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Reddit is often an underrated social media website according to its potential and the honest userbase it has. 

If you are new to Reddit, you might find its interface like an old-fashioned forum, but it really is a powerful social media platform where you can find important things Anytime in the field you are interested in.

You can improve yourself and your hobbies by following the subreddits related to your interest; you can be updated with the latest news in your field early many times before any mainstream media speaks about it. 

Here below, we have listed some of the best Subreddits for men of all ages; there are lots of things we men need help in and love to know about; this page is a compilation of subreddits we feel every man should follow.

Best Fitness Subreddits for Men

Fitness should be your first preference irrespective of your gender; below are some of the interesting Men’s fitness-related subreddits where you can find useful ideas to improve your health and fitness.

#1. /r/fitness

This is one of the oldest fitness subreddit for men’s fitness which has over 7 million subscribers at this time. 

In this subreddit, users post their fitness experiences like transformation stories with a proper case study of how they worked for it, and there are different threads created for different aspects of fitness like muscle building, weight loss, and workout routines.


#2. /r/veganfitness

If you are a Vegan, you might feel a lack of motivation at times, but not if you are following this subreddit.

Here Vegans share their experiences and solve questions of followers about anything related to fitness.

You also frequently get motivating posts here that can give you the required boost.

Right now, this subreddit doesn’t have a huge number of subscribers, but it’s quickly gaining popularity.


#3. /r/HealthyFood/

People who follow a healthy diet life are very few. If you have fitness goals to achieve, a proper diet is a must, and here you can get all the ideas from those who have knowledge.

You can share your nutrition plans too, which gives you good results and gain some Karma (it’s analogous to likes on Facebook).


Best Fashion Subreddits for Men

Fashion is an important factor man should really grow sense for and if you are interested in getting yourself more groomed and be in fashion, follow the below subreddits.

#1. /r/malefashionadvice

This is one of the biggest subreddit in Reddit related to men’s fashion.

Experts around the world share their ideas on Fashion sense, colors to match with, and fashion choices you should make according to your natural structure.

Apart from these, you can also find many useful fashion hacks for men, which are quite innovative and budget-friendly.


#2. /r/Sneakers

Sneakers add a great value to your fashion sense, and on this subreddit, you can find different types of sneakers, from where you can get ideas for your sneaker shopping, and many times a link to buy the sneaker is given too.

If you love wearing attractive and unique-looking sneakers, you will fall in love with this subreddit.


#3. /r/malehairadvice

Do you love to experiment with your hairstyles? This is a subreddit where people share ideas to keep your hair safe and in fashion.

You can get really useful hair hacks you can follow to keep your hair healthy. And users also share unique hairstyle ideas which you can follow and get a unique look to yourself that fits you.


#4. /r/Watches

Watch is an addiction for many men; wearing a good watch can enhance your persona at times and gives you a better finishing to your complete look.

If you are interested in getting the latest updates of watches and get better deals on watches on time, keep following this subreddit.


Best Personal Development Subreddits for Men

Personal development is important for everyone, and if you want to have a good attitude about life, you should keep evolving personally and below are some of the most useful Personal development subreddits for Men.

#1. /r/productivity

If you want to achieve something in your life. Finding new ways to do your work efficiently and smartly is important.

This subreddit can get random and useful productivity hacks that can help you get better at your work.

Users share their productivity hacks, tips to overcome laziness, time management techniques, and motivation to keep you going through the process.

You can also post your questions on this subreddit and expect some experts to give their opinion.


#2. /r/socialskills

In the rapidly modernizing world, as a man, you would need good social skills, and you can get ideas to be a better person socially from these subreddits.

Users post their tips and queries related to Social Skills to get better in their career and romantic lives.

If you have any confusing social situations, you can post them there to get some useful ideas to solve your problems.


#3. /r/ZenHabits

If you want to improve your habits and improve your lifestyle, then this subreddit is for you; from here, you can get to know about the habits you can implement in your life that can benefit you financially and socially.

If you follow your favorite once and implement it in your life honestly, you surely will see the results.


Best Man Skills Subreddits

There are some skills that are always useful for men in many situations; below are some of the most interesting subreddits from where you can learn some important skills Every man should know.

#1. r/everymanshouldknow

There are many skills that our dad should have taught us but missed; on this subreddit, you can find all those Skills you should know in life as a man, from how to sharpen a knife to how to survive in a hard situation.


#2. /r/lifeprotips

Here is a subreddit you are totally going to get in love with. On this subreddit, you can find some of the easy-to-implement tips you can use to improve your life.

Users share the daily life problems they want a solution for, and people give their intelligent ideas to overcome those problems. From this process, we can learn so many things to better our lives.


#3. /r/survival

This subreddit contains all the skills you will need to survive the wild or when you are in a difficult situation, you can learn all the survival tactics in an easy way, and these skills can be life-saving to you in unfortunate times.


Best Entertainment Subreddits for Men

As a man, you need an element of entertainment and fun in your life to distract yourself from your other stress; below are some of the most humourous subreddits where you can completely forget the world and laugh your heart out.

#1. /r/funny

This is one of the funniest subreddit I found; here, you can get any memes, articles, and jokes about all trending topics.

This page can also improve your knowledge about current affairs in a funny way.

If you are following this subreddit, you will be the first one among your group to get viral funny content around the world.


#2. /r/pics

This is one of the most entertaining pictures subreddit, where you can find funny pictures and interesting illusions. It has 20 Million active followers when I am writing this.



I have listed all the awesome subreddits for men, and if you are new to the subreddit, follow these and get a kickstart to entertainment and knowledge from Reddit. For more informational content like this, keep visiting us regularly; we write exclusive reviews and Technology tips that everyone can follow.

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