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Around two months back the idea of vlogging on games online as well as streaming live sessions of playing games online seemed to me like a very good idea.

However, the amount of time and energy I had to spend afterwards of post-production on videos made me realized that it was not that of a very good idea after all, but one which needed a lot of thought and planning to it in order for you to get anywhere with it. 

And that is exactly why we are here today, looking for the very “Best Screen Recording Software for Minecraft ”. Since, with only the best Recording Software can you go on expecting to produce the best results for videos to be uploaded over the Internet.

Also, since each video recording software is unique in its own respect when it comes to performance and functioning, depending upon your requirements choosing one which meets all your needs is the best way to choose one from the many software available out there. 

And thus, just so that you do not have to go through the same hardships, that I had to go through while searching for a Screen Recorder that suited by needs. Here, in the following post I have listed out in detail all The top 9 Paid & Free Screen Recording Software for Minecraft so that you can choose the right software for you that meets up to all your needs.

Comparison Of Screen Recording Software For Minecraft

Name Of SoftwareSupported PlatformsType Of License
EaseUS RecExpertsWindows, MacOSFree
OBSWindows, MacOS, LinuxFree
TinyTakeWindows, MacOSFree
ActivePresenterWindows, MacOSFree
CamtasiaWindows 10, MacOS 10.13 or laterPaid
GameDVRXbox, Windows 10Paid
ShadowPlayWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10Paid
Apowersoft Screen Recorder ProWindows, Android, iOS, MacOSPaid

Best Screen Recording Software For Minecraft

1. EaseUS RecExperts | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS

If you have no experience in screen recording and don’t want to spend much time learning how to use the screen recorder, then EaseUS RecExperts is a great choice for you. 

EaseUS RecExperts is a multi-purpose yet easy-to-use screen recording software. It is packed with full screen recording options and basic video editing feature, allowing you to record everything happening on your PC or Mac screen with ease. Thus, it will be great for recording tutorials, lectures, vlogs, etc.

Best Screen Recording Software For Minecraft

With a super intuitive interface, this screen recorder is so easy to use – even grandparents can start recording with it in a snap. By offering the flexible screen recording options, it allows you to record the screen, audio or webcam as you want. Moreover, what I like the most is its Task Scheduler, which enables you to schedule recordings by setting the start time, duration, etc. 

In addition, its Windows version also offers a game recording mode which allows you to record games, including Minecraft and other games, with up to 60 FPS. Better still, this Windows screen recorder works well on low-en PC. 

This software is free to use. But if you want to enjoy it without any limitations, you’ll need to purchase the full version. It isn’t too pricey because it offers amazing screen recording experience and superior 24/7 customer support. 

2. OBS | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux

If you are looking for a free video recording and editing software to give you a professional product at the end without having to spend a single penny at all, then OBS is just the thing for you.

A completely free and open-source application, OBS not only helps you create some of the best looking videos out there, but at the same time also lets the developer community to work hand in hand with editors to come up with even more amazing features and functionality to make the app stand out from all its competition further down the road.

Best Screen Recording Software

Also, thanks to its cross platform capability you can work on OBS with your videos on any of the top major OS platforms such as Windows, MacOS as well as Linux.

Feature and functionality wise, OBS truly I would say comes packed with a wide bundle such as a powerful API to support external plugins and scripts, along with a Studio Mode which lets you take a glance at all your work before you decide to put it out for your viewers.

Moreover, at OBS given that it has a Multiview feature instilled in it, also enables you to work on up to 8 different scenes all at the same time. The audio mixing feature too is quite impressive, letting you come up with some high quality audio recording as well as mixing, so that you viewers are able to truly enjoy each and every element of your work for them.

3. Ezvid | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows OS

Just as the name itself might suggest, this is one such screen recording app which will make recording videos seem all easy and simple. The app comes with some really amazing features such as Instant Facecam, Speed Control, Screen Drawing and last but not the least, obviously a beautiful screen capturing.

Also, the other feature or ability of the app which I absolutely loved is its Speech Synthesizing capability, that allow you to simply create some of the best ever heard “computer narrations” to add to a desired video.


Here obviously, you will need to write a text slide and then synthesize it with what you want to narrate and at which part you want it to narrate. This again in case of the Ezvid screen capturing app is totally simple and hassle free to achieve.

The app moreover comes with a range of “Keyboard Shortcuts” which should make your task of producing some awesome ‘Minecraft Vlogging’ videos extremely easy and less time consuming. And the fact that you get all of this completely for free without having to pay a single penny just gives you more reasons to definitely give this app a try at least once.

4. TinyTake | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS

For an app with the word ‘Tiny’ in it, does in no way mean that it has less to offer. In fact, what it can do and provide is completely the opposite of Tiny.

However, if you think the name must stand for something, then that too is there of course, as the TinyTake app is truly tiny since it needs very less space as well as memory to run and work just fine. Something which you do not find in most high-end “Screen Recording” apps out there.


Talking about some of the cool and amazing features and properties of this app would be awesome Screen Capturing capabilities, being able to annotate while recording, capture a region or portion of the entire window, use face cam to record and assign custom short-cut keys according to your own convenience.

