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There are numerous voice recording softwares available in the market. Which works wonders in your creativity. Here in this article, we will look into some selected and proven Voice recorder software which can help you articulate your audio recording and help you create magic with their Editing prowess.

Best Audio Recording Softwares

What is Voice Recording Software? What Is It Used for?

Voice Recording Software helps you to record your voice as the name suggests. The Voice recorder captures your voice or whichever voice you wish to record with some advanced effects and high quality that makes it professional.

Voice Recorder or Audio recorder is of great use in the Music Field. You can edit the song or use auto-tune effects with this softwares to create a masterpiece.

It can help you record any Podcast, Interview, Audio Stories, etc.

Voice/Audio recording software is very helpful if you are Vlogger, DJ, Composer, or Musician. It helps you to produce high-quality audio files.

Let’s look at some of the best proven Audio/Voice Recorders in the market.

Best Audio Recording Software

1. Audacity

  • Type Of License: Open Source

Audacity is one of the best Audio recording software. This is free and open-source Voice recording software available for all. It is available under GPL 2 license.

  • This is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • It has a wide array of effects and precise Audio editing capabilities.
  • Audacity gives you proper noise cancellation capabilities with sound effects.
  • Audacity is available in 38 different languages.
  • This is best for individuals and businesses both.


  • Audacity has a simple interface for beginners to understand.
  • It can be operated on low-end devices.
  • As it is open-sourced so you can use it for free.


There are some specific functions in Audacity which require paid services and redirect you to third-party plugins which are quite expensive.


  • Free

2. Adobe Audition

  • Type Of License: Premium

Adobe Audition Audio recording software is the best choice for top cross-platform voice recording professionals. This is a digital audio workstation developed by Adobe.

Adobe Audition

This Software is supported by Windows and Mac. It comes with a plethora of features and effects which offer surreal effects to your Audio recording.

Adobe Audition has the capability to restore old or damaged recordings. It can record sounds from multiple devices simultaneously. Most vloggers, podcasts, and voice-over artists use Adobe Audition for their work.


  • Adobe Audition allows users to edit waveforms making it edit every precise moment in your recording.
  • Adobe Audition is so popular that you can get multiple tutorials online to learn its functions.


This audio recording software is quite expensive and still lacks virtual instruments functions which are very necessary to produce music.


  • It comes with a monthly plan of $ 20.99

3. Avid Pro Tools

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

When it comes to studio professionals, Avid Pro tools recording software is a beast in this category. It is also a fully digital workstation with fast and clean audio editing capabilities.

Avid Pro tools
  • This is highly recommended for Studio professionals and musicians.
  • This is known as the best deliverable software when it comes to Voice recording.
  • This can work on Windows and Mac.
  • This software has 64-bit mixing, music recording, and audio editing capacity.
  • It supports sample rates up to 192 kHz, Dolby atmos editing, and over 1000 MIDI Tracks.


  • This software is for musicians or professionals.
  • Avid Pro Tools has a modernized and clean UI which is quite easy to understand for audio professionals.
  • It has great integration with external hardware, a host of useful plugins, and an inbuilt metronome.


  • This is full-fledged Voice recording software with a steep learning curve which makes it difficult for beginners.
  • On multiple occasions, its software has been crashed during initial setups.
  • Its functions are quite confusing even for so-called experts.


  • It has a free limited version for students.
  • It Monthly subscription for the full version is $ 34.99, and $299.00 is for an annual subscription.
  • It has an Ultimate version worth $ 89.99 monthly and $ 799.00 annually.

4. GarageBand

  • Type Of License: Open Source

All the softwares given above are suitable for Windows and Mac, But Garageband is specifically designed for Apple devices. Garageband is designed and developed by Apple for Mac, iOS, and iPad users.


It has great audio capturing such as multitrack recording, industry-leading audio production filter, etc which helps to enhance sounds and improves effects.

  • This is specifically designed for Apple products, Mac, iOS, and iPod users.
  • This is one the best software not only for Voice recording but instrument recording such as Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, etc.
  • Garageband provides you with prerecorded music lessons by actual artists like John Legend, Nora Jones, Ben Folds, and Ryan Tedder.
  • Garageband is suitable for Apple users.
  • It gives vast experience to Beginner level music composers.


  • Garageband has a simple interface with easy-to-use functions.
  • This gives a great experience to music composers with its virtual instruments.


  • The size of project files is quite large which is not suitable for top-level professionals.
  • The iPods and iOS version doesn’t come with Pre-recorded music lessons.


  • This is free Audio recording software for all Apple users.

5. Image Line FL Studio

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

IMAGE Line FL Studio Audio Recorder is best suited for Musicians. Image line FL studio has a pattern-based music sequencer which gives it unprecedented popularity among musicians and music enthusiasts. Its interface is known as the best recognizable user interface among all the software.

