Best Reliable TF2 Trading Sites To Buy Or Sell

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With the boom of NFTs in the market, there has been an increase in people needing a platform that they can trade virtual assets through. One such game in this regard is Team Fortress 2. TF2 is a Steam community game.

Best Reliable TF2 Trading Sites To Buy Or Sell

The game is mostly free but you can pay for the premium features on the platform. There are various sites through which you can trade your TF2 assets but the most important part of an online trade with valuable assets is that the platform that you are trading through should be reliable.

There are also some pre-requisites before you can begin trading TF2 assets. These along with the list of best reliable TF2 Trading Sites will be listed in this article in the further sections.

Pre-Requisites for TF2 trading

  • You can only trade your items with the other users if you are playing Team Fortress 2 on the paid version. This is a premium feature and you cannot access this on the free version of the game.
  • You should be aware of the value of the items that you are trading. Make sure through thorough research from various sources that the value of items that you have estimated is not less than the market value. This will prevent any losses for you.
  • Always make sure to research the value of items that you are trading your items for. Sometimes other users inflate the value of their items to make profits and this can be a cause for major loss in your trade.

Make sure that you follow these steps before you start trading TF2 assets. In a world where NFT trade is at an all-time high, thesis assets can not be handled callously.

Best TF2 Trading Sites

In this section, we will suggest some tried and tested platforms that TF2 gamers swear by to make your trading easy and convenient.

1. Skin Cashier

  • Trading Fee: 3%

This website is extremely popular for the fact that it is a relatively new launch. The site boasts 150,000 guests each month and a rating of 4.5 on Trust Pilot. This rating was calculated with an average of around 800 surveys which makes it a relatively great rating score.

Skin Cashier

Key advantages of using Skin Cashier

  • You can get instant cash payouts through various payment modes like PayPal, Payoneer, Yandex Money, QIWI, AdvCash 
  • You can get promotion codes to get extra payments for your skins.
  • All the expenses on your stock are transparent and you will hardly ever be in a situation where you feel like you paid for some hidden charges.
  • The platform can be accessed in 10 dialects.
  • The commissions on the platform are not too high and are decided according to the value of your trade.
  • You can get paid in digital currency like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

2. DMarket

  • Trading Fee: 5%

If you’re looking for a highly reputed and reliable platform, you can go with DMarket. This platform was developed by highly reputable people from the gaming industry with hands-on experience. You will not find a more reliable site on this list.


Key advantages of using DMarket,

  • Extremely high reputation and reliability score. DMarket is one of the older players in the market.
  • You will find good prices in terms of the value of your assets.
  • The commission and trading fees are relatively low as compared to other platforms in the same space.
  • There is also a mobile application launched for the benefit of users and convenience.
  • It is a safe platform for the trading of NFTs
  • You will relatively find more options here than any other competitor in the market.

There are also certain disadvantages to the platform though. Since the platform is highly reputed and an older player in the market, they do not need to give you exclusive sign-up bonuses that you will find on the newer platforms. Also, there is no dedicated customer support to listen to your grievances.

3. TradeIT.GG

  • Trading Fees: 8%

TradeIt is the platform where the fees are relatively high but the platform is legitimate. They provide you with two options in the terms of payments.


The assets can be sold to the platform directly for instant cash or you can list the asset on the website and wait that someone will buy it at the price that you set.

This is a Canadian platform but most users on the platform are from USA and UK. There is also a percentage of audience from countries like Russia, Poland, Thailand, etc.

Key Advantages of using TradeIt

  • You can choose the form of a sale to be instant or a listing. This gives you the flexibility to choose between an instant payout or a long-haul payment.
  • There is fixed pricing on instant sales. This makes sales fair for everybody on the platform who chooses an instant payout.
  • The cost of the transaction when you withdraw money is borne by the platform.
  • There is a help section where you can find frequently asked questions that may possibly help with your query.
  • If you trade for more than $1000/week, you are entitled to extra bonuses on the platform.

There are also some disadvantages of using this platform. The fees on the platform are quite high and they also charge commissions. If you opt for an instant payout, you may not get the value that you hoped for and the payment withdrawal method is restricted to PayPal.


  • Trading Fees: 10%

This site is also one of the older players when it comes to trading game skins. The platform has been in existence since 2017 which is a very long time as compared to some other players that are very new.


Key advantages of using BITSKINS,

  • The platform uses a blockchain mechanism to secure all the transactions that you make on the site. This makes the site more reliable than other competitors in the market.
  • There is a huge variety of options to choose from when it comes to your favorite items. 
  • The prices on the platform offered to the traders are very attractive when compared to other platforms.
  • The unique feature that this platform offers is, that you can trade more than one item for an item of higher value. This is not possible on many other competitor platforms
  • There are regular auctions on the site open for everyone who wants to trade and bid. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on some exquisite skins.

There may be some disadvantages too for using this particular platform but the benefits of the site outweigh them. This is a platform that you can definitely try.


  • Trading fees: 5%

The website has been in the market since 2016. This is quite a long time for the market that is just gaining attention and popularity. The website is easy to access and has been praised for its amazing interface.


Key advantages of using SWAP.GG,

  • The website is totally reliable with a huge user base not just from one country but several different countries including the USA, Russia, UK, etc.
  • The rates on the platform are not sky high and you can always hope to get a good value for your items.
  • The transactions on the site are safer and more reliable because here the trading takes place with a bot and not a real person.
  • The platform conducts many giveaways from time to time where you can win big.

Disadvantages of using SWAP.GG

  • You cannot trade the assets for real money, they can only be traded with other items.
  • There are not much promotions available on the site.
  • They also do not offer any online support for any problems that you want to report.


There are many platforms in the market where you can trade your digital gaming assets for the TF2 game. However, since the value of digital assets is now more than ever with the audience becoming aware of the world of NFTs and digital money, you need to conduct thorough research in order to get the best prices for the products that you wish to trade. 

Be aware and well informed. This will make sure that your trading experience is better and you learn something along the way.

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