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Are you looking for an audio converter to convert your audio file without compromising its quality? If yes then in this post I am going to tell you about some of the best audio converter software for MAC & windows.

Best audio (mp3) converter software For MAC & Windows 

1. Audials Audio- & Video-Converter

  • Type Of License: Premium
  • O/S: Windows

Audials assists you in dealing with aggravating file-formatting problems associated with your music, audiobook, video, flash clip, and movie files.


Furthermore, Audials reliably solves file formatting issues via the “PerfectVideo” and “PerfectAudio” quality guarantee. Audials One is the classic Audio & Video Pro converter including a streaming recorder for all types of media files.

Supported Audio Conversion

  • convert aac to mp3
  • convert aac to wma
  • convert ac3 to mp3
  • convert aiff to wma
  • convert flac to mp3
  • convert flac to wma
  • convert wav to mp3
  • convert aiff to mp3
  • convert au to mp3
  • convert wav to wma

Supported Audio Conversion

  • convert avi to mp4
  • convert divx to mp4
  • convert dv to mp4
  • convert h.264 to mp4
  • convert m4v to mp4
  • convert mp4 to avi
  • convert divx to avi
  • convert h.264 to avi
  • convert m4v to wmv
  • convert dv to wmv
  • convert h.264 to wmv
  • convert mp4 to xvid
  • convert mp4 to 3gp
  • convert ts to mpeg4
  • convert mkv to mp4
  • convert mkv to avi
  • convert mkv to 3gp

2. Switch Audio File Converter Software

  • Type Of License: Freemium

Switch is an easy-to-use multi-format audio file converter software which supports all common Audio File Formats. It does not just let you convert your audio file, instead, you can also compress your Audio file.

Switch Audio File Converter Software

If you need to convert so many files then they provide a batch convertor which will convert multiple files with one click.

Key features

  • Supports all popular formats
  • Convert or compress audio files in a few clicks
  • Batch audio converter
  • Extract audio from any video or DVD
  • Convert a full playlist (M3U and PLS)
  • It also has an MP3 encoder

3. HD Video Converter Factory

  • Type Of License: Freemium

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a freemium software which comes with some advanced audio or video conversion options such as HD video conversion, 8K video conversion, 4K video conversion, higher output quality, etc.

HD Video Converter Factory

Key Features

  • HD video converter
  • Convert audio files
  • Get higher output quality
  • Wide range of presets
  • Convert video up to 7680*4320 (8K), 3840*2160 (4K), 2560*1440, 1920*1080, 1280*720 and any resolution.
  • Support all popular file formats.
  • Allow you to convert HD video to 500+ formats
  • Advanced encoder

4. Free Audio Converter

  • Type Of License: Open Source
  • Version: 1.1.9

As the name suggests it’s an open-source Audio Converter which allows you to convert Audio files between 50+ audio file formats, or let you easily extract audio from any video file.

Free Audio Converter

The best part about this software is that it’s completely free, which means there are no limitations or no need to buy any plan later on.

Key features

  • Convert files in more than 50 file formats.
  • Easily extract audio from video.
  • No limitation
  • High-quality output up to 320 KBps.
  • The output format supports all the popular devices.
  • Easily upload music to iTunes or any cloud storage.
  • Encode multiple tracks to the same format.
  • Convert audio files into one media file or separately.

5. Audacity

  • Type Of License: Open Source
  • O/S: Windows, MAC, Linux

Audacity doesn’t need any kind of introduction, it’s a very old and most reliable cross-platform multi-track audio editor and recorder.


It lets you import, edit, or combine sound files. It also gives you the option to export the file in your desired file format as it supports all popular file formats.

Key features

  • Record or edit multitrack audio
  • Cross-platform
  • Record live audio through a microphone or mixer
  • Digitize recordings from other media.
  • Import, edit and combine sound files.
  • Export your file in many different file formats
  • Export multiple files at once.
  • Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.
  • Write your own plug-in.
  • Makes editing easy by giving you the option of Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete.
  • Unlimited sequential Undo or Redo

6. VSDC Free Audio Converter

  • Type Of License: Free

VSDC is an open-source Audio Converter with so many powerful features which let you edit or convert any audio file. And this tool also gives you the option to choose the output quality and file format.

VSDC Free Audio Converter

Key Features

  • Easily edit or convert audio files.
  • All popular audio formats and audio codes are supported.
  • Easily access or convert M3U files
  • Choose the quality and file format of your choice while exporting.
  • Extract the full or portion audio from any video.
  • High-quality processing algorithms so you don’t need to compromise with quality.
  • Fast processing so you don’t need to wait too long.

7. Hamster Free Audio Converter

  • Type Of License: Open Source (Free)
  • O/S: Windows

Hamster is also one of the very popular open-source Audio converters which make the conversion work very smooth. This tool supports all the popular audio formats and ​​converts your audio file into your desired file format.

8. FFmpeg

  • Type Of License: Open Source
  • Latest Version: FFmpeg 5.0 “Lorentz”

Like most of the others, Ffmpeg is an open-source audio and video converter which lets you convert your audio or video file, as well as also allow you to resize a video without losing its quality.

9. Aimp

  • Type Of License: Open Source
  • O/S: Android, Windows

Like most of the other software, Aimp is not a dedicated audio or video converter instead it’s an open-source audio player for files, podcasts, cloud, and network storage. But it also has the option to convert an audio file.


That’s why we added this to our list because it fulfills two purposes, it’s an audio player with the ability to convert any audio file.

10. Zamzar Audio Convertor

Today, where technology has achieved so much advancement we don’t need to install software on our devices for every purpose.

Zamzar Audio Convertor

Nowadays you can find online software/tools for every common task and Zamar is one such online audio converter which lets you convert your documents, images, videos, or audio file but doesn’t require installing anything, and it supports 1100+ formats.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best free audio converter?

If you looking for a free reliable Audio convertor then you can choose between VSDC Free Audio Converter, Hamster Free Audio Converter, and Audacity.

2. Is there a free audio converter?

Yes there are many audio converters. You can try any of between VSDC Free Audio Converter, Hamster Free Audio Converter, and Audacity.

3. Does Windows 10 have an audio converter?

Yes there is an audio converter for windows 10. You can try Audacity, Aimp, or Hamster Free Audio Converter.

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