Best Blu Ray Burning Software for Windows and Mac

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CD, DVD Blu Ray Burner helps us record and create discs in an easy and simple way. We can store movies, music, and any data on these discs. These discs are CD_R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blue Ray-R, and Blue Ray-RW.

Best Blu Ray Burning Software for Windows and Mac

Blu Ray comes with a high storage capacity which gives it more weightage over CDs and DVDs. Now People buy Computers with inbuilt Blu Ray burners or purchase external Blu Ray Burners.

It becomes a complex task to choose Blu Ray Burner as there are many in the market. Choosing the best for your system makes it more difficult, depending on your OS it can be Windows or Mac. SO here in this article, we will pick up Best Blu Ray Burners software for MAC and windows.

Best Blu Ray Burning Software for Windows and Mac

1. Wondershare DVD Creator

Type Of License: Freemium

Wondershare DVD Creator is one of the most powerful Blu Ray Burner software which can be installed on Windows and Mac Both. It supports various Blu Ray Discs like BD-R, BD-SE, BD-25, etc which gives it some edge over other Burning software. It also gives you 150 video formats where you can burn videos.

Wondershare DVD Creator


  • It burns videos on Blu Ray at a very fast speed
  • It comes with user-friendly interface which helps you to preview your contents
  • In this software, you can burn 150 formats to a Blu Ray Disc.


  • 1 Year Subscription: $49.95 year
  • Lifetime License: $59.95/Lifetime
  • Multi-User License: $132.95 for 2 to 5 devices

2. DVDfab Blu Ray Copy

  • Type Of License: Freemium

If you want to burn a 3D blu Ray movie this software will work wonders for you. It comes with 5 burning models which can help you in your various creations. It comes with full-fledged compatibility for both input “video files” and output “Blu Ray files”. You can also decrypt commercial Blu Ray Title as software has a built-in decrypter for circumventing protection.

DVDfab Blu Ray Copy


  • DVDFab Blu Ray allows users to burn Blu Ray at flash speed
  • It gives you options to choose the Title, Tracks, chapters, and subtitles as per your wish
  • It can customize your menu


  • $44.99 months
  • $69.99 for year
  • $124.99 for lifetime

3. BurnAware

  • Type Of License: Freemium

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use Blu Ray burner, then do not miss out BurnAware. It allows you to burn Blu-ray or audio CDs for backup. BurnAware focuses on disc-burning tasks, which most users require in the disc-burning task.


It comes with a simple and straightforward interface which gives a user-friendly experience. It provides all its functions and menu in the window which helps you find your tool easily.


  • It supports CDs and DVDs.
  • The free version allows you to create bootable discs.
  • It has all current hardware interfaces, IDE, SCSI, USB,1394, SATA, and AHCI.
  • It provides verification for written files.


  • BurnAware Premium: $29.95 per user (lifetime license)
  • BurnAware Professional: $39.95 per user (Lifetime license)

4. Express Burn

  • Type Of License: Freemium

As the name suggests, Express Burn is one of the fastest Blu Ray Burning software which allows you to burn a Blu Ray at high speed.

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Express Burn


  • Helps you to burn Audio, Video files, DVDs, and CDs. 
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Express burn Allows users to burn CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs.
  • The user-friendly and simple interface makes it suitable for beginners.



5. Ashampoo Burning Studio

  • Type Of License: Open Source (Free)

When it comes to the most suitable and helpful Blu Ray Burner Ashampoo always stands tall among all the Blu Ray Burners. Its easy-to-use functions offer an array of optical authoring tools. Its clean interface gives you access to all the useful burning tools in the main window.

Ashampoo Burning Studio


  • You can burn a Movie-only copy of the discs
  • This software helps you to make different types of Blu-Ray Discs, DVDs, and even CDs.
  • Burning a copy of a Blu -ray movie takes only a few clicks without any hassle.

6. Leawo Blu Ray Copy

  • Type Of License: Freemium

Leawo is one such Blu Ray burner which can decrypt, rip, copy and burn Blu Rays on Windows, and Mac. It helps you to burn Blu-rays in 1.1 copies without any quality loss.

Leawo Blu Ray Copy

Leawo helps you create your own Blu Ray movie disc. This is the most comprehensive Blu Ray Burning software. One drawback of this software is, it doesn’t provide compression options for Blu Ray movies. 


  • It has a feature to add 3D effects to 2D movies.
  • It has basic features of video editing to edit your videos.
  • It has strong backup storage and archiving tools.
  • It has more than 40 preset free disc menus and template models.


  • $44.95 for year
  • $99.95 for lifetime

7. Blue Cloner

  • Type Of License: Freemium

Blu Cloner is one full-featured Blu ray copy/backup/decryption/ software which can copy movies to blank Blu-ray DVD/AVCHD discs. If you want to burn a 1:1 copy of perfect quality then this software is for you only. It is one of the easiest Blu Ray burning software which provides experts and express burning models.

Blue Cloner

Blue Corner 6 helps you burn identical or compressed copies of Blu-ray movies with some simple clicks. It comes with compression tools which help you to cut or shrink a large Blu ray Movie to fit onto a smaller blank Blu Ray or DVD.


  • It makes exact copies of your Blu-Ray movies without any minor change.
  • It helps you burn excellent quality discs.
  • It helps you to cut short, or shrink any movie.
  • It helps you to bypass copy protection.


  • $59.99

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windows 10 or 11 have Blu-ray burning software?

Yes there many third party Blu Ray burning software for windows 10 or 11. You can choose between Ashampoo Burning Studio and BurnAware. Both of the softwares are good and support windows 10 and 11.

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