community guidelines in place on the platform to make sure that the integrity of the gaming platform is maintained.

It is also to keep the players safe. If the platform notices a violation of the community guidelines, they might just ban your account temporarily or even permanently.

If you suspect this is the reason, you should contact game support and see if they can help in recovering the account.

Fix 5: Temporary game glitch

Sometimes for no apparent reason, you might face a glitch on the platform that you are using to play.

This is usually temporary and can be easily solved.

You can either exit the game and come back after a refresh or you can also perform a power cycle on the device that you are using.

These are pretty good solutions when trying to eliminate a temporary glitch.

Fix 6: You are using a game cheat software

There is much illegitimate software available in the market that players use in order to get ahead of their online competitors.

However, gaming platforms have evolved to catch these in time and your account can be banned in case of unfair usage.

Fix 7: Contact the game support team

If none of the above reasons have helped you identify and solve the error on your device, you might need to contact the game support team.

You can also ask your queries on user forums that are available all over the internet.

These options will help you identify what is wrong apart from the obvious reasons. Really helpful when nothing else makes much sense.


The error code 918 on Battlefront 2 is most commonly a server error. This shows up when too many players have joined the platform at once. The server is not equipped to deal with such traffic and crashes.

However, there are other reasons too and we have made sure to include them. Hopefully, this article launched you back into the game.

Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming folks!!

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