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Video production is now an integral part of every business out there. The use of video in promoting and marketing a business is very crucial these days.

Videos have always been more attractive and appealing to the audience when compared to regular texts. 97% of all marketers have accepted that videos helped to attract more attention. If crafted with care and creativity, then videos can be very addictive.

With the advent of the internet, people have started to spend more time on their mobile devices. That is why at least 81% of all businesses now use videos in their digital marketing strategies.

Let’s be honest that we spend so much time watching videos up on the web. That is what the brands want to happen. They want you to watch their video & subsequently learn more about their products or services.

If you plan for a robust digital marketing campaign, then videos must play a crucial role in it. However, if you are confused about how to edit and create the right video, we have got you covered. Check out the seven amazing apps for mobiles to create a business video in 2021.

Quick Table Of Best Mobile Apps To Create Business Video

InVideo EditorWeb AppFreemium
Promo.comWeb App, Android, IOSPremium
VismeWeb AppFreemium
Camera PlusIOSPremium
MagistoAndroid, IOS, Web AppFreemium
ProCam Video EditorIOSPremium
FiLMiC ProAndroid, IOSPremium
FilmoraGoAndroid, IOSFreemium

Overview Of Best Mobile Apps To Create Business Video

1. InVideo Editor

InVideo is one of the best business video creators that come with a variety of different features. Each of these features can help you create professional and high-quality videos of the best dimensions.

InVideo Editor

InVideo is available for both iOS and Android devices, which makes it even more popular in 2021. The video editing app has a huge music library with more than 10 million songs & tunes. The UI of the application helps you get used to the overall functionalities quickly. 

If you want to add more details to your video, you can do it easily with advanced video filters. You can find 700+ video templates & their developers update the editing app frequently for better performance. Their plans are affordable & offer great value.


Promo is a complete business video solution from sales videos to engaging editorial content. With Promo, you have access to hundreds of pre-made video templates, unlimited media from iStock and Getty Images and a lot more else.

You just simply need to search your niche, pick any template, finish the video, and you are good to publish on all your social media platforms.


What Can You Do With Promo?

  • Easily create social media ads or promo video
  • Create Niche (Industry) specific videos
  • Create social media videos by using your own products videos or photos
  • Create Photos to video
  • Use their Social Media Calendar
  • Resize your images
  • Create Facebook video covers
  • Create collage
  • Create engaging editorial content latest real-time events, shows, trends, celebrities, fashion, news and more

Why Do You Need Promo?

The reason is simple that you don’t need to waste too much time on video productions teams. With Promo, any person with basic knowledge of graphic and video editing can create some really engaging business videos in a very short period of time.

With Promo, you can complete a video in just three steps,

  • Pick any template, or upload any video, or pick any media from iStock and Getty Images.
  • Customise your video with texts, business logo etc
  • Choose a music
  • You are done

So no more headache for business videos, simply use Promo.

Promo Ratings:

  • Trustpilot: 4.5
  • Capterra: 4.4
  • G2: 4.3
  • Play Store: 4.0

3. Visme

Visme is an all-in-one online presentation and infographic tool with ready-to-use templates for all your business & professional need. With Visme, you can create an engaging business video in few simple steps.

The tool is developed in a way that anyone can easily use it whether you are a beginner or professional.


What Can You Create With Visme?

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Docs
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Printables
  • Videos
  • Graphics


  • Ready to use templates for all your need
  • Engaging Charts and Infographics
  • Documents templates
  • Easily create branded social media posts
  • Add Short Videos & Animations

4. Camera Plus

Camera Plus is one of the most downloaded video editing apps for businesses in the last few years. The app has a vast selection of different editing tools, and the straightforward app UI allows you to create any video for your business, depending on your needs.

Camera Plus

Camera Plus comes with a useful AirSnap function that can help you connect the two iOS devices. One of them is turned into a remote control, and the other can operate the app. They frequently update the library to offer you brand new editing features.

You can use the huge built-in library of the app to add photos, sound effects, music, and other elements to attract more customers towards their brand. You can unlock a whole new dimension of creativity that also helps you create videos very quickly.

5. Magisto

A unique and free app that can help you create and upload the best business videos in the last few years. The algorithm of the app can affect the overall development of the application.

EST or Emotion Sense Technology is one of the best additions to the app that helps to sense & detect the emotions present in a video. Then it works to edit the faces & make them more confident.


Magisto is revamping its features with every update. The app has won brilliant awards that include Google Play Editor’s Choice and the Gartner’ Cool Vendor’ 2018. Use ready-made templates and give your videos a whole new look from now. Their library is also free and includes 3 million full-HD iStock video clips.

6. ProCam Video Editor

ProCam allows its users to not plot, edit, and create videos in the app and has a recording feature. You can even snap still shots when recording. This app can support almost all resolutions and ratios that are made available in your camera.

The fine-tuned in-built autofocus helps you get photos that are crystal clear. The video quality is also one of the best we have seen.

ProCam Video Editor

Once the video is recorded or imported, you can use the plethora of different editing tools that take your video to a whole new level. The app comes with features that are less handy when compared to other apps on the list.

But, each of the features can give a professional touch to your videos and images. You can even make time-lapse and slow-motion videos in it.

7. FiLMiC Pro

A professional app that has been recognized as one of the best apps for creating and processing videos, FiLMiC Pro is a must-have app for business videos. The app has a clean and clutter-free UI, which helps users use the app with more efficiency.

FiLMiC Pro

It has a wide range of features, and some of them include – 4X zoom, audio metering, and three different kinds of shooting modes. This app is best for those who want to edit high-quality videos without too many filters, templates, and other modern elements.

8. FilmoraGo

Last but not least, with more than 50 million downloads, FilmoraGo is one of the most versatile apps for video editing for Android OS. It is the best free HD editor and comes with a separate feature that allows you to shoot videos.


You can add text, audio, images, effects, filters & other elements to make your video look phenomenal. It is easy-to-use & comes packed with so many features, all of which come with vital functions.

Once you create the video, you can share it directly to your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Crop, trim, cut, paste, and do a lot of other stuff with your videos as you want to. So, creating a good video for your business campaign is easier.

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