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Gimbals are one the essential things for the professional videography and shooting. But carrying the Gimbal stablizer along with your DSLR Camera and other essential accessories with your regular Backpack is headache.

So here we are recommending some of the our best picked Gimbal & camera backpack, mostly are available on the Amazon. Hope you will like our suggested products.

1. Zhiyun Gimbal Bag


  • Huge backpack enough capacity for a full set of kits
  • Military level handling system
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and can be easily adjusted
  • Come with external accessories which can easily fit to backpack

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Customer Review: “This is what every mobile camera man needs. Its keeps everything in tact… it keeps everything somewhat organized esspecially on the go in the field”- David

2. DSLR Camera And Mirrorless Backpack By Altura Photo


  • Easily adjust 1 DSLR, 4 to 6 lens, 1 gimbal,
  • 840D Nylon exterior to ensure your gear protection
  • You can easily remove or add foam pads
  • Pocket for laptop and table up to 14-inches.
  • Side attachment for monopod or tripod. In case you do not have use you can fold and keep to the side panels
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • To store extra batteries, and other accessories like memory cards etc it contains Multiple accessory pockets

Customer Review: “Holy smokes, this is an awesome bag for the money! I got the Wanderer and it fits all my gear perfectly, is fairly comfortable to wear with 15lbs of gear, and looks very streamlined to boot.

I’m a 5’5″ female so I wanted something cute that would hold all my stuff and not overwhelm me; this fits the bill so perfectly that I have retired my $200 camera purse (which was a pain in the neck, literally!)”- Cait C

3. Endurax Video Camera Backpack Fit 2


  • Lockable laptop pocket with zip
  • Contain an extra tripod pouch and a secure strap to fully secure your tripod
  • Light reflection strip so you can safely walk in nights
  • Ultra tight water-resistant fabric


Customer Review: “Hesitant that you might be buying the wrong camera backpack! Worried that your stuff wont be secured? I know how you feel, I had your thoughts. But, let me tell you about this product. I researched everything I came across, on amazon, B&H, and Adorama, but nothing compared to the compartment size, pockets, and buckles and straps that this particular camera backpack has. I thought, ok, I’ll order it but if I feel that it’s cheap, not reliable then I’ll return it. This review is about 5 months after purchasing and I primarily use this bag on my traveling trips. I feel safe with my gear in this bag and on my back. There’s enough to carry my stuff and more. My lap top has enough padding, the well designed padding between your back and the backpack will leave you with comfort. Its durable enough that if you place the backpack away when not in use the material does not feel compromised and flatten like other bags do. So take a chance. Stop searching like I did and just try this product/ brand, I’m sure you’ll love it too.”- Ricardo S

4. Camera Backpack Zecti


  • Up to 3 DSLR
  • 4 leans
  • Camera add-on accessories
  • Laptop
  • Bottle
  • Tripod

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Customer Review: “Very nice camera bag, durable, well thought out and great looking. What I liked the best is that the bag opens from the back so accidents with photo gear spilling out is minimized. Zippers are heavy duty and work smoothly. Very comfortable straps with the right amount of padding. Exterior looks great and while I’ve only had the bag several months it looks like it will wear well. After a trip to New Zealand hauling a bunch of camera gear it looks brand new. Excellent bag, the best I have had. Also held my iPad, phone as well as various cables and chargers. Side pockets are handy and work great to organize smaller things.”- BraneTraveler

5. Altura Photo Navigator Camera Backpack Bag


  • Well-padded body and adjustable padded dividers
  • Many extra pouches for accessories
  • Breathable 3D airflow padding
  • Stretchable water bottle pouch


Customer Review: “This bag is fantastic. Really though, I can’t make general statements like that, because everyone’s camera needs are different. So let me put it this way: if you’re looking for a gear bag this size with roughly the same features, buy this one. The zippers ooze quality every time I zip them, the bag’s outside material feels smooth and durable, the inside compartment has many movable Velcro walls and dividers, and I just feel like there’s a perfect niche for every gadget I need to store. Camera, lenses, wheels and microphone–main compartment. Little dolly and batteries–inside pocket. Filters–outside slip pocket. You get my point? Honestly, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this bag. It held up great traveling across Europe too. Still looks brand new.”- Courtnic2

6. Estarer SLR/DSLR Camera Backpack

A very cost-effective gimbal and camera backpack with very comfortable wearing with large capacity and come with a rain cover.


