How To Fix Bershka Error Code 11?

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Recently Bershka users started complaining about the error code 11 while making the payment.

When users try to complete their purchase by making the payment, this error comes to the screen and stops them from making the purchase.

If you are also experiencing the error code 11 with Bershka then below you can find some suggestions which might help you with this error.

Bershka Error Code 11

How To Fix Bershka Error Code 11?

Fix 1: Check If Bershka Is Having Any Outages

Before trying any workarounds first you should check if Bershka is having any kind of system outage because if yes then you are likely to get this kind of error without any issue from your side.

And no matter what troubleshooting you try, till the issues don’t get resolved from the Bershka side you will continue to get this error.

To check the Bershka server status you can visit, and if you find a reported outage with Bershka then we will suggest you wait for some time and try again.

Fix 2: Double Check Your Payment Information

If Bershka is not having any outages but you continue to receive this error then double-check your payment information.

Make sure that you are providing the correct payment details.

Fix 3: Try Using Any Other Payment Method

If your payment details are correct but the error still persists then we will suggest you to use any other card or try using any other payment method.

Sometimes this error can be coming from your card end, and using any alternate payment method can help you fix the error.

Fix 4: Restart The Device & Internet

If the error still occurs after using an alternate payment method then restart the device on which you are using Bershka.

If you are using Bershka from your smartphone then restart your phone, and then try making the purchase.

If you are using Bershka from a computer/laptop then restart the internet and your computer, and then try making the purchase.

Fix 5: Contact Bershka Support

If you continue to get the error even after following the all above suggestion then consider contacting Bershka for help. You can find the contact details on their app or website.

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