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According to the data released by the World Health Organisation, the depression rates increased by 25% in the first year of the pandemic alone.

This was because people could not find others to share their feelings with, and could not go out with their friends. This led to people feeling really alone resulting in depression.

Online Chat Rooms Sites

There are certain emotions and feelings that you cannot share with the people in your immediate surroundings. There is a fear of judgement and this becomes an invisible barrier in communication which is really important. 

Online chat rooms have come across as a saviour in such situations. There are many platforms available online where you can talk to strangers anonymously. This eliminates the fear of judgement.

The online chat rooms provide a platform for people to connect with other like-minded individuals. People share their interests, and hobbies and also find a listening ear in the process.

There are also many introverts who do not talk much in real life but feel comfortable opening their heart when they are with strangers. There is very little to lose and a lot to gain if these platforms are used carefully.

In this article, we have made a list of the Best Free Online Chat Room Sites. Read on to find out more.

What to Remember before you start Online Chatting

There are certain things that you need to remember to have a good experience on online chat room sites. These points are related to your safety and well-being on the sites.

Here is what you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure not to share any personally identifying information on the site. Either on the chat with someone or on your profile.
  • If you feel like the person you are talking with, is harassing you or trying to take advantage in any way, you should immediately report such profiles.
  • If you find some underage individuals on the site, report such profiles according to the rules of the platform.
  • Make sure that you follow all the rules on the platform and do not harass any individual on the site. 
  • Make sure that you make everyone feel comfortable on the site and behave in a way that you would like others to behave with you.

After keeping all the points in mind, you can move to the next section to find the list of the sites where you can chat online.

Best Free Online Chat Room Sites

1. Stranger

This is an online community where people can find new friends. You can choose different ways of communicating according to your convenience.

Stranger Meetup

Why Stranger Meetup?

  • Stranger Meetup does not limit you to anonymous conversations but also provides you with private face-to-face chat rooms.
  • You can also find public chat rooms on this site. 
  • You can find guides on the platform to get tips on how to find friends.
  • This chat room site is also famous for finding romantic interests. Many people have given the testimony of finding their partner on this site.
  • The platform is free.
  • The registration on the site is anonymous. There is no need to provide any details to identify yourself.
  • There is also an app offered if you like the app interface.
  • The site operates worldwide and you can find friends from all over the world.
  • There is great care taken to reduce the bots on the site. There is a great probability that you will not find any fake and automated bot accounts on the site.
  • You can choose to increase the visibility of your profile by adding information if you are comfortable.
  • If you are clueless about how to start a conversation with a stranger on the site, you can also find guides on conversation starters.

2. ChatRoulette

Just like the game of roulette, this site also gives you the excitement that comes with randomness.


Why ChatRoulette?

  • You can use the platform to meet random people, there is a certain level of excitement associated with the unknown. 
  • The site included texting, video chat, and audio chat too. You can choose the option that helps you express yourself better.
  • You can use the site without any formalities of registration.
  • The unpredictability of whom you will see on the screen next makes this site an adventure. You just have to press a button and the site transitions to someone new.
  • You can also upload a profile picture if you like.
  • You can filter the people you are likely to meet according to the country.
  • If you do not feel a connection with the person you are talking to, you can switch to a new person just by switching a random button.
  • There is also a gender filter in place. 
  • They have a specially designed algorithm that recognizes obscene content and filter that which makes the platform relatively safer.
  • There is also peer-to-peer chat and group chat available if you do not want to random chat anymore.
  • The site allows for live broadcasts.

3. Chat Avenue

This is a free platform for chatting online that offers a lot of categories for you to choose from.

Chat Avenue

Why Chat Avenue?

  • There is no restriction on the niche of the chat room. There are many options to choose from. You can choose from a range of college chats, singles chats, dating chats, etc. 
  • The interface of the site is quite simple. You will see all the categories of chat rooms on the home page itself. There is no need to go too deep into the website looking for what you need.
  • The site is LGBTQ+ friendly and does not discriminate at all.
  • Teenagers can also use this website to connect with friends online.
  • There are special rooms for teens and kids to chat that only allow a particular age group so that the kids and teenagers on the platform are not exposed to something dangerous.
  • They also give you the option to live chat.
  • They also provide you the option of chatting with someone random people on the platform through the option of ChatRoulette.
  • There is also a feature known as video game chat where you can chat with other video game enthusiasts and play together.
  • You also get the option to create a friend list to keep track of the individuals that you feel a connection with and would like to connect with later.
  • If you feel comfortable, you also have the option to add details to your profile. There is no necessity to add details and register if you want to stay anonymous.
  • There are moderators appointed on the site to make sure that the experience on the site is safe and comfortable for everybody that uses it.

