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Iphone come with an advanced camera to shoot high quality videos and Photos. Here in this post we are going to review 14 best Iphone Gimbal for your IOS Phone. Gimbals are great solution to take professional photos & videos.

We are dividing our whole review in the following given categories, you can choose any category according to your requirement.

#Best Selling iPhone Gimbal

1. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone

It is the best selling Smartphone Gimbal for iPhone on Amazon with the customer rating of 4.5. Also, the price of the product is reasonable, not too high or low. So it is also our recommended Gimbal for iPhone.

  • 3D Inseption Mode which let your phone rotate vertically 360° 
  • Sports mode to shoot while running, Cycling, or traveling
  • Their own Hohem gimbal app
  • Up to 12H running time
  • 1.1 lbs in weight
  • Payload is 0.6 lbs
  • 3.5h of charging time
  • Compatible with all major smartphone brands, along iPhone 11

Customer Review: “I didn’t expected the battery last the whole day. You can use their apps to record and take picture, otherwise you can use without their apps but you have to manually recorded/stop. Connecting thru bluetooth was easy but you have to their apps to fully utilize their functions (record/snapshot/zoom). You can put your phone horizontally or vertically. There is adjustable clamp to hold the phone and extended swivel arm (not holding arm).

Cons: the joystick move kinda fast, I have to get used to it when recording. I wish they can make it go slowly (using step motor?)” Rin Mieru

#Affordable Iphone Gimbal Under 70$ To 120$ 

2. Filmtacy P1

We selected FILMTACY 3 as most affordable gimbal with 5 start Amazon customer ratings. Best for Vlog and live video making. Also it can be expanded to 9.5 cm which is really helpful while making font camera videos. it can be also fold which means it is portable too which makes it easy to carry.

  • Official “ZY Play” app to control the gimbal
  • Foldable
  • Length can be adjusted
  • Two ways charging
  • Anti Shake
  • Ergonomic Grip to provide better & comfortable control

Customer Review: “An amazing Gimbal. Very sturdy and well made. Had a hard time figuring out how to get it into portrait mode. But found out how after reading the instructions a couple of times. Make sure to view the videos as there’s so much this Gimbal can do. Love that the Bluetooth connected so fast. Very easy rotation and long battery life.” Diane

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3. Feiyu FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket

We also categorized it in affordable gimbal with 4.5 overall Amazon customer rating, suitable to Vlog and can be remotely controlled. it is compatible with both IOS & Android. Most important it can be last to 14 hours so you do not need to worry to charge it again & again.

  • Can be Remotely control
  • Portable
  • Tilt: 240°
  • Roll: 165°
  • Pan: 330°
  • Weight: 272g
  • 1300MAH Battery
  • 8 hours of working time
  • 14 hours of standby time

Customer Review: “I’m sure a lot of you Guys and Girls uses Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms to post short videos, as many of you I can’t stand shaky videos, Its just super annoying! when my video shakes just a little,

I cancel it and record again!! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

I was looking for a smaller size gimbal to use with my iPhone 11 pro max on the go, And honestly was surprised when I first saw vlog pocket, Literally The smallest gimbal I’ve seen! basically it’s exactly the size of an IPhone when its folded.

Not variety of color options but glad they made it in black. I did my research after finding this gimbal. There are some competitors on the market of course, but for a cheap price and small size this definitely wins.” Al.


4. STABLEI 3-Axis Handheld Gyro

With the features like Face tracking and Zoom control it is another great option in the Affordable gimbal range with 4.6 overall customer rating. Face tracking is really an amazing features where the gimbal tracks your face by itself. It helps you to shoot professional looking Time-lapse, Slow motion and other videos types.

  • Tilt: 325°
  • Roll: 180°
  • Pan: 330°
  • Object Tracking
  • Face Tracking
  • Two-way “ Charging
  • 12 hours working time 

Customer Review: “Gimbals can get pretty pricey no matter the style you are looking for (ie, DSLR, Smartphone, Action Cam, etc). So it is nice to run into something like this that won’t really cost you too much. This one isn’t perfect, but for the price, it can do a lot of neat stuff.

When you are standing still and most of the movement is coming from your arms/hands as well as the controls on the handle, you get movement that is pretty smooth. This allows you to get a lot of neat shots around and over objects without little to no shake or jitter.