IMAGE Line FL Studio
  • It has an inbuilt feature of digital piano roll and vst plugin support.
  • It is powered by 32 inbuilt plugin generators which can record 125 audio files simultaneously.
  • It supports all the formats which include WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC, and MIDI.
  • It supports both Windows and Mac.
  • It also offers a mobile version of the voice recorder for Android and iOS devices.
  • Image Line FL Studio is designed for musicians solely, and stars such as Alan Walker, Soulja boy, Mike Will, and the late Avicci used this software for their work.


  • Known as a Professional Voice recorder for Musicians.
  • It offers you the support of Lifetime Updates regardless of the version you are using.


  • Being one of the best for professionals, it is also quite expensive as compared to other Voice Recorders.


  • Fruity edition is free
  • Producer edition cost you $199 per lifetime license per user
  • $ 299 for signature bundle edition per lifetime license per user
  • All plugins editions cost you $499 per lifetime per user

6. Ardour

  • Type Of License: Open Source

One of the best open-source audio recording software for professionals. It runs under the license of GPL 2 and is popular for its music recording, mixing, and multitrack editing. It has slightly become an alternative to Audacity for its free digital audio workstation.

  • It comes in all formats which include MIDI, BWF, and XML.
  • It has inbuilt virtual instruments and composers.
  • It supports more than 30 audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG.
  • Despite being an easy interface, it is not built for beginners.


  • Ardour is best suitable for music creators and audio engineers.
  • It is available on multiple platforms and comes with tutorials to guide you.
  • It has an online supporting team which is constantly supporting you.


  • Despite being open-source software, it is not a completely free recording software.
  • It reduces the chances to get the best plugins that are really useful.


  • It comes with a free version.
  • To use this software you can pay $1 to $ 50 per month as per usage.

7. PreSonus Studio One

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

If you are not looking for free audio recording software, PreSonus is for you only. This is one of the best Paid audio recording software available for professionals who want the best services whatever it costs.

PreSonus Studio One

It is formerly known as K2 and claims only full-blown DAW. It fulfills all the expectations of audio recording professionals from one of the leading audio recording software in the industry.

  • The company claims this is the only full-blown DAW.
  • Its distinct show-level interface is solely designed for coordinating live performances.
  • This software has a music score editor and helps users to import keyboard shortcuts from other audio editor programs.
  • It accepts 3rd party plugins and virtual instruments.
  • This software works on Windows and Mac.
  • Presonus has launched support in which you can operate your PreSonus from any other device over the remote control.


  • The free version of PreSonus is quite powerful.
  • It has one of the fastest workflows for mixing and audio editing.
  • Its chord, arranger, and marker track have their own class.


  • It has only 5 inbuilt virtual instruments, however, that can be balanced with plugins.


  • PreSonus comes with a free version.
  • It costs $99.00 per lifetime per user.
  • PreSonus studio one professional comes for $399.95 per lifetime per user.

8. WavePad

  • Type Of License: (Free Version + Paid Version)

WavePad is one of the best audio recording software for Windows, Mac, and iOS. This software comes with a number of file formats which include WAV, MP3, MPC, APE, and AMR, it also provides software support to most of the audio file formats.


WavePad has an easy interface, which makes it easy to use. It provides professional sound recording which brings it to the list of the best software for audio recording. It is one of the best voice recording software used by professionals.

  • It provides amplify and unique music effects.
  • 50+ supported audio formats.
  • Wave pad has some advanced technology to control Noise cancellation.
  • It can edit audio into video files which separate it from most the software.
  • It can be used over Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • The quality of the end product is so high for this program.
  • Its wave editor offers you more control over the end product.


  • Its MP3 editor does not provide top-quality performance.
  • It cannot handle multiple files simultaneously.

9. Sound Forge

  • Type Of License: Premium

This software gives you supreme control over the audio recording process, which makes it quite relevant for those who wish to create something unique. It can help you from red book CD creation to sound design and mixing. If you get expertise in this software then this can work wonders for you.

Sound Forge
  • The all-new multichannel WAV recording and processing can be done with its new variant.
  • The VST plugin support provided by this software is perfect.
  • Sound Forge can be used on Mac and Windows.
  • The effects of VST can be chained in a virtual rack.


  • This software has made digitalization and restoration of audio quite simple.
  • One-click processing allows users to process audio tracks easily.


  • 32 bits of power provided by this software is quite low, which becomes a blockade while editing.
  • The multiple VST GUI is not supported by the sound forge.

10. RecordPad

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

It comes with most recording options for a wide variety of audiences. With RecordPad you can record, rip or burn audio and also schedule your future recordings.


To process all the given functions you should enable a plugin for editing, conversion, and burning. There are other useful functions such as noise reductions, reverb, pop, etc.

  • This is compatible with WAV, MP3, and FLAC
  • This software can capture audio from internet streaming sources, even from a line-in device or computer playback.


  • it has many recording options, including internet streaming content
  • This software is well known for ripping and burning.


  • This does not provide a free version.
  • It gives no option for changing file format.


  • A home license cost you $29.99
  • The professional version comes for $34.99


So we have given the details of one of the most iconic and selected voice recording software available right now. This list of software has been articulated after well-read observations.

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