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There is an old saying, “What you don’t find in an Official site, you find in a Forum.” And for those of you who have spent even a little time in forums very well know how informative they can be. According to me a Forum is pretty much like a cosplay event.

Just like in a cosplay event, people come together to talk about the common thing they like. Similarly, in case of a Forum, people from different backgrounds come together to talk about the things they like, find solutions to a problem regarding a particular issue or simply sit and engage in conversation.

Thus, in short, a Forum is basically an online platform where you can come up with your queries and hope to find other professionals or similar minded people to help come up with a solution for queries that you might have.

Today, however we will be talking specifically about a particular type of Forum i.e. the top Android Forums you can find online to be the gateway to answers for all your queries related to Android OS and devices.

Here I will be listing out some of the very best online android forums out there, where not only you will find answers to your queries, but a lot more than that. And I am pretty certain that once you try out these Forums and get the hang of it. You will no longer feel the need to go anywhere else for solutions related to Android.

Best Android Forums

XDA Forums

The XDA Forum without a doubt is one of the best Forums you can come across. It is said to be the largest of Android Forums in the Internet today and consist of users from a very wide spectrum of backgrounds. There are techies, professionals, newbies, veterans, nearly anyone and everyone who is interested in the Android OS or anything related to it.

Best Android Forums

It is one very popular destination where you are sure to find solutions and answers to any queries related to the Android OS from upcoming updates to bug fixes to free resources.

Although, the XDA Forum started of to help out mainly Android developers with their queries and troubles. In recent years it has grown up to become a lot more. Now, it is seen as one platform where you can find everything related to Android OS, making it a perfect playground for both Android developers and users.

Anyways now that we have got a bit of an idea what to expect from the Forum. Let us next have a detailed tour of the entire forum, so that you know what treasure lies in-front.

  • The XDA Forum is a part of much larger XDA Developers website. So, it is pretty obvious, that there is more to the Forum then just discussions and solutions.
  • The Website is divided mainly into five main categories: News, Forums, Devices, Topics and Best Posts.
  • Out of all the categories, the two important ones which I believe will prove to be the most beneficial for any Android enthusiast would be Forums and Topics.
  • The Topic category mainly comprises of Tutorials, Mods and other such resources which you can use to enhance and upgrade your Android systems with utmost ease.
  • The Forums section on the other hand comprises of all you can ask for. Moreover, it has been further broadly divided and categorised into sub forum section like Android Auto, Android Mods, Android TV, Apps & Games, Themes and OS. Hence, making life much more systematic and simpler for you.

Android Central

The forum to make it on the second position of our top android forums list is Android Central. This is one place where you can learn a lot. And by a lot, I mean a whole lot. From news about the latest updates and changes, to rumours of upcoming new updates, just about everything is covered up by the Android Central community.

The forum consists of an engaging community who will take up any discussion you put forth and turn it into a bi scale discussion filled with constructive solutions and alternatives.

Android Central

The other cool thing about this forum that has really got me hooked to it, is the buyer’s guide section or feature. When you are planning to buy something, a buyer’s guide just seems to be like a boon coming straight down from the heavens. And when it comes to a buyer’s guide for android devices, the Android Central is just the perfect ground for you.

Also, there is one more thing for which Android Central just stands out. This forum website may be seen as a website which can be seen as a forum cum e-commerce website. Yes, you heard it right, Android Central is one place where along with forums and discussions, you also hold the ability to buy and sell stuffs here.

Now, that we have covered up all the things Android Central has to offer, let us have a look at how the whole website works and has in store to offer you.

  • Firstly, the website is clean and sleek. This automatically gives you a hike in trying out the website and forum. Moreover, the whole site is completely user friendly and easy to go about, making it the perfect place to hang out with people of similar mindset.
  • Then the whole website is divided into many cool sections, making life simple. So, to start off, the website has four main categories:
  • Android Central Community
  • Android apps, browsers and games
  • Android OS discussion and help
  • Upcoming and rumoured android devices

The rest of the categories are basically a sub forum of all other brands of android devices which are listed properly.

Android Forums

If you are more into simplistic looks and approach, then this is the perfect forum for you. Here you can download free apps and other useful mods absolutely for free. The forum mainly discusses about handsets from various brands and it is pretty ascertained that whatever queries you might have regarding your brand will not be left answered.

Android Forums

  • The Android Forums website is divided into five main topics; Forum, Active Topics, What’s New, News and Downloads.
  • The Forum topic section is obviously where you will find new and trending queries to discuss and talk about.
  • On the other hand the Active Topics and the What’s New section delivers you with all the new and upcoming news and updates from the android world.
  • As for Downloads, just as the name suggests, is for downloadable files which you can download and install in order to enhance and upgrade your android device to work accordingly to your desire.

Android Community

Although, not a typical forum like our previous contenders. The Android Community website is one in all for those android enthusiast who are always in search of new trending news and information related to the Android world.

The website is divided into a number of important categories, namely; Reviews, Phones, Tablets, Apps, Devices, Deals and Tip Ups.

Android Community

  • The category Reviews, as the name suggest is basically the section where you will find valuable reviews and feedbacks related to a particular brand or android device. If you are looking forward to purchase a new Android device, then this is the perfect stop to put up a bit more weight onto your decision about a particular brand or device.
  • The Phones or Tablets section on the other hand is a place where you will find all you need to learn and know about a in market Android phone or tablet device.
  • As for the Apps section, this is particularly where you will find information about the most popular and latest apps in the market. As well as other information related to a particular app or software.
  • Lastly, when it comes to the deal’s section, I believe it is better un touched. Let you be the judge of the whole big world there is inside the Deals section of the Android Community site.

Android Authority

Just as the name suggest, this is a website which is all about Android. Here you can engage with other users and talk about topics which interest you, as well as take up queries which could be answered by other Android Authority users. And it is not just limited to that. Android Authority gives you access to some amazing giveaways and contests which you can be a part of and play to win some awesome and attractive prizes.

Android Authority

On the other hand when we break down the whole website into sections and categories, we get some awesome categories like Hot Deals, Apps and Games, Reviews, Cell Phone Plans and etc.

  • When it comes to the Deals section, there is particularly a number of attractive offers that the Android Authority team has to offer. Although, most of the time its just letting you into secrets. Still there are times when they actually come up with some attractive offers you can avail and be really proud about.
  • Then there is the section about Apps and Games, which as the name itself suggest is one place where you will be bombarded with all new information and news related to particular apps or games that you would most probably be interested in.
  • Lastly, there is the Reviews section. This section pretty obviously will comprise of information, articles or forums related to a particular brand or device. Going through this will not only give you enough knowledge about a particular device, but will also be very beneficial for you to decide whether to go for a particular cell phone or tablet, if you are planning to get one.

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