Truly a simple and easy to use “Screen recording” app to do most of your recordings easily and most efficiently without having to pay anything at all.  

5. Bandicam | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows

Another awesome free video recording app you can lay your hands is Bandicam. And very truly this is one such app which will truly help make your game vlogging life a whole lot easier and simpler.

With the app not only can you go on recording while playing but the sound quality it has to offer overall while recording is just crisp and rich.


Personally while using this app for recording my Minecraft gaming sessions, I have found no lags in video as well as any loss in audio, making it just the most ideal option out there.

Also, is you would like to know more on how Bandicam works on the quality front, then you will be quite impressed that with it recording games both 2D as well as 3D games are very much possible in 4k UHD with capturing capacity up to 480 FPS easily attainable. 

Some of the other features or functionality which makes Bandicam even more fun an easy to use may be its Real Time Drawing ability that lets users draw what ever they like on the video itself as they record.

Then there is the ability to add Webcam overlay which helps your viewers to view your facial expressions too as you go on playing your game. Something I would say is of great importance specially when you are vlogging on a particular game. 

6. ActivePresenter | (Free)

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS

Although, most commonly known and used as an E-Learning Authoring Software, the ActivePresenter app also can be used to flawlessly record as well as edit game videos, so that you can put them up on your blog later on for your viewers to see.

The app is available for both Windows as well as MacOS platforms and keeps a real up to date FAQ’s section for both, if you ever face any problem with the app on any of the platforms.


The app lets you record videos in full motion with the ability to zoom in and out as well as add annotations and voice over the video wherever you feel like.

You can moreover add captions as well as animation effects to your video to make them look even more attractive and intuitive for your viewers to watch and enjoy.

Apart from that you can also add colors as well as effects in real time, so that you know what options suits your video the best.

Webcam recording along with screen recording is too very much easily attainable with the lovely app, allowing you to record your rich facial expressions as you go on playing.

7. Camtasia | (Paid)

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, MacOS 10.13 or later

I am pretty sure that most of you here if not all, must have surely come across the name “Camtasia” at least once in your life time.

This is simply because when it comes to video editing and production, Camtasia is one such app that you can completely rely on to give you some of the very best video results.


Moreover, the app is really easy to use and comes with a UI which is perfect for almost all age groups. Some of the functionality which the app has to offer in order to make your editing experience a whole lot easy and fun are the ability to grab and drop texts and annotations wherever you want to, a magic wand that lets you move and remove images in the backgrounds wherever and whenever desired.

Lastly, the one thing which truly managed to catch my eye was the one of the app’s most distinct feature which allowed editors to create clickable links within the video itself so that viewers could directly click on it to get redirected to the place where you would actually want your viewers to be. 

8. GameDVR | (Paid)

Supported Platforms: Xbox, Windows 10

Just as the name itself might suggest, this is one such video recording app which has been designed exclusively for gamers to record their gameplays. The user interface which comes with the app in itself is quite the gaming console if you ask me and is just a perfect blend of style and functionality is you ask me.


Hence, I believe it is something any gamer would love to work with in order to record their videos as well as edit on it to produce some really amazing vlog work. The other great thing which I absolutely love about this app is the ability to broadcast videos directly off the app itself.

Hence, if you are into vlogging on Minecraft and go on doing a live online video feed, then most certainly this is one app which you should definitely give a try.

There is absolutely no lag with the app and moreover, the performance of your machine too will not be affected while you go on playing as well as recording your gameplay with the app, giving you even more reasons to own this app if you are really serious about vlogging on games.

9. ShadowPlay | (Paid)

Supported Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Have you ever been in a situation where you just managed to pull a stunt of your lifetime in a game and didn’t have it recorded. Obviously since you never had the slightest idea that you could pull of such a stunt, you never really thought of setting up a system to record it on the first place.


Also, recording each and every game you play does not seem like a very good idea after all, since space is something which you just cannot spare so generously. But, what if I say that you could record your explicit once in a blue moon stunt now without having to do any of that long set-up.

Yes, with ShadowPlay it is possible to record what ever you played within a 30 seconds duration in the past by simply pressing a hot-key button once you are convinced that you have done something worth capturing and sharing with your friends and fans.

And that was just what I would say the tip of the ice-berg of what else ShadowPlay could do for you to enhance your vlogging experience overall. 

The application easily lets you capture automatically some of the best moments like close encounters, clutch kills as well as match winning moments without you having to do anything at all.

Moreover, with the app you can broadcast your games directly over all major social platforms like Facebook Live or Youtube with the ability to personalize your video with a number of graphical overlays that you receive.

10. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro | (Paid)

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS

An all in one app for recording, editing as well as publishing professional videos of gameplays and games to post online. The app easily lets you record your screen while you play a game such as Minecraft and later on make edits on it as you like so that it becomes pitch perfect for your viewers to view it online.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

With the help of the app you can create HD videos as well as add up audio in high quality with the help of various audio input modes made available by the app.

Moreover, the app can be downloaded and run on both Windows and MacOS platforms enabling you to record your Minecraft sessions in which ever platform you prefer playing it on.

Feature wise the app truly comes with a handful from adding up annotations to texts to animated graphics can all be done quite easily with the help of the Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro application.

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