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Bedpage is a classified website that emerges just a few months before Backpage Died. The website offers classified ads worldwide in all major categories like Buy/ Sell/ Trade, Automotive, Real Estate, etc.

So in short, Bedpage offers users to browse or place classified advertisements online for free.

Bedpage is ranking on the Google first page for the keywords Backpage Substitute, and many other similar keywords. And because the website’s name is similar to the Backpage, many users happen to consider the site as a “New Backpage Website.”

So in this post, we are going to review, and going to tell you whether it is a legit Classified website or a scam.

Is Bedpage Legit?

I don’t think that Bedpage is a genuine classified website with legit service, instead it is a scam that seeks advantages to the users who are looking for Backpage Alternatives for personal ads.

I mean that Bedpage is not a legit online classified ads site like Backpage. It is definitely a one-man or a small group website, who are trying to scam the peoples in the name of Backpage Substitute.

It is not just a theory of mine, I have certain arguments and points to prove that Bedpage is nothing, just a scam.

Newly Launched

Bedpage is launched just a few months before the Backpage Being Seized, prior to that there was nothing.

Here I am showing the Whois information for, and as you can see, the domain is registered on 17 Nov 2017, and the Backpage was seized just 4 months after in April 2018.

Sponsored Video Whois Info

Also if you check the website in the Web Archive you will find that there was no activity on the domain from 2005 to 2017.

According to Wikipedia, Backpage has 120+ employees, and was the result of the hard work of some many years. In comparison, Bedpage was built overnight. 

Prior To 2006 Bedpage Was A Mattress Website

If you look to the web archive, you will find that from 2001 to 2005, Bedpage was the Mattress website.

Prior To 2006 Bedpage Was A Mattress Website

Then from 2006 to 2016, there was no activity on the domain.

And suddenly, in 2017 it becomes a worldwide classified listing website, and market itself as the alternative to one of the popular classified website of all time.

All of these things draw suspicion to me.

Website’s Name And Design Is Copied From Backpage

The name of the website is much similar to Backpage, and it looks like someone knowingly choose this name, so the users get confused between Bedpage and Backpage.

Not just name, if you look at the website’s design, it is copied from the Backpage’s original website with few minor changes.

Here is the Original Backpage Website Vs Bedpage Website design.
Backpage Alternatives

A legit website or service never copy things aggressively.

Only Accept Payment In Bitcoin

Classified websites are meant to create as an online alternative for the newspaper classified. Most of the classified websites are free with the option to upgrade ads for better visibility and results.

On my first job as SEO, i was used to post classified on different platforms for months. The majority of the sites were free to post ads, including Craigslist and Backpage.

But in comparison, Bedpage has not the option to post ads for free, you have to pay in Bitcoins for placing ads.

Bedpage Is Paid

One another point that is triggering that there is no other method of payment except Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the safest way to accept payment if you are a scammer because no one can track you.

Majority Of Categories Has No Ads

I tried to browse the ads on the Bedpage but was unable to find any ads in all of the categories i checked.

I am not claiming that there are no ads placed on the website, but i checked for so many cities and categories, and all of those contain no ads.

Ghost Categies And Cities On

I also talked to the Bedpage’s team from the chat option on their website, that i am unable to see any ads on their website.

They replied, “Sorry, as we said, please check the listings available as per the steps informed. If you don’t get an Ad after clicking the category, sub-category, it means that there’s no ad listed for it.”

Bedpage Team Conversation

I also ask to show me any screenshot where I could see the ads in any of the categories, and they replied,

Bedpage Team Conversation

“Well, as you said, you’re looking to make a review. You can check any Ads from any country as per your liking.”

In short, I was unable to get any satisfactory response from the Bedpage team, and i think their intentions are nothing, just scamming the users who are looking for an alternate for Backpage for posting or finding Personal Ads.

I Am Not Only One Who Thinks Bedpage Is Scam

If you check out the rating and review on the Trustpilot for Bedpage, you will find just negative reviews.

Bedpage Trustpilot rating is 1.6 (Bad)

There are only three positive ratings, and i am 100% sure that all these three positive ratings are fake.

Here are the reasons,

  • All three positive ratings are 5.0
  • All of the accounts are new and just have one or two reviews.
  • Go and read the positive reviews, and you will instantly find that those are fake reviews.

Check out Bedpage On Trustpilot 

Also, there are many threads on Reddit where you will see the clear warning to stay away from Bedpage as it is a scam site.

Also, there is another platform called Ripoff Report, go check out Backpage on ripoffreport. You will find so many threads where peoples get scammed over

Backpage on ripoffreport


No Real Personals Ads

I don’t waste much of my time trying checking each of the categories on to see which categories contain ads.

But I look many platforms online and found that ads really exist for some cities and categories. But mainly, it has ghost categories, cities, and countries.

Also, after reading reviews and people’s experience with the Bedpage, i can say that there are not real personal ads.

I can’t be 100% sure, but the majority of personal ads on the Bedpage are fake and just placed to scam peoples by asking them for advance payment, and once the money is received, they will stop responding to your messages or will block you.

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