Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle For Better Footage

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In order to get some stunning bike footage with GoPro, you have to be very careful while selecting the best possible place to mount the camera.

Even if you are a professional, but if you choose the wrong place, then you are going to ruin your Footage.

In this post, we are going to talk about all of the possible GoPro Mounting ideas on Motorcycles to shoot amazing Footage.

There are several different options of GoPro Mounting on the bike, but the best Position depends on your need and goal that what actually you are trying to shoot.

Your goals can be different or depend on the purpose, like,

You are vacation: if you are on vacation in a beautiful place, then definitely you will like to shoot the view around you, or your crew or friends, etc.

You are on a race track: If you are on a race track, then you may be looking to shoot the tracks or your shift points.

You want to improve your positioning. Maybe you will be trying to improve your sitting position and want to capture your body language.

So a perfect mounting position totally depends on your need or goal, so first find your need, ask yourself what your goals are.

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Then be a little creative and try to imagine which Position will be best to capture your goals.

Best Mounting Position Ideas

Here one thing I want to confirm is that there is no perfect mounting location; it completely depends on your goal as we talked in the beginning.

Below I am explaining all of the Common Mounting Locations; you may select one of them which suits best for your goals.

1. Helmet Top Mount

On this Position you can frame yourself and bike in the Footage. Also, at this Position, you can include some part of your Helmet.

But most of the people are not a huge fan of this mounting Position.

According to the Ian G Laurie, Helmet top mount gives a dull look to the Footage, and this Position is also much further away to your neck.

Helmet Top Mount

2. Helmet Side Mount (Left Or Right)

This Position will capture some part of your Helmet and bike from one side along with the view around you.

Also, this Position does not look like you shoot the Footage from much height.

Helmet Side Mount (Left Or Right)

3. Helmet Chin Mount

Helmet Chin Area can be tricky to mount because you need a plain surface to mount, but not all of the Helmet has a flat area on the chin. So mounting on the helmet chin completely depends on your helmet shape.

Helmet Chin Mount

4. Motorcycle Head

This Position is good if you want to capture yourself in the Footage. You just need to mount the camera in the center of your bike head.

This way, you will be in the center of the video.

Motorcycle Head


Because the camera is mounted on the bike head, it will capture the vibration from the bike.

5. Motorcycle Mirror Mount

This Position is also good to capture yourself in the Footage, especially when you are trying to vlogging and want to record your voice.

Also, at this Position, you are not the center of the frame, so it also captures much of the view around you with yourself.

Motorcycle Mirror Mount

6. Motorcycle Exhaust Mount

This is the right Position to capture the behind view; this Position is suitable when you are capturing different angles so you can include all of the angles in your final video.

Motorcycle Exhaust Mount

7. Motorcycle Side Mount

This mounting Position is good to shoot leaning and tracks, but it will only shoot one side of the bike, and your angles will be a little low (much near from road).

Motorcycle Side Mount

8. Motorcycle Tank Mount

This Position is good to capture your controls and bike head, but much of your frame is covered by the bike.

Motorcycle Tank Mount

9. Motorcycle Tail Mount

This Position is best for capturing body posture from behind and capturing lean angles.

This Mount is mostly used by the racers on race tracks to capture lean angles and body positioning for improvements.

Motorcycle Tail Mount


Your body will block much of the frame at this Position.

10. Chest Mount

Along with the view around you, If you want to capture handlebars and your controls too, then chest mounting will be the best choice. It gives you close to a POV view and with less vibration and a much stable video.

Chest Mount


For some of the bikes, chest mounts can be too low. Also, chest mounts do not come with a GoPro kit, so you have to purchase it separately.

Mounting On Bike

Easy to operate: You can easily operate your camera. When you mount on the Helmet, you need to take off the Helmet every time you want to do something with the camera. This can be a little frustrating sometimes. But on-bike mounting, you can easily operate the camera any time without any trouble.

No Extra Weight On Rider: By mounting the camera on the bike, you can come out of the extra weight on the rider.


Can easily capture the vibration

Mount On Helmet

Less vibration: By mounting on Helmet you can stay away from the vibration and can shoot stable Footage.


Hard To Operate: You have to take off the Helmet every time to operate the camera. This can be frustrating.

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