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Kodi is one of the best app you can have if you are into continuous entertainment. Be it watching sports events, movies, documentaries, cartoons, TV series and other such streams. But, what makes KODI one of the best choices is its add-ons which gives the ability to KODI to fulfill all our entertainment needs. Thus, today I am listing out some of the very best KODI add-ons for Sports, Movies and Live TV Shows.

Best Kodi Addons

NOTE : At times you might not be able to open or use an add-on listed below as it might be banned in your country or your ISP provider just does not allow that add-on to run for that particular network. In such cases you must make use of a VPN service which lets you change your IP address to some other country or location. And thus, with the help of such a VPN service you can change your country location to a country where such add-ons are not banned.

So, it is strongly recommended and advised that before you try and install any of the Add-ons on to your KODI application, do remember to install and run a VPN application on the background for an uninterrupted and disturbance free stream of your favorite content.


I would say that this is one of those very best Kodi Sports add-ons you just cant to with. If you are a Sports fan and you needs are quite high then the standard average sports fan.

The SportsDevil is just the perfect add-on you have been searching for. This add-on gives you a wide variety of sports to choose for. Moreover the categories are very well sorted so that you can look out for your favorite sports shows without much of an issue.

You can download or add the add-on by downloading the file from the following repository links:

Pro Sport

Although, the Pro Sport add-ons don’t bring much options or varieties on to the table. Still, if you are more in to quality content and follow sports like NBA, NFL and NHL, then it is your lucky day, as you got yourself a perfect app to keep you up to date on events from the above mentioned sports.

Also, the reason why this add-on is mostly up to date as this add-on does not host any streams of their own but depend getting their stream links from online sources like Reddit. And since Reddit holds a big online streaming community. Thus, getting updated streams of live events is quite obvious and easy.

You can download the following add-on from the following repository link:

Joker Sports

Even though a very new add-on, the Joker Sports has managed to pull quite a name for itself. This add-on may be new but that does not mean you take it for granted.

The add-on provides bring to you live streams of trending sport events from all across the globe. Thus, making it a decent destination point for sport lovers from a much wider radius.

Also, if you have missed an event, you might also find the highlights in its Official Highlights Channels category in its home menu.

You can download the and install this add-on from the following link:

WWE On Demand

We just cannot do without a dedicated wrestling add-on to complete the list of sport add-ons. As the name suggest, this add-on is exclusively for those hardcore WWE wrestling fans who could just fill their hunger just watching back to back matches of their most favorite WWE superstars.

You have access to highlights and replays which you might have missed. Hence, making your experience a whole lot better altogether.

This add-on can be downloaded and installed from the following link:

Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi is one must add-on to have, if you are a movie fan. And not only movies, this add-on holds many other categories such as Kids, Music, Radio, Sport, TV/Entertainment along with other sections like Pople Watching and Catch up TV.

But, most important of them all is the Movies section which is said to be the best out of all. Thus, if you are a movie freak like me, then I am pretty sure this add-on will just not disappoint you in any way and sure to stand up on your expectations. Also, it is an all in one add-on giving you a more cable like feeling but with channels and streams all across the world.

You can download and install the add-on from the following repository link: Or


If you are soaps and series type of person, then Exodus may just be the add-on you need on your KODI app. And not only TV shows, this add-on also has some of the best Movies up for streaming. Although, for quite some time this add-on had stopped receiving updates from its original developers.

But, now it has come back with a blow after its recent update in version 6.0 which are being taken care of by some really good Exodus enthusiast. Thus, making it the perfect place for you to find your favorite TV soaps and series.

The following add-on can be downloaded from the link: Or


This is one add-on to have if you like quality content. The add-on just like most good add-ons do not host streams, but fetch them from multiple trusted sources to give you the best quality video experience.

Moreover, the Incursion add-on hold a very huge library of the most popular TV Shows, documentaries, movies and a few other content that is sure to fill your day with quality entertainment. Most of the streams are in 720HD and 1080HD quality. So, if you have a good internet connection, then there is not much to worry about and only much to enjoy.

You can download or install the add-on by following the given link: Or

Ultra IPTV

This KODI add-on gives you the best experience of Live TV from channels all across the globe. The add-on without any doubt holds a very huge collection of TV channels and due to this reason at times it becomes a bit difficult to search for the desired channel as the content and channels are not categorized in any way or so.

Hence, you need a little bit of patience when you are trying to find your desired out of all the channels there. Apart, from this you are sure to stay entertained while on this add-on.

You will find the following add-on here:

IPTV Bonanza

This add-on is pretty much the same as Ultra IPTV when it comes to not listing channels according to categories, making finding your desired channels a bit difficult at times.

The add-on holds more than a hundred of channels which is sure to keep you entertained all day long and all year long. Moreover, the channels come from all over the world. Thus, giving you a more wider spectrum to explore and enjoy from.

The repository link for the above add-on can be found here:


Mobdina is one of the very best add-ons out there for streaming channels live from US,UK and Mexico. Moreover this add-on brings you the very best quality streams which give you just more reasons to opt for this add-on in the first place.

The channels are categorized accordingly which is a big advantage over the previous two live TV add-ons, if you ask me. Some of the categories you will find include sports, TV series & shows, movies and music to name a few. Thus, making it one must have add-on for your KODI app.

This add-on can be downloaded and installed from the following link:

NOTE : The above list has not been listed out in any order as all the plugin add-ons are unique in their own way or the other. And the preference of an add-on may vary from a person to person. Thus, until you try out all the add-ons listed above you will not be able to know which add-on suits you the most. However, the above list is based on the top add-ons out there preferred by most people. Thus, filtering out the add-ons out of many other add-ons to give you the best add-ons available out there.

Kodi Add-ons According To Categories

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