4. Second Life

This is a website where you can find exciting chat room categories for free. They also have many such categories that you may not find on any other platform.

Second Life

Why Second Life?

  • You can find unique chat room categories that you may not find anywhere else on the internet. Choose from the options like Cosplay, Music Clubs, virtual cinema, etc. all this adds up to a very exciting experience.
  • The community feature on this website will attract you more to the group chat atmosphere where you can share the interests you have with like-minded individuals.
  • The graphics and interface of the site are very user-friendly. As you open the site, you will see many aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and advanced animations.
  • You can also have your work meetings on this platform. There are virtual meeting rooms that you can create and customise according to your liking and taste.
  • The site has been around for a decade and is trusted by many companies to hold their virtual meetings.
  • There is a marketplace available on the website where you can buy virtual merchandise to make your experience even more productive and enjoyable.
  • There is a virtual economy set up on the platform where you can even sell your possessions or exchange them for other valuable virtual stuff. 
  • There is also a forum for the website where you can talk about the problems that you might be facing with the website and share experiences with the other users of the platform.
  • You can also sign up for the affiliate program of the site to earn some more money on the side.
  • They have a great team that is experienced and efficiently runs the platform. The site can be totally trusted and is always on its way to betterment.

5. Talk Chat

This is a website for online free chatting that is age-restricted and hence is striving to be safer than the other chat rooms with no restrictions.

Talk Chat

Why Talk Chat?

  • There is an age restriction on the website where you have to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. This can be construed to understand that the site is striving to follow the legal and moral code of conduct on its platform.
  • The site is totally anonymous and you can choose any name you want for yourself. There is no need to input your real name or verify it in any way.
  • There is a gender filter on the website where you can choose to talk with individuals of your preferred gender.
  • The website has an active blog that you can follow for advice on how to manoeuvre the platform.
  • There is a dedicated safety section on the platform where you can brush up on how you can stay safe on the platform as well as in the outside world. This is a section that is highly recommended by us to read because it can help you not only on Talk Chat but also on other websites.
  • They do not store any unnecessary data to make the site technically safe for everyone who is a user. They claim that the only data they store on their server is the one that is visible to you on your profile. Basically, the essential data that they need to maintain a database. They do not store vulnerable information like credit card information.
  • They have integrated videos on their platform that provide advice about how you should behave on the online chatting platforms to ensure maximum safety.
  • If you make a group on the site, you are free to invite your friends. The only requirement is that they register on the platform. This will act as a tool for identification on the platform so that you can easily find them.
  • The site also provides you with ideas about what to talk about if you are clueless in that department.
  • As long as you do not share personal information on the website, you can be sure that the site is safe and that nobody from the site will show up to harass you in real-life.


This is a very unique platform as it offers you to chat with people all around the world in a 3D format. This is something very new and a lot of platforms have still not incorporated this into their models.



  • The first and foremost reason is that it provides you with something so unique in the form of its 3D chat feature, that many other websites may take a lot of time to even copy it if they try.
  • There is a great interface that makes you feel that you are in the real world interacting with real people.
  • The site is really popular which adds to the reliability quotient of the website.
  • You can customise the room that you are in by adding furniture and changing backgrounds. The graphics on the page are also top-notch that give you a really good experience.
  • You can also play music in the chat room that you have created.
  • There is a real-time update on the site always that lets you know how many people are online at that time and chatting with others on the platform.
  • There is a variety in what room you can choose on the site because there are always hundreds of rooms available to chat.
  • You can use the site any time during the day. As the site operates worldwide, there are always people available to chat with. The traffic on the website is always very high.

7. Anti Chat

This site for anonymous chat rooms is free and has a huge audience base. There are many features that the site offers.

