How To Download & install Battlegrounds Mobile India For Windows & Mac PC?

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The concept of Battlegrounds Mobile India is similar to PUBG, and provide an exactly similar experience to the users. Krafton, who developed the PUBG, also developed and published this game too.

“Battlegrounds Mobile India” is similar to PUBG, but it’s not the exact game with a different name. Pubg mobile is still banned in India, so the PUBG developer developed a similar game and fixed all the security issues to launch the game exclusively for the Indian Users.

Battlegrounds Mobile India for pc

India’s a very big country with a large number of internet users, and Krafton can’t ignore this many users, so Krafton finally confirmed the news about this new game like PUBG for India Users on May 7, 2021.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for Android & IOS, and you can download it very easily from the apps store, but if you want to use this game on your Windows or MAC pc. Then in this post, I am going to tell you that how you can enjoy this amazon game on your PC with Android Emulator.

How To Use “Battlegrounds Mobile India” On PC With Android Emulator?

Android emulator for windows or mac let you run android apps on your pc. You can download any Android emulator for your pc device as per your choice.

To explain the tutorial, we are using Bluestack Emulator as an example, and it’s available for both Windows & MAC.

  • Go to
  • Download the Bluestack
  • Install the Bluestack to your device
  • Open Bluestack on your pc
  • Open play store from the home screen
  • Search for the “Battlegrounds Mobile India”
  • Tap install
  • Wait till it finishes the installation process
  • You are done

Note: there are many android emulators for MAC & windows. You can research and download any emulator as per your choice.

What Are The Common Issues Users Are Complaining About Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  • Issues of hackers that there is no control over them
  • Anti-cheat detection should be more powerful
  • Ping is very high, which should be low
  • You can’t buy the silver coin from collected BP
  • Unstable connection
  • There are so many small glitches which need to be fixed, like delays in firing, unstable movement etc

Why Are There So Many Errors With Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The pubg mobile got banned on “September, 2020”, and it’s been a very long time, so it’s possible that the game developer will be very eager to develop this game with basic things to launch the game ASAP.

Krafton developed this game too; who is the PUBG mobile developer, so definitely they are capable of fixing all of the issues, and I don’t think this is going to be a very big problem for them.

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They already did all these things with the PUBG mobile, so they know what they need to do to fix all these issues. Users just need to wait for a little longer till developers start working on the faults.

I will suggest you to share your issues in the app’s review section, and you can also report the issue to their customer support

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