The handle gives you a lot of your option instantly available to you. You can get a number of modes to work with a simple button and the joystick works quite well with moving the phone around the axis points (up/down, left/right). You can instantly take images or can start/stop video with a bottom on the back of the handle. It has zoom control as well (although this is digital zoom so we wouldn’t make a lot of use of that).

It has threads at the bottom of the handle so you can attach it to the stand it comes with and use it to follow you around with face tracking, which is a great feature. That alone is a pretty strong selling point.” Poc Network

5. Zhiyun Smooth Q2

A truly pocket size budget gimbal for Iphone with 360 infinite vortex mode, Native camera control, up to 17 hours of battery life and more other advanced features. If you frequently travel and looking for a gimbal as a travel companion then you must pick this Zhiyun Smooth Q2. its Its battery life is higher than its competitors in this price range and it is also portable so it can be easy carry to anywhere.

  • Tilt: 305°
  • Roll: 265°
  • Pan: 360°
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
  • Working Time: 4500 mAh

Customer Review: “I just want to start off and say the build quality is solid. It’s all metal and feels solid when you grip it. At first, the controls were overwhelming, after a few tries, you get the hang of the gestures. At first, I kept hitting the phone with the gimbal, but you have to learn the limitations So you don’t mess up the shot. I got this to supplement my drone videos and for travel videos. There’s also this mode that I call inception mode because you can spin it while moving forward and backward. It really makes for some nice transition shots. I enjoyed using this so much I may go and get the weebill s. It’s super easy to setup and I made a video to explain some of it.

I highly recommend a extension pole and a tripod base. This can add to your content.” Gadget hunter

#Cheap Iphone Gimbal

6. YTGOOD Handheld Stabilizer Handle

Cheap product comes with the cheap features but still this product justify the need of a Gimbal at very cheap rate. product have average built quality and good grip which helps you to hold your phone well. The product helps you in selfies, live broadcast, and photography. 

  • Anti-shake
  • easy to use
  • High strength material


7. TLT Retail Handheld Gimbal

TLT Retail comes under 20$ and even during the sale you can buy it at more less price, but if we talk about its features, design and styling there is not better option in this price range. it is our recommended cheap Iphone Gimbal. 

  • 360 ° infinite rotation
  • Object tracking
  • Face tracking
  • Plastic material

#Used Iphone Gimbal On Amazon

if you have a low budget but do not want to compromise with the quality of the product then you can go with the used amazon products with minor or major damages but in working condition. You can buy these amazon used items at up to 60% of the price.

Category In Used Items

  • Used – Acceptable: Product will has major damage but working condition
  • Used – Very Good: item with very minor imperfection
  • Used – Like New: Item will like the new product, maybe there will be some scratches or very minor dents.

8. Steadicam Volt

Steadicam Volt which compatible with the Iphone, other Android Brands and GoPro Hero Cameras. So you do not need to buy separate gimbals stabilizer for different devices. The product listed price is 129$ but if you buy it used then you can get it for just 44$.

  • 1 pounds in weight
  • 2 Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Foldable
  • Universal Smartphone Mount
  • GoPro Hero Camera Mount
  • Low mode to go low

Customer Review: “This is a great buy IMO. Very nice and inexpensive addition to my box of tricks. That said, it’s not a full replacement for the Osmo. There is of course no time-lapse support, etc.. just motion stabilization. But it seems to do that very well.

Given the nature of this type of device, it is of course going to require some patience to set up, as it is designed to accommodate a wide range of devices, and hence the need to manually set the counterweights, and position the phone via sliding it from side to side and adjusting the positioning wheel. So yes, a bit of a hassle to set up, but the benefit is that by having it mechanically balanced, the motors have less work to do to stabilize the image, and you will get much better battery life than something like the Osmo which is using power to balance the device.

And It was a little tricky to set up, but not that hard IMO. 20 minutes, perhaps. But once you do have it set up it works very well. The motion is very fluid and it is a lot more controllable than the Osmo for panning and tilting. It was not obvious to me how this is done at first but after watching a video I saw that you only have to use your thumb to turn the wheel above the grip to aim, pan and tilt.” jfr60

9. MOZA Mini-S

Product has 4.2 overall customer rating and its price has 79$ if you buy new. But if you go with the used product you can get it at very less price. MOZA Mini-S comes with object tracking to track and shoot the object by itself whenever it moves. And compatible with Iphone & Android both.