Anti Chat

Why Anti Chat?

  • The user base on the site is huge. Talking about numbers, you can find more than 1.6 million active members on the site. There is always someone to talk to and in this diversity, you are sure to find some people that match your vibe.
  • The site supports more than 32 international languages and hosts over 1000 chat rooms on the site.
  • You do not have to reveal your identity and you can instead choose from the avatars on the website that best represent you. There are more than 100 avatars that you can choose from.
  • The site takes its safety very seriously and has appointed numerous moderators to take care of the safety concerns of the website.
  • The site is trusted by many and this is because they have a dedicated team with many members that are committed to updating the website regularly.
  • The reviews on the site are top-notch and you can check this on reliable platforms like Apple Store, Product Hunt, and VentureBeat among others.
  • The site is also on a mission to promote interracial dating.
  • The interface of the site is really transparent and you can find most of the terms and conditions on the home page itself.
  • The website does not save any history in order to make the platform safer.
  • The site also does not spam you with notifications or emails.
  • There are forums on the website run by the moderators to make sure that user issues reach the correct destination.
  • You can also use the incognito mode on the website for an added layer of security.
  • There is also an app that is supported on both Android and iOS interfaces.

8. Badoo

A highly popular platform for finding someone online for free. This site has a huge user base and it is also one of the most reliable platforms for online chat room.


Why Badoo?

  • The platform helps you find the people that are closer to you in terms of location.
  • You have the option to sign up through your Facebook account or through your mobile number/email.
  • You can also find the app for this platform. The app is supported on both Android and iOS.
  • All the policies on the site are very transparent and you can easily understand that with a single click. There is a page on the site that is solely dedicated to the privacy policy of the platform and you can modify the settings according to your preferences.
  • There is a dedicated data protection officer appointed at Badoo and this really adds to the quality of the privacy policy on the site.
  • They collect some information so that the bots on the platform can be restricted to a minimum. This reduces the chances of spam. 
  • The platform also mentions in their privacy policy that they do not need personal information related to you for you to start talking to someone on the platform. They also give advice to not share all this information with any stranger on the platform.
  • There is no necessary condition to actually share a profile picture but if you do, they clearly mention that they scan the profile picture with face recognition software. This step is also taken to ensure that there are no robots on the platform and your experience is seamless.
  • You can also purchase the premium subscription on the platform if you wish to access even more features.
  • There is dedicated customer support on the website to help you with any issues that you might encounter while using the platform.

9. ICQ Chat

This platform with one of a kind interface is one of the best platforms you can find for free online chatting.

ICQ Chat

Why ICQ Chat?

  • There is a network radio on the website that is a really interesting addition to the platform. 
  • There are different trending hashtags on the platform that you can follow to find people interested in a specific topic and you will literally see the most popular ones on the homepage.
  • The website says that their chatrooms are secure and their team really works very hard to eliminate any safety threats that are reported.
  • There is no registration required to start chatting on the platform.
  • This website does not intend to become a dating site while advertising as a chat room site.
  • They have a dedicated support desk that makes sure all your issues with the platform are solved at the earliest.
  • There is a gallery feature on the website that features pictures from the people that are actually comfortable sharing their pictures. This is not a mandatory exercise on the platform.
  • There is a networking forum on the website that allows you to join other people that are using the platform and connect with them if you have any issues.
  • You can see the real-time improvements on the website listed. This makes the process totally transparent and people are assured that their issues are taken care of. 
  • There are real-time statistics available on the website to understand what you have been up to.
  • You can play many amazing games on the platform like Uno, Trivia, and many more. This is a great way to bond with people online. 
  • The website takes great care of the safety on the platform. There are youth protection laws in place that help with the cause.


There are many sites on the internet that will offer you chat room services. However, you should remember that everything on the internet is not genuine and at the end of the day even if the platform that you are using is reliable, there are no guarantees on who is talking to you when there is anonymity involved.

Staying anonymous on a platform and talking to people comes with many benefits but there are also many issues that need to be addressed. 

The most important points to remember are, taking care of your own safety, and respecting other people’s privacy on the platform.

The list above has been made with thorough research and we have tried to include only those options that are reliable and trustworthy. 

Hopefully, this list was useful to you. Keep following for more such updates.

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