Customer Review: “I love nearly everything about this bag: the green color, customization compartments, holds both my laptop and iPad, and fits comfortably on my shoulders. It seemed pretty small when it arrived, but don’t let that fool you. It holds a lot of stuff!
However, there is one huge flaw that would prevent me from recommending this product. The fabric used to secure a tripod is too short and my small travel tripod will not fit in either direction. For some reason the manufacturer when with a loop rather than clip for fastening it. This could easily be resolved by adding clips to the tripod sling, rather than the slide approach. Seriously, one more inch of fabric and I would have been set. Giving three stars since that feature was a must have on my bag selection.”- R. Brown

7. Nanuk 940 Ronin M Waterproof Hard Case

Instead of a backpack, it is a waterproof hard case made for the DJI Ronin M Gimbal Stabilizer where you can easily fit your gimbal and accessories with full safety.


Customer Review: “PROS:
I like this case. It is solid construction, latches snap shut, protects my Ronin. Does it make me feel all ooey-gooey like buying a Pelican? Not really. This is a price point that I can live with though, and it will protect my equipment through thick and thin. Over all, I feel this case is more of an investment in my Ronin, not in hard cases 🙂

The inside is cut well, foam feels rigid and really light, but there isn’t a lot of room for extras. I gave up carrying my full-size remote so I can pack the silk bag of bits, thumb controller, monitor mounts, etc. Also, the case doesn’t seal nice and flush. If you look along the seem, there is a gap because the case shuts a bit crooked and must be corrected and snapped shut. Minor details since this is more for road wear than it is for kayaking 😉 Again, price point.

If you are searching up and down for the right case at the right price point, this is where I landed.”- Amazon Customer

8. Camera Backpack, Beschoi

The Beschoi Camera Backpack contains plenty of space to easily fit all of your photography equipment. It is designed to easily and comfortably carry your photo shooting and editing tools.


Customer Review: “I was looking for a separate bag for my Canon 70d with 70-200 and 24-105 lenses and came across this bag. I liked the reviews so I purchased it and I’m glad I did. My favorite gear fits perfectly in this light, compact bag with plenty of storage for accessories. It’s easy to grab it and go without having to switch bags because my other was full of lenses. It’s supposed to be waterproof but I haven’t tested it for that and hope I never have to. You can sort the inside any way you want to to fit your needs. I’m very happy with this bag and look forward to using it when I go on weekend trips and extended vacations.”- Chi Mom

9. Tenba Cineluxe Pro Gimbal Backpack

The Tenba Cineluxe pro is developed in collaboration with professional filmmakers to design a backpack to meet all of the requirements a professional photographer needed.


Customer Review: “No Customer Review On Amazon”

10. Manfrotto MB MA-BP-TS Advanced Tri Backpack

The Tri Backpack S maybe use in 3 ways, it may use in the backpack, sling bag or “X” position with a unique design, where you get modular padded dividers for The main camera.


Customer Review: “Just got it recently and I’m loving it. I just wanted to make a review to provide a detail that I have been worrying about ever since making this purchase. I’ve read reviews from B&H, Amazon, Manfrotto and people have constantly been saying it doesn’t fit the MacBook Pro 13. However, IT DOES FIT. It’s a supreme tight fit and you can’t have a case on the MacBook, but it Indeed DOES FIT A MACBOOK PRO 13”.”- Jurie

11. Moza Fashion Camera Backpack for Air 2 Gimbal

This gimbal backpack is for the Moza Air 2, where along with your gimbal, it fits a DSLR, up to 2 lens, handgrip, and other small essential accessories.

12. Moza Professional Camera Backpack for Air 2 Gimbal

This is also for Moza 2 and it is a full-size gimbal backpack where you can fit all of the required equipment with some other small items. It contains pockets, zippers, and handle.

13. Porta Brace Backpack for DJI Ronin-S Gimbal

This backpack is made to perfectly fit the DJI Ronin-S Gimbal and its other required accessories and can be easily converted between backpack and sling.

14. The Gimbal Bag By Gimbal Guru

This backpack will let you easily balance your gimbal stabilizer whenever you take it out. It is best if you are having a single-handed stabilizer and a camera.

15. Monopole Backpack

This unique backpack contains a 39inch adjustable monopole that lets you position your camera on your shoulder on the height of 3 feet from your shoulder.


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