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There is a phenomenal increase in the use of music for marketing especially since TikTok and Reels set a precedent for the amazing success of video content powered by the right music.

Best Royalty-Free Music SitesBest Royalty-Free Music Sites

The importance of music in a video cannot be undermined. Even when the content that you post fails to strike a chord with the audience, there will still be a part of the audience who interacts with the content just because the music did not let them ignore the video.

While music is so important for so many people now, even a huge part of their business strategies, everybody cannot afford to pay royalties for the same. Therefore, it becomes important to look for platforms that can provide you with music without charging for royalty. This way you can add to your business without piling up an additional cost of music payments.

In this article, we have explored some legitimate sites that help you get your hands on popular music without paying a royalty fee. Stay tuned as we compare the best royalty-free music sites for you to make the correct decision.

Thing To Know Before using Royalty-free music

There are certain points that you need to keep in mind so that you are not let down when your expectations are not fulfilled.

Here is what you should remember

  • Royalty-free music does not mean that you are entitled to the tracks for free. Some platforms will be generous enough for you to use their tracks just in exchange for credit but you will still need to pay a price on most platforms however reasonable it may be to use someone else’s music. 
  • This is an integral part of respecting the efforts of the musician who curated the tracks.
  • You need to make sure that the platform you are buying your tracks from is legit and does not financially abuse the artists they work with. It is very important to consider business ethics and morality when you are buying someone’s intellectual property.

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, you can make your experience of finding music seamless and ethical.

Best Platforms for Royalty-Free Music

Here is the list of sites that you can use to discover music without fearing copyright-infringement strikes on your content.

1. Premium Beat

  • Type Of License: Premium

As soon as you open the home page for this site, you will see the line that says, “Quality Music for Creators.” This site exclusively caters to the creators helping them find tracks for their content from their library of about 20 thousand songs.

Premium Beat

Advantages of using Premium Beat

  • You can look for tracks from an extensive library of 20 thousand songs. That is a huge collection.
  • They also provide you with licenses and the process to get the license is not too grueling.
  • You can purchase a subscription that significantly lowers the cost for you to buy tracks.
  • The interface of the site is very user-friendly and you can search from the trending tracks to the tracks that are specifically picked out by experts. Everything is designed for you to find the perfect track for your video.
  • You can find music from relatively unknown artists to find truly unheard tracks. This can get you full points for experimentation.
  • You can also filter music according to mood. This makes it easier to find music on the site.

disadvantages of using Premium Beat

  • If you are looking for free tracks, you will be highly disappointed as all the music you use from this site comes with a price tag. Most tracks are in the range of around $49.

2. Filmstro

  • Type Of License: Premium

This platform boasts of being the first web app to offer soundtrack creation. It also provides you with hassle-free licenses for the tracks that you use so that you do not have to worry about copyright infringement.


Advantages of using Filmstro

  • The music that you use is cleared for use on Youtube
  • You can use this music license worldwide
  • You can look for tracks that are trending and choose the best one that suits your needs
  • You will not be restricted for per track usage and you can access unlimited music at a reasonable pricing
  • The platform is always in the process of adding new tracks. As per the platform, they add new tracks every week.
  • You can customize tracks according to your needs. You will not find this unique feature on many other platforms in the market.
  • You do not need to purchase software to create soundtracks. You can create state-of-the-art custom tracks on the web app itself.
  • Once you pay for a track, you can use it forever.
  • You can buy different plans on the platform as per your own needs for extra benefits.

Disadvantages of using Filmstro

  • If you buy the trial version, you will only be entitled to a maximum of 5 tracks for free. Over the 5-track limit, you will have to pay.

3. Audio Jungle

  • Type Of License: Premium

You can buy royalty-free music at this site for prices that are as low as $1. The platform has a community of artists and sound engineers to fuel them. You can also choose from a variety of over 1.9 million tracks which is a huge number if we consider the options.

Audio Jungle

Advantages of using Audio Jungle

  • Buy tracks for as low as $1. That is a huge cut in prices if you consider the competition in the market.
  • There is a huge library to choose from
  • You can buy from a community of passionate artists on the platform who you may not get a chance to discover otherwise.
  • You can also choose from sound effects on the website.
  • The content on the website is backed by sound engineers to ensure the best quality possible.
  • You can form your music kits by customizing them as you like.

Disadvantages of using Audio Jungle

  • You will not be able to find any tracks for free on this platform. If that is what you are looking for, this platform is not for you.
  • Users have reported that the pricing on some of the tracks is sky-high and unjustified. However, you have the option to choose other tracks based on your budget.

4. Purple Planet

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

This is the platform for users who are looking for premium music but for free. The site in turn just asks you to credit the artists whenever you use their tracks for free.

If you purchase a commercial license for supporting the platform, you do not need to add credits for the use of the tracks. The tracks on this website are curated by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey.

Purple Planet

Advantages of using Purple Planet

  • The first advantage that you cannot look past if you visit this website is, that the tracks on this website are free to use. You will just need to provide credits to the creators in exchange for using their tracks.
  • The interface on the website allows you to choose music from the already created groups. These groups are created based on moods and you can look for the tracks that suit your business strategy.
  • You will also find a category for relaxation and spa music on this website which is a unique feature for this website.

Disadvantages of using Purple Planet

  • You can only use the tracks from the two artists mentioned on the website. You cannot look for new talented artists.

5. Story Blocks Audio

  • Type Of License: Premium

If you want to find royalty-free music as well as a platform where you can also find video-editing software, this is the platform that you should try. You can also find footage ready-to-use or ready to customize.

