Best Apps to Pay Rent Online With Credit Card In India

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Paying rent on time is quite a difficult task in this busy life, and we sometimes even skip dates. The more difficult job is to visit your landlord and pay in cash.

Best Apps to Pay Rent Online With Credit Card

This seems quite hectic in digital times, when we can do almost every activity with online transactions with the help of Applications, or Credit Cards.

So why not use App and Credit Card together to pay monthly rental and earn some rewards. Let’s look at user-friendly Apps which make it easier.

Best Apps to Pay Rent Online Using Credit Cards

1. Phone Pay

  • Use “Phone Pe App” to Pay Online Rent using Credit Card
  • It charges only 2% and accept all Credit Card

2. Paytm

  • Paytm is a widely used app, which can also be used to Pay Rent using Credit Cards.
  • 1% Charges are applicable on Paytm.
  • It accepts all Credit Cards

3. CRED App

  • Cred App which is designed for Credit Card Payments, actually helps you to pay Rent using Credit Card.
  • It Charges %1.5% to 2% as per the amount.
  • CRED accepts all Credit Cards.

4. Magic Bricks

  • Online App which also helps you find Rental Apartments. Rent can be paid through Magic bricks as well.
  • They Charge 1.18% to help you pay Rent Using Credit Cards.
  • This app uses all Credit Cards.

5. No Broker

  • This is also an app which helps you to get an accommodation, and also you can make Rent payment using Credit with it.
  • This Charges around 1% and it receives all Credit Cards.

6. Housing App

  • Another real Estate app, which helps you pay Rent using Credit Cards.
  • It Charges 1%
  • It accepts all Cards except AMEX and Diner Club Cards.

7. Red Giraffe

  • You can Pay rent Using a Credit Card with this app.
  • It charges around 0.39% + GST.
  • You need Documentation to make any rent amount above INR 20,000.
  • It also Bars Amex Cards.

Why should we Pay Rent Using Credit Cards?

Reason 1: Rewards Points

We all know that every Credit Card comes with Rewards and Offers. Whether you make payment through Credit Card or not, ultimately rent has to be Paid, so pay it through Credit Card and earn rewards on Your spending.

Reason 2: Mile Stone Benefits

Credit cards also come with milestone benefits, so making rent payments help you achieve Milestones, which eventually help you earn more rewards and offers.

Reason 3: Timely payments

If you make a payment through your Credit Card, you can set notification of rental payment and it will help you make the payment on time.

In some cases if your salary is delayed you can pay it through a Credit card and then pay it bill 40 days later.

Paying Rent through Credit Card is a win win situation for you, which ultimately serves the purpose and also brings you some rewards.

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