Try These 100% Working Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites

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Torrents or Torrenting sites are not legal and it promotes piracy. By writing this we are not having any intension to supports Torrenting. The article is just because of uses demand and it is up to the users that they want to use these sites or not.

Best Torrenting Sites

Torrents or to say torrenting is all about sharing and caring. And to be honest without torrents our lives would simply had been a whole lot costlier and more difficult. When it comes to free content and availability of content torrenting is the best way to get both. It is not always possible for everyone to pay a price for everything they need from the internet. And the best part when it comes to torrents is that everything you find in a torrent site is always free.

A Quick List Of Best Torrenting Sites

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Lime Torrent
  • YTS.AG
  • EZTV
  • iDope
  • 1337x
  • Zoogle
  • Torrentsz2
  • Torlock

Today, thus I am going to list out some of the best torrent sites you can visit to

1. The Pirate Bay

This site has been making rounds for quite some time. It is without any doubt one of the most trust worthy torrent site out there comprising of more than 3 million torrents where you will find movies, TV Series, E-books, applications, games, music and 18 + content too. Moreover, this torrent gives a good downloading speed ranging from 3 MB to 4 MB on a good internet day.

2. Lime Torrent

Comprising of a huge database which may be more that over 9 million torrents. This torrent site without any second doubts is one with the largest database for torrents which have contents comprising of movies, games, TV series, animation cartoons, applications and music.


If you are a movie fan, then there is a very good chance that you might have come across this torrent site at some point of your time. This movie is one torrent site which tries to make it up for their less number of content by providing some high quality content. This torrent at present has more than 7000 torrents which is mostly or to say only movies in high quality, thus making no compromise with the quality of their content.


Since its debut in the year 2008. This torrent site has come a long way ever since. Presently holding more than 800,000 + torrents this site comprises of content of different categories like movies, TV shows, music, applications and games.


Established in the year 2015. This torrent website has grown to more than 153,000 torrents till date. Even though this site has seen certain ups and downs in its torrenting career. Still it is said that this torrent site gives some of the best quality content which may include movies and TV series.

6. iDope

Coming with a sleek and clean interface. This torrent website just makes you search a whole lot fun and interesting as it provides you with direct magnet links to various torrents from which you can download your desired content.

Moreover, in addition to this the torrent site holds more than 18 million torrents which has movies, music, TV shows and different types of games in it.

7. 1337x

If you are looking out for old and unique content then this place is just where you may find your content. This torrent site may be seen as the pawnshop of the torrent world where you are most likely to find content which you may not be there elsewhere.

Also, this website is one of the most reliable torrent site out there and comprises of torrents mainly of movies, application softwares, music, games, TV series, anime and documentaries. At present the torrent site holds more than 2 million torrents which mainly has movies ranging from very old to very new movies as well.

8. Zoogle

This torrent site although younger than the rest of its competition makes it up for its age by keeping in its database more than 3 million torrents. It is still finding its way around the torrent well but has stood strong and growing strong as the days keep on passing. At present the different contents which may be available in this torrent may be games, TV shows, movies and music.

9. Torrentsz2

This is one of the most popular and well known torrent websites or so to say search engine available there. Currently, this website has been banned in no country which is a great advantage to be honest, both for you as well as the torrent site.

This not only gives you the opportunity to visit the website without any issue but also gives torrentz2 an opportunity to rise up the torrents ladder at a really greater speed. At present this site has more than 60 million torrents which mostly belong to categories such as music, movies, applications, games and TV series.

10. Torlock

If you are into bounty hunting then this torrent site is just the perfect place for you as it gives away $1 to any user who can find a fake torrent over this website.

Now, how fun is that, earning a few bucks while looking out for your favorite movies, TV shows, games and music. There is thus very less chance that you will usually come across any fake torrents in this site.

NOTE : The different sites may be banned in different countries accordingly due to which you may not be able to open up a torrent site on your system if your country has banned the torrent site you are trying to visit. In such cases, it is advised that you use a VPN application or service to change your current location according to the country where the site has not been banned.

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