Story Blocks Audio

Advantages of using Story Blocks Audio

  • You can choose from the well-curated subscription plans on the platform.
  • You are allowed to use the content multiple times without worrying about copyright infringement.
  • You are allowed to use the content for personal as well as commercial use without any caps.
  • You can use the content forever after you make the purchase. There is no recurring payment issue.
  • After personally visiting the website, you will find a lot of tracks that you are allowed to modify and listen to before you make any purchases.
  • You can choose between a personal and business plan to pay for your subscriptions.

Disadvantages of using Story Blocks Audio

  • If you are going for the basic pricing plan, you will only have access to 5 downloads each month. This is not a huge number if your business needs at least two new videos every week.
  • If you are looking for a site where you can download tracks for free, this is not the place for you.

6. Artlist

  • Type Of License: Premium

This platform guarantees you the use of their music and SFX on numerous platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, the events that you organize, and so many more that you cannot count them in a single breath. This is a phenomenal platform if you are looking for versatility as the main point in your purchases.


Advantages of using Artlist

  • Numerous platforms for you to get creative and market your products on if that is your strategy.
  • You can use this platform for both music and SFX
  • You can take trials of the music snippets and the editing options when you visit the website.
  • They source their music from relatively unknown local artists. This is a pandora’s box for talent if you like to discover new music.
  • The interface on the site is user-friendly.

Disadvantages of using Artlist

  • You will not be able to download any music for free. However, the licenses that you purchase are unlimited and you can use them forever without any expiration date.
  • The prices might be higher than the other platforms offering the same services.

7. Free Stock Music

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

This site provides you with royalty-free music for your projects, to use in YouTube videos, and to post on social networks.  There are endless possibilities for using the content scored from this platform.

Free Stock Music

Advantages of using Free Stock Music

  • The music is not only royalty-free but it is totally free. If you do not wish to pay any amount for the music you use, this is the site for you.
  • You can use the content on many platforms. The content use is versatile.
  • You will not face any copyright strikes as long as you provide credit to the artists for the songs that you use.
  • You can download any music for free and even have trials on the site before you download them.

Disadvantages of using Free Stock Music

  • There are not many disadvantages but you may have fewer options to choose from on the site but as long as you find what you are looking for, you are all set.

8. Bensound

  • Type Of License: Freemium (Free Version + Paid Version)

You can find free tracks or paid ones depending on your budget and strategy. You can use the tracks for free in exchange for credit. There are many filters that you can use to find tracks depending on the temper of your content.


Advantages of using Bensound

  • You can find free tracks on the website.
  • You have a lot more variety to choose from.
  • You can choose from subscriptions that suit your budget for extra perks.
  • The interface of the website is friendly with FAQs and a help section to assist you with the questions that you may have.

Disadvantages of using Bensound

  • If you compare the quality of free tracks on this website to the paid ones, you will always be attracted to the paid tracks. Other than that, there are not many disadvantages of using Bensound.

9. Epidemic Sound

  • Type Of License: Premium

This is a premium music content website. You can make choices from a huge collection. There is something for everybody. You can also use the content on a variety of platforms without any risk of copyright infringement.

Epidemic Sound

Advantages of using Epidemic Sound

  • You can choose from a collection of 35k tracks. There is always something that will be of use to your specific need.
  • You can also access around 90k sound effects in addition to the music tracks
  • Reputable companies trust the platform which makes the platform really reliable
  • You can filter music according to genres
  • You can have some free downloads too which is highly unlikely for a platform like this to offer.

Disadvantages of using Epidemic Sound

  • If you choose the free plan on this website, you can only use 3 downloads each month and that number is really low for someone looking for regular content.
  • The pricing plans on this platform are a little more than the other platforms.

10. SoundStripe

  • Type Of License: Premium

On this platform, you can find a variety of content grouped under different playlists. This makes it easier for finding the exact match for your needs. You can also find a library for video content on this platform and that is an added advantage.


Advantages of using Soundstripe

  • There are many artists to choose from on the website. This adds to the amazing variety on the platform.
  • Since there are dedicated playlists curated on the platform, it makes it easier for you to find the exact music track that you might be looking for.
  • If you are not ready to pay for the subscription plans, you can download unlimited previews by just creating an account on the platform.

Disadvantages of using Soundstripe

  • The pricing on the platform is a little on the higher side. This platform might not be ideal for you if you are working with strict budget constraints.
  • You cannot download any music for free.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find royalty free music for free?

You can find royalty-free music for free at,, and

Is royalty free music really free?

No, just because any music is royalty free then it doesn’t mean you own the music. Yes, you can use royalty free music for your purpose but you don’t have any rights and you have to give credit in most of the cases.

Is Spotify royalty free music?

Yes you can find some royalty free music on Spotify but not all the music on Spotify are free.

Is Soundcloud royalty free?

Yes, you can find many royalty free music on Soundcloud but not all the music on Soundcloud are free.


There are a variety of platforms available that let you use music on your content without paying royalty. This is a great opportunity for businesses and creators who cannot afford to pay huge sums of money to use the music.

However, it is very important that you respect the time and effort of the artists who have curated the tracks. If you are unable to pay monetary compensation, you should always credit the creators. 

If you are ever in a position where you can pay the creators, you should always consider monetary compensation. This encourages the artists to stay creative and keep launching tracks.

Good work and effort should always be compensated. In the meantime, you can use the sites mentioned above taking care that you always follow the ethical code of conduct when you borrow tracks.

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