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Contrary to the popular belief, you do not have to spend months browsing through the textbook to learn a foreign language.

Even though learning your grammar and basic pronunciation rules will require some reading, turning to innovative language learning solutions at home makes it much easier.

Best At-Home Language Learning Programs

It is partially possible because of the multimedia additions and the ability to communicate with native speakers directly.

What makes your learning even better is that you can choose among different teaching methods and learn when and how you can even if your time is short. 

Best-At-Home Language Learning Programs 

1. Pimsleur

If you are still uncertain about learning a foreign language online or do so at home, Pimsleur is one of the best options to consider.

Starting at just $15, it is more affordable than learning with a professional teacher. What makes Pimsleur different is the methodology that you use.


This language program focuses on conversational methodology, which actually helps you learn how to form sentences through the lens of listening, writing, and reading.

Since you have pre-recorded clips, you also understand how the foreign words sound. The current version offers over 50 different languages, which makes it possible to consider even not-so-common solutions. 

2. HelloTalk

It is one of those rare language learning apps that let you make your way through with no books at all. The trick here is to listen and watch foreign-language speakers as you connect via audio, video, or plain text.


This software has a great community of people willing to learn, which makes it helpful as you are looking for individuals who share your interests or study the same subject. In a certain sense, it works like a social network where you learn a language.

Moreover, you also make new friends and polish your native language as the purpose here is to teach each other and share your culture. It is also helpful for those cases when you need to learn about the country as a developer or a blogger. 

3. Rosetta Stone

If you want to choose something serious for your language learning purposes, choosing the Rosetta Stone app is not only helpful for those who want to have a book with all the rules but is an affordable option. It combines vocabulary, listening to audio examples, and has basic grammar rules.

What makes it unique is a good speech recognition mode, which will help you practice pronunciation just the same way as you would do it with a skilled teacher.

Rosetta Stone

While it may not have a wide range of foreign languages like DuoLingo Plus or other similar apps, this program has a good methodology that will not differ much from learning with a book in a classroom environment.

Nevertheless, it is way more flexible and can be downloaded as an app, which allows you to learn everywhere. 

4. Duolingo Plus

As one of the most popular language-learning apps, DuoLingo Plus implements the gaming or gamification method, which means that you are learning through the games and various interactive methodologies.

Regardless if you want to master several phrases for travel purposes or have someone translate your app in multiple languages, this little helpful program will let you understand the basics.


Considering that it is free, it may not be your first choice, yet it is constantly updated and offers all the interesting topics based on the latest events.

Even if you want to talk about Covid-19 or the latest video games, it will provide you with basic conversations that can be customized as it also has a great linguistic community. 

5. Memrise

If you want to get something free of charge, Memrise is one of the best choices to consider. It is especially good for beginners as it will help you recognize the basic reading patterns, visualization, and general vocabulary.

It is good even for the younger learners. It will provide you with more than flashcards for learning as it bases itself on customization. While some content will be user-generated, you will have more chances of finding something that will fit your style.


As a mobile app, you can use it when you have only ten minutes to study. You can choose Math by learning numbers, starting with the months, travel phrases, scientific words, economics, real estate phrases, and basically anything that will match your favorite subjects.

If you like to learn with the questions and quizzes, it has all the necessary lessons. In addition to the free version, you can have a paid membership that will provide you with even more subjects and quizzes created by professional linguists. 

6. Babbel

Sometimes less is more even when it comes down to language learning programs that can be learned at home. Babbel is one of those great solutions that can start at $12.95 per month in addition to 14 languages that can be tried free of charge.

It means that you can check and see how it works before you make payment. What makes this app different is that you have a gradual teaching method with several tests that can be passed online.


While it may seem a little bit challenging, Babbel will help you learn more than just single words that are associated with pictures. It may not be the most popular program but it will help you connect reading and pronunciation.

It is one of those language-learning offerings that help to recognize the language. According to numerous reviews, those customers that did not stop learning have actually gained more than those who have passed gamification or quizzes alone. 

7. BrainPop

While it is aimed at the younger learners, it is not only an app as it has a great educational website that comes along and helps you learn. Offering a plethora of short animated movies in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and French, you can choose anything from basic classroom topics to social sciences.

What makes it good is simplicity regarding grammar. It is one of those expensive apps ($220 a year per subscription), yet it has good customer support that will help you with most questions.


The company has also made their resources free during Covid-19 for those who are enrolled in schools and colleges, which is something you must consider.

Speaking of other aspects like vocabulary and interaction, you may not be satisfied as an adult person but it is also a good way to learn the basic phrases that have been simplified.

The presence of audio and video content will help you listen to carefully recorded material, which will be much better compared to other language applications. 

8. Quizlet Plus

It is one of the best ways to start learning vocabulary, especially if you want to learn unique terms for your college subject. Make sure to check your Quizlet files with a trained linguist because there may be mistakes if the files have not been approved by some language school or institution.


If you want to create something unique for your learning purposes, the safest bet would be to use reliable translation services.

You can create your quizzes with the vocabulary that cannot be met in basic textbooks or have an expert fix those files that you have downloaded free of charge.

Once you have a quiz, you may also add audio clips recorded by native speakers, add pictures, and keep things vivid as you learn. 

9. Italki

The chances are high that you might have already heard about this unique language-learning platform that goes beyond most rules and limitations that are usually associated with online teaching. Italki helps you to connect with teachers via video chat.

Unlike a typical language school, you can choose your tutor from a multitude of freelance tutors and negotiate how much you would like to pay. There are ratings and user testimonials that can be chosen as a primary point.


Such online language learning will help you learn more than with DuoLingo and HelloTalk where you also talk to foreigners because the company behind this platform will also check the academic credentials of tutors that are available, which means that you won’t just talk to someone who wants to earn money by trying to talk to you in a foreign language.

Regarding reliability, it may not be the best option but you can learn rare languages or ask for help when you need an explanation. 

Impact of Combining Several Apps 

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to combine several solutions. It means that you can use language quizzes to work on your vocabulary and turn to solutions like HelloTalk to address pronunciation and cultural aspects as you talk to native speakers.

It makes researching available at-home language programs even more important because you never know what will work for you unless you try it out! 

Installing a language application or getting past the first few lessons, do not expect to start talking or understand the rules immediately.

It always takes time to find what helps you learn in a suitable way. Do not be quick to judge as you learn because some foreign languages take even more time for the mental “click” to help you identify and accept the language.

Try out several apps, read online testimonials, check free test lessons, and it will always pay off! 

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