  • 495g in weight
  • Foldable
  • Working time 5 hours
  • 3 hours charging time
  • Object Tracking
  • Portrait Mode
  • Vertigo Shot
  • Inception Mode

Customer Review: “Gudsen Technology is a China based manufacturing company, that specializes in high-precision motion control products that have revolutionized the film making industry, by making professional grade film making tools at affordable prices, changing the once high costing barrier of entry into the field, to be much more accessible to students, vloggers, and small production firms.

Their latest consumer product release, the Moza Mini-S is a cellphone stabilizer designed to be a compact and light accessory that will take your video footage to the next level. Designed to assist professional vlogger or your average cellphone user, the created a product that lets you slap a phone on the device and go out making video content. For the more avid cinematographers that are looking for more control, the Moza Genie application has many options that can be adjusted and tweaked to get the exact look you are looking for.

The main selling features of this particular stabilizing gimbal is ease of use with a large number of customization and feature options, lightweight but durable design, and a small and compact design that can folded down and stowed when traveling or transporting.” Oliver Yu

10. Zhiyun Smooth-Q

With Zhiyun Smooth-Q make your Iphone videos look smooth and more professional. it is compatible with the smartphone up to 7.7 screen size, and also supports Gopro Hero. It contains advanced camera features like object tracking, panorama Mode, time-lapse mode, camera record, Zoom In/out. And its battery will last up to 12 hours.

  • 440g in weight
  • Compatible with any smartphone under 6 inches
  • Face tracking
  • Panorama mode
  • Time-lapse mode
  • 12hrs of working time
  • Control from Joystick
  • 2000mA power output

Customer Review: “This gimbal does its job. Compared to just holding my phone in my hands, it’s night and day. Used it with iPhone XS Max.I got this to help me get stable footage with my phone. I use it to vlog, and also to try and get some cinematic stuff here and there for my YouTube channel. It works very well with the ZY Play app, I have an android phone, the note 9 to be specific. The app isn’t perfect, and it is a little tricky to figure out, but is super helpful. I really like that I can program it to do moving time lapses.” Davis

#Iphone Gimbal Under 50$

11. Dayleer 1-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

It is the 1 axis smartphone gimbal under 50$ with with 4.8 overall customer rating, compatible with iphone & other Android Phone brands. It features auto balance & object tracking so you can shoot clear video from any angle or position. It keeps the camera focus on one point. You can use it in three different modes, Handheld mode, Tripod Mode and selfie mode.

  • Handheld Mode
  • Tripod Mode
  • Selfie Mode
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • 7.8 ounces in weight

Customer Review: “Like the Gimbal, once you’ve used it for a while the Gimbal starts to shake. The heaviness of my iPhone could be a little too heavy for the Gimbal.” theresa m.

#Expensive Iphone Gimbal Under 500$

If you are professional and really looking for an advance Gimbal Stabilizer and also there is no issue with the budget then you can consider our below given suggestions.

12. Freefly Movi

The product comes with the full kit includes 2 batteries, USB A-C cable, travel case, movi hoodie accessory mount, VideoMic, and Cleaning Cloth. if you are a professional then a simple gimbal is not enough, you need an advance gimbal with all of the important accessories.

  • Movi App for the gimbal
  • 5 advanced shooting modes
  • 8 hours of working time
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Customer Review: “Have had the product for a few months and has worked but the only problem is that the portion where the mic sits wobbles and I cant seem to find something to tighten the screw. Every time the phone moves in a certain angle with the wobbly mic it will come into view of the picture.” Jorge Garcia

13. DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Osmo Pocket is a very different & unique in design, it is 3 Axis Gimbal comes with the Integrated Camera and very light in weight, it is just 3.68 pounds so it is also travel friendly. It incorporates a 1/2.3″ sensor and is able to record up to 4K60 cinematic video. 

  • 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
  • Shoot 4K video
  • Mimo app for gimbal
  • 3.68 pounds in weight

14. FeiyuTech G6 Max

Different devices need different gimbals which can really expensive and specially not easy to carry while travelling. But FeiyuTech G6 Max supports Android, Iphone, Sony RX100, Gopro, Canon PowerShot and some others devices too. So you not need different stabilizer for different devies, FeiyuTech G6 Max will fit all.

  • Payload up to 1.2 KG
  • Sliding designed
  • Ergonomic handle design for better grip
  • Easily check battery level
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